Sensex simply means the sensitive index number which is driven by the changes over a period of time in the market value of 30 major companies shares which are affecting the whole economy of a country. It is a very easy indicator about how the stock exchange and economy is tuning. If it is higher, it is on the ways of economic growth and vice versa. talking about Sensex, it is an index number used in BSE (bomay stock exhchange) situated in mumbai.


A huge money lies in the well of stock market but the game is not easy from any corner. And you have to play it safe and calm. If you want to invest in stock market, you must know what exactly it is?

And the same kind of index number calculated in the stocks (shares) value from NSE (national stock exchange) is called Nifty. You can learn how to calculate the Sensex here.

Both these metrics are subjected to high fluctuations and that’s why it becomes very important for any investor to have proper uptodate knowledge about the index charts, technical analysis of all these things. There are so many websites where live share market ups and downs can be seen. moreover, you can keep your eyes on the nifty charts and live sensex charts to become a successful share marketing champ.