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Mythemeshop is home to some of the best WordPress themes currently available on the market, so its no surprise that TruePixel is one of their products. This light theme which focuses on customizability and ease of use is likely to be highly attractive to every user. This is the reason why I am writing this truepixel theme review.

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One of the most attractive aspects of TruePixel is its social media computability-in this respect, it is pretty advanced for even a Mythemeshop product. Every blogger wants his work to receive lots of exposure, and TruePixel ensures that this is possible. The theme’s simple, minimal design allows the user to focus on advertising his posts. Furthermore, TruePixel has inbuilt social media advertisement services through signals which allow bloggers to reach out to their audience via Facebook, twitter, Google+, Pinterest, etc. Separate plugins are not needed for this purpose. Moreover, the theme displays a commendable level of mobile responsiveness.

Truepixel theme review [Advantages]

Google Adsense and Monetization Ready

truepixel ads ready

Some of its other exciting features are its optimization of Google Adsense which is inbuilt in this theme. Its optimization of Google Adsense is one of its key advantages over its rivals, and will ensure a huge boost in ad revenue for bloggers.

SEO and Schema (Rich Snippets) Ready

truepixel schema ready

truepixel theme review

TruePixel generally tends to boost the SEO ratings of its blogs because of its integration of the Schema structure-something which is highly favoured by web spiders. Furthermore, with Google now favouring fast loading websites, bloggers who use TruePixel gain an immense advantage, because of the theme’s easy installation and updating process. TruePixel also ensures that the updating process is a completely secure one, while preventing the blog from developing clunkiness, which would otherwise stunt its development, and hurt its SEO ratings.

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Support and Updates

Furthermore, TruePixel offers excellent support through its host website, as well as through social networking websites. An added bonus is the presence of an active support forum to deal with troubleshooting issues. Thus, the theme ensures that users will continue to remain captivated with its wonderful features and continue to rely on it month after month. An effective demo boosts user convenience even further.

Cons: Disadvantages of the theme

You won’t find any better wordpress theme for a professional wordpress blog other than mythemeshop

You will find it a cool choice and you don’t need to look into themes section of your wordpress blog atleast for an year (after setting it up once).

Final Words : My Verdict

Overall, this theme’s lightweight nature, and the genuine boosts which it offers to SEOs makes it perfect for beginners who wish to get the most out of their blogs. Its emphasis on user convenience every inch of the way ensures a bright future for the theme.

TruePixel Review


TruePixel is a SEOoptimized and AdsReady wordpress theme perfect for a blogger to put some impression on his readers.

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