My Blogging Journey so Far

Its insane but I remember all.

started on 19th april and hosted it on


It was time while I came to know about many technical and coding aspects about the base of blogspot XML blogging platform. I was able to customize a template, code it to make best use of it and make it super performing.

So, I have planned to write about “How to make your blogspot blog look and feel like you are using wordpress.” which gonna be very very interesting for you if you run a blog on blogspot.

Got the first sponsored post on 1st July (was about 2 months of work)

It was the first paid sponsored blogpost. It was the very first earning from my blog.

Next paid review on 7th august

Reaching out to brands was the next step I took and went on performing on it. And it was not too long I waited for a result.

My Mistake : Being a noob, I acted like I am a pro and kept on writing stuff like I know everything about the complex ssubjects ie SEO, web designing and coding.

Once I figured this out, I decided to write something interesting and different from others. Failed, failed and again failed. but that brought a lot of experience about what works and what doesn’t.

Purchased a web hosting package from namecheap on 19th August and hosted my blog on wordpress (woohoo)

I knew that blogger platform is not going to make what I am targeting due to so many reasons like less SEO optimization options and access to tools of modern digital marketing.

One of my friend told me that he switched to namecheap and he spent only 10$ on it. I was amazed to know and purchased one for myself without thinking too much because this was not a big amount in comparison with other hosting providers.

The actual journey begins (From a blogspot tech freak to a wordpress ninja.)
stumbled for a month in search of cool wordpress themes, learning design basics and simple coding like CSS and HTML. Connected with minded people and co-bloggers who helped in growing and learning things well.

The first person I was influenced with was mr P V Ariel as a cool minded kind person who is the source of motivation.

A quote that I would like to share
1 hour of efforts is more worthy than a 10 hour discussion. Because you will make an effort after those 10 hours and later you reach an output. while 1 hour of
efforts will bring you an output and you can conduct a meaningful discussion on it later on. (this is what entrepreneurs do)

No, Not harsh agrawal inspired me. It was shoutmeloud which pushed my thinking towards making it large to stand on the earnings of a blog.

First Affiliate sales came on 5 september (MyThemeShop Affiliate Program just $0.68)

This was a blog post about discount code for purchasing a stunning wordpress theme at 67% off. The coupon code was associated with my affiliate account and it was used 3-4 times in the first month.

Noticed what is working for me and did some hard work on improving on those aspects.

Getting the posts ranked on google which were bringing passive money became my goal. Link building, blog commenting and so on.

13 OCT – Purchased Interactive wordpress theme from Mythemeshop

I love that theme and was keen to test it out and write a detailed review.

14 OCT – Mythemeshop discontinued custom discount coupons which mean to ensure a whooping 70% commission on each sale for affiliates.

28 sep – Joined Fiverr

29 sep – First order was 5$ (And the journey begins)

4th November – First Big affiliate sale (for me it was big) came amounting $41.30

15th Nov – Got 83$ from fiverr

17th Nov – My birthday (Met someone very special enjoyed the day with friends and went to watch a movie in evening)

31st Dec – till the end of the year, I reached a total mark of $2000 lifetime earnings from blogging and digital marketing

16 Jan – Host-stage come to be our sponsors for next few months

5 feb – Got featured in Hetman Recovery software website for writing a review


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