SqlBak : Managing Databases Wasn’t This Much Easier

Once in a while, if you are a network administrator, you might have felt irritated while spending time on taking backups from the server side.

Well, if you do related, you aren’t alone. There are tons of network administrators who also feel the same irritation. I am sure that once while taking those backups you might have felt the need of automating the whole process.

It would so much easy and such a relieve to throw off these things on autopilot. Database backups would be so fast to execute and get a lot less complicated.

sqlback review

If you were waiting for such a solution, you wait has finally has come to an end. There is a tool that lets you automate your backup and management needs.

The utility we are talking about lets you backup your database, track down its performance, and backup its data on scheduled basis or automation. If these features weren’t enough, you are also provided with enough features to restore your backup if some sort of crash occurs or database is corrupted.

I am talking about SQLbak, an awesome  utility from the house of Pranas. The tool lets you manage your SQL database needs efficiently. This includes server backup and management.

SQLbak lets you track your database’s progress in an efficient manner by ensuring availability for a prolonger time frame. The tool can be useful for organization as well as an individual blogger as it manages large databases with ease and also stands firm on managing multiple instances of same database.

SQLbak Review : 101

This SQL management utility works in a pretty simple manner. You have to follow the below mentioned points to get started :-

  • The program comes equipped with a light weight program which you can install on your pc. Once the program gets installed, it would ask you to sign up on the website to get access to dashboard.
  • You are offered a secret key when you sign up so that you can establish a secure connection between your sql database and your account. This tool also lets you link your account along with existing hosting account on cloud.
  • In case if you don’t have account on any of these services, this tool would create a fresh account. This account is used for the purpose of saving data in case something cranky occurs at your database. Once you connect a cloud account you don’t need to worry about security of your data.

How to Use SQLBak

This tool can let you finish your work in a very secured and simple manner, to begin with download its program. The program is quite light weight and would install in almost no time.

After installing the program, sign up at the official website for a secret key so that you can continue with your work.

secret key

If you were able to perform the steps correctly, you would be faced with a confirmation box. Pass through it, and click on add new job. The add new job is located amongst some options in top right corner in your dashboard.

Once the job is added, you need a medium to authenticate it. There are two options to authenticate your job, they are as 1.) SQL server authentication and 2.) Windows authentication.

Make sure you click on the test button to verify everything and make sure everything works in the right manner.

If you have followed the above steps in the right order, you can proceed to configure various parameters.

sqlback dashboard

Talking about those parameters, there are two main parameters whom you need to configure, they are cloud hosting accounts and email address. The email address to get alerts about your database via email and cloud host to backup your data for times when something occurs.

You can any from the major cloud hosting platforms such as One drive, Amazon S3, and Google drive. If you don’t prefer cloud storage, you can also backup your data on your own hard drive. Backups can also be scheduled on the basis of date and time.

SQLbak Graphical User Interface

This software comes equipped with a very friendly user interface that runs on a user first approach and thereby has a DIY Do-it-yourself introduction wizard, which is more than enough to explain the utility.

The dashboard too can be considered as much of a self-explanatory type and works awesome at all the times. Each and every option has been tagged with their respective jobs. There are functions such as time, date and email.

This might sound like a big deal but doesn’t take more than three minutes to get all the things started.

Final Words for SQLbak

This is one of the most powerful tools in the domain and comes packed up with high end performance and features. It provides awesome features and controls so that you don’t need heavy machinery to control your database.

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