The Latest SEO Trends for 2020 – Comprehensive Guide

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Small businesses make up a large percentage of the total number of businesses globally. A report by Fundera reveals that 20 percent of small businesses collapse in the first year and 30 percent of them fail in the second year. About 70 percent of small businesses fail before their 10th year in operation. Marketing is a major challenge for many businesses. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) helps websites rank high in Google and other search engines. The following are the six latest SEO trends in 2020.

seo trends

People Want Digital Experiences

About 44 percent of businesses have adopted a digital-first approach to enhance their customer experience. It has helped them increase their revenue. Page load speed is a crucial factor that search engines consider when ranking web pages. Content on a website should load fast for clients to navigate the page smoothly.

Successful entrepreneurs understand that offering great customer experience is necessary to build long-term relationships with clients.

Improve the user experience on your website by making it client-friendly and uploading all the information that clients need. On the technical landscape, you can consider using an SEO optimized wordpress theme for your blog or business website.

User-Focused Optimization and BERT

Google launched the Bidirectional Encoder Representations from Transformers (BERT) in 2019. SEO experts need to learn how to optimize content for BERT. Also, they need to understand user-focused optimization. The introduction of BERT made Google focus on intent matching instead of pure string matching when processing search requests.

Voice Search

The first 2020 business event cancelations started in February after the Coronavirus started spreading in countries from different continents. The number of web users who make voice search queries has soared in the past five months. Research shows that voice searches make up 20 percent of mobile queries. Consumers type search queries by speaking. Users of long-tail keywords have a higher rate of conversion than those who make generalized voice searches.

Featured Snippets

These are summaries of answers that web users get after making search queries. Google normally displays a featured snippet in the SERP result above organic and paid adverts. Snippets have transformed Google’s search result page over the years. Users don’t click on more than 40 percent of search results.

rich snippets

If you generally use WordPress, some of the best schema plugins will help you get the rich snippets on Google. These snippets not only increase your CTR but also makes your page more optimized for search engines.

High Quality and Optimized Content

Content has a huge influence on SEO, according to Anna Crowe, assistant editor of the Search Engine Journal. It affects internal linking and site structure. Businesses need to upload valuable and relevant content fluently to keep web users engaged.

SEO professionals need to create optimized content that focuses on specific products or services. It will help companies rank high in long-tail search results pages.

Structured Data

Algorithms don’t understand certain contexts. So, it is important to give hints for search engines to provide the right search results. Businesses need to structure their data properly. It includes how pages relate to different web pages on a website and how various elements on a page relate to one another. Structured data allows businesses to publish content for different voice assistants and search engines.

The sharp increase in the number of businesses set up each year has caused stiff competition in the market. Many investors use a variety of marketing techniques to attract new clients. Search Engine Optimization helps businesses have a strong online presence. It is important to use an SEO strategy that suits your products. Also, follow the latest SEO trends to have an edge over your competitors.

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