Video editing software for Mac – Best Program to Edit Videos

Once again I am back with Macintosh but this time it is about videos and editing. A 1984 launched computer which turned out into a series had something special which other computers didn’t have. We know this because of its fan following.  It was launched as a friendly system, natural and understandable usage which later become successful. It contain Graphic User Interface (GUI) which makes it more easy to use and convenient for the users.  After few experiments in the laboratory, the company  came up with click and drag action for icons (representing objects) and mouse making it different from other computers in 1980s.

Apple has a very creative series which not only focuses on the operational and professional work but also media like picture and videos. Even if it is so expensive that many people can not buy it, it’s worth its price because of its functioning as well as status that the company has maintained.

So now we are going to talk about some of the video editor programs which suit best for Mac. Let’s go for it.

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Kdenlive is a video editing application for mac which is based on MLS framework to make more flexible and and have easy to use features. It supports all formats like, WMV, Flash video, FFmpeg and more, which may not be done in any other application. Many people find it easy to use but at the same time, it is complex for some people to use. But somewhere it is manually efficient.

Videolan Movie converter

Talking about VideoLan Media Converter, you may strike with VLC, it is actually different from that but is manufactured by same organization. It is compatible with not only Macintosh but with some other system as well. If you want to explore more of movie creation and video editing, one should try this application as it contain simple and convenient movie creators. It do not require any particular skills to use it.


IMovie is a tool created for Ios devices and Macintosh by Apple as a default video editing software. It suits best to edit video in Macintosh with FireWire interface or USB. Video edit, adding music and effects, basic colour correction option and much more are done in this tool. It’s effect features are not as good as compared to other softwares but it is rich in various other features.

Jahshaka (cineFX)

Jahshaka is known as the free and open editing tool for many users which makes it convenient to be used by new comer in field of editing. Talking about proficiency for new user does not mean that it is no good for professionals, though it is. Have it in your system and see why is it so.


This software is available for simple and natural tasks rather than up to date technology. Rather it’s simple tasks, it is supported by various formats of input and output. Avidemux is somewhere unique from other video editors because of its simplicity. That does not mean it can’t do complex task but it is preferable for natural once.


Blender is not just an video editing tool but also free 3d rendering program. It offers various animation essential features like modeling, interface, animation, rigging and much more, making it different from other softwares. It is versatile with less space but unlike any other tool, it may cause some inconvenience to use for the beginners. But overall it is a good tool.

So we have been talking about various software which suits best for Mac. We have talked about their features and pros and cons.

Download them and use them. See yourself which one is more comfortable and efficient to use.

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