The legendary multinational e-commerce company eBay is host to an innumerable number of products,
which are sold in over 20 countries, including China and India. While selling items on ebay is very easy, prospective sellers wishing to net large incomes would do well to check existing trends regarding the popularity of various products.

The 10 most selling categories of items on eBay are :


Cheap cutlery is a must these days ,with smaller family units laying greater emphasis on the average Joe’s cooking skills. Not everyone can become a Gordon Ramsay, but kitchenware will always remain in high demand.

2)Electronics goods from big brands

Among the most searched for keywords on ebay are the various iPhone and iPad models. Apple, Samsung and Sony products, in particular, are huge hits, with over 35$ being netted per item.

3)Fashion items, especially women’s dresses

Here too, people prefer to shop for the best products from big brands, with ASOS and Topshop leading the way. An immense variety of dresses, catering to every taste, can be found on ebay, with 15$ per dress being made by enthusiastic sellers.

4)Kids’ toys

Kids toys have a huge market, with Lego products, in particular, being very popular. Other searched-for items include action figures and toy cars. This, of course, incentivizes owners to sell their old toys on ebay. Upto 18$ per item can be made through the sale of Kids’ toys on ebay.


With one shoe being searched for each minute, the sale value of footwear on ebay has never been higher. The most popular brands in this regard are New Look and Spot On, and the specification of size and condition is a must. 18$ per shoe can be made by selling them on ebay.

6)Fiction books

From horror to fantasy, and thrillers to romance, a huge platter of Fiction books, catering to every taste are available. The incentive to sell them on ebay is thus a great reason to keep all those childhood classics safe.


Apollo and Raleigh bikes are most in demand, and here too, the correct specification of product details is a must. Bikes net in a whopping 150$ per item, on an average, but inspite of such high costs, they are hugely sought after, with 2 searches per minute being recorded.


To some, these may be passé, but old radio sets are still in high demand, adding to the element of nostalgia on tiring days when little else gets done. Radio channels are diversifying to cater to varying tastes, and hence, the age of the radio is still here for quite some time.


Jewelry of various kinds, and of hugely differing compositions is available on ebay. 3-4 searches per minute being recorded, it’s a great idea to hold onto those little pieces of gold, for excellent sale value.


Multipurpose knives-ranging from utility to cutlery products, with surgical knives being in high demand too, are hugely popular on ebay. The ones being sold there are a lot more cheap than their retail counterparts, and a good wholesaler will ensure all-the-year-round sales.


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