10 White Hat SEO Techniques and Hacks to Rank high in Google

I Know you’re looking for the quickest way to rank high in google but if I tell you honestly, there is no shortcut for this purpose. White Hat SEO techniques take time and effort from your end. All professionals talk about an strategy to rank high in google which has to be followed with dedication towards it and they do not often tell you the secrets which they use to add into their strategy. Those secrets are the reason why they are ranked high in Google and today, I am going to reveal all those secrets of white hat SEO before you.

Take it seriously or do not read it further.

White Hat SEO Techniques and secrets to rank your articles

1.Be Generic/Be Organic

We read that everywhere “Your content must be unique to rank high on Google” but the exact meaning is that you have to be the original among the piracies. In other words, You will have to be the parent of all child.
For the purpose of making your content generic, you need in-depth research to back your remarks.

white hat seo techniques

Writing useful and valuable content is the second step of SEO copyrighting process written by Neil Patel.

2.Gather Honey Smartly

Sometimes a blogger writes a First-page deserving article, gets ranked well but spoil the juice by not doing keyword research and publishing the article in the Air. As a result, he does not get the traffic he actually deserved. One of the best tools for keyword research is Google AdWords keyword planner and SEOBook. The main motive of conducting a Keyword research is to find out the most profitable keyword for your article. A keyword which has a good search volume is the right choice to be the focused keyword of your blog post.
Example : You wrote a fantastic article on “Making a website fit for mobiles.” There comes two choices for an appropriate title for your post

  1. Making your site Mobile friendly
  2. Making your site Responsive

Now only keyword research can assist you about the profitable selection. If making mobile friendly site keyword has more search volume than making a responsive site, the first choice will drive more organic traffic to your blog once ranked.

3.Keyword Decoration

Keyword decoration is what I give weight on my niche site. It must be noted that changing the color or keywords in the article does not mean keyword decoration. Keyword decoration includes bolded keywords, italic keyword, keyword in h1 h2 and h3 and in first and final paragraph.

4.Content-Length still matters

Even SEO copyrighting deals with creating long, in-depth, problem-solving and keyword rich content. SEO copyrighting experts focus on long articles because quantity matters as much as quality.
Content length has the key importance because it decides how many time the focus keyword can occur. For a quick instance, A hundred word article may contain the keyword only 3-4 times while long article can have more on the ground of keyword density.
In a study, it has been found and proved that long in-depth articles gain more shares than a short one. Long content is also less affected by Google dance. One the base of long and problem solving content, content marketers rank their blog without backlinks.
Problem-solving and quality content attracts link love as well which means creating backlinks effortlessly and even when your are asleep.

5.Content Vs Sidebar

You read that right. Sidebar plays a very importance role in Search engine optimization. According to me the sidebar should be concise and optimized. In fact it covers a big part of your web page HTML coding. Sidebar is a big deal of blog design and UX(User Experience) which you know already. I have to disclose how to optimize your sidebar.

  • Try to keep is short as much as possible
  • Make images SEO friendly by assigning ALT tags to every image in your sidebar
  • If you intend to show categories(labels) of the blog in the sidebar as a widget, make sure you don’t use keywords in categories
  • If you put your main keyword as a label for your post, I advise you to avoid label/categories widget in sidebar
  • For Niche sites using excessive keywords in labels and demonstrating them all in the sidebar widget can prove to be harmful which results in no rank in many cases.
  • Make sure that the content length beat the sidebar.

If you’re still confused about how to make sure that you’re doing great on-page SEO, you need to learn How to do SEO audit yourself.

6. Off Page SEO (Backlinks)

Backlinks are the start and end of off page white hat SEO techniques

Backlinks push your site up in search ranking, domain authority, page rank and many more statistics. SEO experts talk about only High-Quality backlinks which boosts up ranking really quickly.

What does it mean “High-Quality Backlinks” ?

  • HQ backlink is one way inlink in nature
  • The content of the referring page is identical to that of the landing page but not same
  • The referring page is either an authority or has a good domain authority and page rank
  • The link is SEO friendly (Web 2.0)

So, Here we got the meaning of high-quality backlink and now we have to figure out how do be build a few of them manually.

How to build High-quality Backlinks?

  • Join all web 2.0 sites (Social networks like stumble upon and delicious which are working on users content)
  • Have an account in every niche forum and community. Try to be active there as much as you can.
  • Do a few guest post on authority niche blogs.
  • Ask your connections for a link.
  • Avoid Excessive reciprocal links
  • Find out some Article directories and submit your excerpts of the article there with a link back to original one.

7. Improve Social Sharing to get Social Ranking Signals

As the search engine algorithms are updating constantly, the importance of social ranking signal is increasing. In this respect, we have to get a good social ranking signals. Social Ranking signal is one of the 200 Google Ranking factors.To get better social ranking signals, you’ll need to configure facebook open graph meta tags which improve social sharing on facebook and twitter cards which generate a beautiful snippet when you share links from your blog on twitter. These social media open graph data has to be put with care because a little slip can cause you less ranks.
Almost every WordPress SEO plugin, understanding the need of social ranking signals and SMO in SEO, provide options to optimize your blog and make it social media friendly. You can use WordPress SEO by Yoast free plugin or SEO pressor for paid premium experience. According to me, a few points need your due diligence while doing Social media optimization for your blog:

  • Configure Meta tags properly
  • Use always High definition and High quality images for post thumbnails
  • If possible use different Meta description for social sharing to be attractive
  • Allow your audience to share the news with their friends on their favorite social network by placing a social sharing widget on your blog. (not addthis)

8. 100% on page

You should double check your SEO score before you publish an article on your blog. For a quick instance, Read keyword decoration and LSI points once again. I will elaborate 100% on page later. For your purpose, an Infographic at Backlinko about 100% on Page SEO is perfect

View the full article on 100% on page optimization on Backlinko.com here

9. Improve Relevancy Through Synonyms and LSI keywords

You need not to show someone that How well ranked your blog is! I have to rank for a keyword which can drive some organic traffic to my blog. Isn’t it?
For getting ranked for your main keyword, you actually have to bring immense changes and copious efforts. But there is something which can bring some quick results (traffic) in a short span of time with less efforts and that is LSI keyword.
Talking about LSI, it is a way of ranking for long tail keywords. LSI optimizes your article for more than a single keyword and open the doors of extra opportunities. In other words, LSI keywords are efficacious in Search Engine Optimization.
You can look for LSI keywords on Uber suggest keyword suggestion tool or long tail pro premium keyword research tool. Ankit Singla better describes how to find LSI keywords for your articles. And see what Ankit bhai said in that article about the importance of LSI keywords in SEO….

white hat seo technique on bloggertipstricks

10. Avoid Over Optimization (Keyword Stuffing)

Avoiding over optimization is utmost necessary for getting ranked because sometimes you overuse keywords unknowingly. A few points I am figuring out to be checked for over optimization :

  • Keyword Density must be less than 4%
  • Keyword decoration is good but keep it limited up to 2 bold and italic keywords and 2-3 keywords in Headings
  • Do not use more than 3 LSI keywords
  • You should replace main keyword with LSI (treat a LSI as main keyword)

Final Words

SEO is a very easy task for them who understand it in a practical way and are cautious before clicking and writing anything. You can spill the beans and hit the peaks of success in blogging with a dedication towards your work and intention of providing something unique and useful to your audience. You can also go through this on page optimization guide to have a sneak peak overview to the perfect SEO as to onpage.