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It takes time to figure out the best tool that works to meet your needs and gives you the result you want. I have done heck lot of testing and executed a lot of blogging and SEO related tools.

I invested money, bought all alternative products, used them and compared with each other so you don’t have to.

I believe the time and money I have invested in buying and using all of them will help you take the right decision.

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Get 25$ for FREE to start ☁️

  • Developer-friendly cloud hosting
  • Customize hosting as per your needs
  • Affordable and quality servers


Up to 80% off on Domains 🌍

  • Affordable pricing
  • Highly-reliable domain registrar
  • Regular discount promos


Quality Managed Hosting 😇

  • I use Cloudways when I don't want to mess with terminal
  • No SSH required, FREE SSL
  • Top-notch optimization with Varninsh cache


The ultimate SEO suite 🔍

  • Spy on your competitor's stats and links
  • Track your SEO performance
  • Become pro in advertising and PPC ads


Tool for Link Builders

  • Get a FREE 10 days trial to all tools and become a Pro in SEO.
  • Find relevant high-volume keywords
  • Find keywords based on platforms


I Use Schema Theme ✅

  • 100% SEO Ready and Schema ready
  • Best Speed scores
  • Very minimal yet classy layout

VaultPress (Jetpack)

For Backups 🛡

  • Daily Offsite Backups
  • Improved Speed and Security
  • Free Content Delivery Network


Build a page like this 😋

  • Daily Offsite Backups
  • Improved Speed and Security
  • Free Content Delivery Network

Hire me for

On Page Technical SEO

The time is gone when we used to write 1000 words content, build a few backlinks and wait for page to get ranked in a week or two. You need your website to have everything right as per the technical SEO and fast enough to entice the Google crawler.

Upon a detailed technical audit by me, you get insights and scope of improvements on your site. Next, I will fix everything.

Technical Writing about WP

Ever since I started full-time blogging 5 years back, I have learnt, executed and management a handsome number of WordPress projects. I've worked with some of the top brands in WordPress, Cloud Hosting and blogging industry.

Hire me to write blogs, tutorials and knowledge base for your product.

Note : Feel free to send me the brief at [email protected]