10 of the Best Video Editing Android Apps for your Smartphone

Video editing android apps: Are you the one who always want to treasure pleasant times spent with your closed ones?

And you have created a video from your android phone but want to add animations, transitions and make it like a memorable film? While editing videos on Mac is easy but when it comes to Android, you have a limited screen size.


Hmmm, now you gotta have some cool video editing android apps on your android device.

Through these 10 top video editing android apps, you are going to have all good times and moments collected in a heart only.

Here are the  best Video Editing apps for Android Nougat as well.

1. Adobe Premiere Clip

Adobe Premiere Clip is a really interesting video editor that is customizable and flexible. It gives you the power to edit your video just the way you want.Automatic videos can be created with this editor.

Adobe Premiere Clip

Not only this, but the best thing is, you can remove unwanted parts from your video.

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2. Power Director

You can make your video more interesting because this editor is very much familiar with your device.


In addition to this, one can drag and drop scenes as their requirement, add audio tracks, insert titles and apply filters to the videos.

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3. Kine Master

This is suitable for new users as it maintains a level of comfort with the less experienced users. This is a better option for them in comparison to Power Director.

KineMaster Pro Video Editor

You will be able to give some background music, insert texts you wish and much more.

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4. We Video

We video lets you capture a beautiful video clip with a defined sequence. Users are able to add music, narrations, texts and adjustment of clip size is also permitted.Quicker changes can be made as its remote machines do it automatically for you.

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5. Quik Go Pro Video Editor

This is another marvellous video editor you can have on your phone.Developed by GoPro, it provides the fastest way to edit videos.Customise your story with music beats, filters, graphics, effects and more.

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6. Triller

If you are up to making a music video, triller is the answer for you. Select a music track and add you favourite pictures to make a perfect video.With a single tap, triller edits your vedio frequently and creates an unforgettable memory of you with your friends and families.

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7. Magisto Video Editor and Maker

Do you consider yourself a filmmaker? Use magic too. It helps you make a video just like a celebrity one.You can watch a charismatic video and upload on facebook, WhatsApp or Instagram.


You will fall in love with its magical quality of transforming your video into a movie like a video.

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8. Viddy

Instagram user? If yes, upload a video clip of around less than 15 sec. Be it a funny clip, or a mimicry. Just click the right button and add filter whichever you want to, from among the available options.It is the quite entertaining app and adds life to your short video clips.

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9. Fx Guru

This app makes you feel realistic.It creates a video full of animated effects just the way you see in Hollywood.Give it small movements and it adds real effects to it.It is really exciting.

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10. Vedioshop

Shop a new video with vedro shop app.It has lots of thrilling features that will help you beautify your memories in a simple manner.Being simple, it adds fun by adding animations and voice overs and music.

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Wrapping up & over to you

Have you ever made a video using any of the app? Would like to know in comments. Also if you need Youtube intros for your channel or product, I recommend makewebvideo.

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