Top five smart lead generation tools to increase your sales on Internet

how-to-generate-leads-from-social-mediaLead generation is one of the most significant aspects of marketing. It basically consists of generating, sustaining and monitoring consumer interest in various products and services generated by businesses. With marketing going online in the 21st century, lead generation has acquired entirely new dimensions in the recent past.
Improving the quality of generated leads has also become of prime importance to companies-not only should consumers be made aware of goods and services, but it should also stimulate them to become long-term buyers of products.

A variety of new tools and tricks are enabling marketers to generate quality leads. The 5 best such tools are

5 Lead Generation Tools that you can use to grow your business

1)LinkedIn advertising

LinkedIn’s excellent advertising solutions enable marketers to place ads on the LinkedIn pages of their choice. Its USP is the wide extent of control which marketers can exert on their ads-enabling them to specify job title, function,industry and even the LinkedIn group in question. This allows marketers to target highly specific groups for lead generation.


Created by internet video hosting company Wistia, Turnstile is basically an email capture tool which enhances the generation of quality leads and brings about high conversion rates-that is, in this case, the number of prospective customers who are made aware of the nature of products through emails, and consequently subscribe to email newsletters. Turnstile works with gated content, that is, content which is password-protected, and, given that its an email collection tool, this Is no surprise. Turnstile’s USP is that it can be used at any part of the video, and it can even be made optional. Users are kept track of by their emails in the Wistia analytics, allowing them to be followed up effectively.


The Web’s premier slide hosting service, SlideShare allows PowerPoint, PDF, Keynote and OpenDocument presentations to be uploaded. Its acquisition by LinkedIn in 2012 has greatly resulted in its expansion. Marketers frequently use SlideShare to create interesting and compelling slideshows to attract potential customers. Trigger alerts, which are keyword-based, enable marketers to track customer response, which is invaluable for lead generation.


This is an excellent tool for analyzing the behavior of website visitors. This allows marketers to focus on those who are most likely to go in for email subscription-an excellent way of identifying quality leads. Visitors can be classified according to type, number of products viewed, time spent on site, referrers and many other aspects. It also classifies site popups based on their effectiveness.

5) Quora

Quora is the internet’s best question-and-answer website, with a vast, well-organized community that answers the various questions put forward. There are innumerable topics under which the questions are categorized. Marketers are increasingly using quora to reach out to interested prospective customers, and its easy-to-use nature allows excellent interaction among users and marketers, thus making it an invaluable lead generation tool, and distinguishes it from the relatively non-personalized nature of interactions on other tools.

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