What my EX taught me about Blogging and Entrepreneurship

Bad day comes to all, perhaps not to all. It came to me when I had a breakup and my moon was not sweet as honey that day I guess. Who told me “I always will be with you” turned into my Ex. Even if there were so many sad things at that time yet I learned another lesson from that accident. Yeah, I will say it an accident because it happened all of a sudden.
I will keep it short so that you too can read what I learned. The list below tells about 6 chapter which are essential for you too to make yourself strong and grow your blog also.

1.Move on

Moving on is the best road to avoid all the obstacles. It not only reduces the stress of mind but also keep you far away from fights. In the case of blogging, If you’re not getting results on social media, either move on to search engine optimization or land to another related trending topic.

If Nothing works, Something works and you’ve to dig it

2.Feel the change

If you’re not finding it comfortable to be in a relationship with her/him anymore, just see what changes can be done in either one. Whether the change is required in you or he/she. Same is the actuality in blogging and entrepreneurship. Sticking to the old traditional ways of writing or promotional techniques will lead you to nothing. Hence I advice you to feel the change that is required by the environment and develop accordingly.

Change is the Law of Nature

3.Don’t Care too Much

Even if you love her too much (more than your own life), you must not show that. So much care makes you a “Zoru ka Gulam” which is not a good thing. If you put yourself in letting him/her feel the importance he/she has in your life, you’ll lose him/her.
I advise you to be natural. Do not float into emotions. While thinking of a post idea, don’t think too much about that. Just write it with the ease of mind. I bet you’ll get shocking results.

Pro Tip  # “Sometimes you have to care less to see if they care more”

4.Don’t show your multiple Personality dishonour

You should always be what you actually are. Behave normally. Some Bloggers are very professional on their blog and right on the opposite side they are rude to get traffic for their blog.

Hold your horse and Stay evergreen.

5.Avoid Excessive Endurance

As I told this before, “Keep calm and avoid fights” but over endurance is as fatal as over confidence.If you ignore all his/her follies, he/she will take you as a baby of five and this will encourage him/her to lie in front of you. Scold him/her in the best comfortable tone and let him/her realize his/her fault.
Lesson: If someone criticizes you on your blog or on social media, do not mind but if he/she cross the limits, it is better to shut his/her mouth.

Fights sometime save relationships

6.Nothing More Suicidal than a Quick Wrong Decision

At the time you’ll be confirming that you don’t wanna remain in the relationship for anymore, you might be thinking, “I am more than hundred percent sure that I am doing nothing wrong.” But if you did all that in a little misunderstanding, then? That will be the saddest moment for you because you can not revind the clock and change your past as you do it on facebook or on your blog. Now You can not quote the bible and ask him/her to come back into your life because it was all due to your misunderstanding. He/she will never come back but an angel will.

A Quick wrong decision leads you to repent afterwards.

When misunderstandings cause big distances, nothing makes you more sad then. At that occurance the only thing you can say is

Apart from errors – Neither you nor me,
Both are human – Neither you’re God nor me,
I blaim you and you blaim me – Neither you peep inside yourself nor me,
Misunderstandings have given birth to the distances between us – Neither you’re wrong nor me.

Finally, all I learnt with that bad experience was

  • I will have to dig what will work for me
  • I Should give weight to the audience interest more than my own
  • I will not care for anyone #theselfishworld
  • I am always full of attitude and none can change me
  • I will shut her mouth before she starts abusing me
  • I have more than 100 years in my life, will think before I leep.

Your thinking may differ on this topic. I will love to hear from you on what you think about this discussion. Feel free to criticize or blaim me because I will like to fight. I failed saving that relationship but do not intend to lose you now.
Have a Nice day all. Happy Blogging my friends!

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