Top 10 WordPress Customization Plugins To Improve your Website

wordpress customization plugins

Visual is the medium if you want to attract someone. Paintings, pictures, and statues have always been at the forefront of art in known history.

With the advancement of the internet, the case is all the more critical because people now tend to gravitate more towards well designed and robust images instead of the same old written paragraphs.

Even though the writing is more of a medium of information than images, the way to attract more audience to your craft is by having a well-set pattern of specifically made images.

If you are reading this, chances are, you have some experience of editing an image in an image editor. When being on WordPress, you have seen how the image editor works and gives you quite a lot of tools to choose from.

After some time, you can see the difference in images of a renowned website and some new sites. The one difference in stark contrast is the quality of images, and this article addresses this issue.

WordPress customization plugins can give you additional features that are very easy to use.

Top WordPress Customization Plugins

Notwithstanding your level of expertise, you can use these plugins easily due to their simple yet effective functions.

The way you can take your pictures to the next level is by using some of the below-mentioned WordPress customization plugins.

  1. Vectr Embedded Graphics Editor

WordPress Customization Plugins

Vectr Embedded Graphics Editor is a free editor that helps you create and edit elegant and compelling graphics for your WordPress website. It is generally used to create and edit banners, watermarks, infographics, annotated marks, logotypes, and image collages.

  • Design scaling is done without losing the clarity and quality of any selected object. The good about this plugin is that it can work on many platforms, and thus your work and progress can be in synchronization.
  • An URL generates for every project you undertake, and therefore, collaborating experience becomes top-notch.
  • The completed images or graphics are optimized for WordPress, and the options to add logos, graphics, and marks are available.

Photo Gallery by WD

Photo Gallery is one of the popular image galleries that are quite simple yet effective to use. The unique selling point of this WordPress is that users can create a functional gallery in just some time.

  • If you want to customize your galleries, then Photo Gallery will be right for you as this plugin gives full control and flexibility.
  • This gallery also helps you in making your website getting more organized and, therefore, more professional looking.
  • You can also add tags and make your images more SEO friendly, thereby increasing the post’s visibility.
  • You can also take the help of the support team of the Photo Gallery.
  1. Meta Slider

WordPress Customization Plugins

Meta Slider is in our top picks of WordPress customization plugins that help you ad slideshows on your website and make it more unique and elegant looking.

It is quite easy to easy and has a responsive interface with slideshows aware of the dimensions of the screen.

  • Meta Slider comes with features like carousel slides, which help you display more than one image simultaneously.
  • If you want to make your slides more personally designed, the function called Animated Layer Slides will be quite handy for you.
  • If you’re going to add the thumbnail for the next or previous images, you can do it with this plugin. Also, you can add slides to show your latest work automatically.
  • If you go for the Pro Version, you can also have the option to add video slides.
  1. DigiWidgets Plugin

WordPress Customization Plugins

It is one of the best image editors present on the internet for a WordPress website. Most used features such as cropping, mirroring, rotating, and filter addition are present in the plugin.

DigiWidgets also have Photoshop type features, and the user can create a template for each image.

  • Features like history tracking are also present and can let you backtrack in case you want some changes.
  • Resizing, flipping, border setting options are also current for you to use.
  • The filters templates are up to date and are used to give a professional effect to the images.
  • Easy to use and interactive interface will help you work fast and efficiently.

WordPress Customization Plugins

NextGen Gallery has a simple yet powerful interface. It shows images without any hassle or lags and meets the demands of high tech photographers with ease.

Options to add text, logos and watermarks are also present. Other than that, regular gallery features like changing size and transition effects can also be used.

  • On the front end, NextGen offers you a couple of album styles like extended and compact, along with gallery styles like thumbnail, Slideshow, etc.
  • On the back end, NextGen provides you with management options like uploading a single image or batch uploads, import data, sorting options, etc.
  • NextGen also offers an opportunity to work with shortcodes to manage the website better with increasing traffic.
  • Other variants, like Insert Gallery Window, are also present.

WordPress Customization Plugins

Envira Gallery is a simple solution to all the problems regarding the customization of images on a WordPress website. Not only is inserting a gallery is easy, but options like drag and drop also make it few seconds jobs.

You can also optimize the gallery with SEO content and improve the odds of its visibility.

  • Features like ‘deep linking’ and ‘pagination’ are present for linking individual pages and improving page view speed.
  • You can also prevent your galleries from unauthorized access with the help of password protection.
  • This gallery can be used as video galleries and can also be used for sharing on social media.
  • You can also have the option to synchronization Adobe Lightroom Collections with this gallery.
  1. Slideshow

slideshow plugin

As the name suggests, Slideshow is a plugin used for creating a slideshow on a WordPress website. Images that already uploaded on the website can also be used in the Slideshow.

There is no limit to the number of slideshows that you can create while changing the styles and other settings.

  • You can have image slides, text slides, and YouTube video slides as per your convenience.
  • The placement is free, as you can place it anywhere on your website without worrying about the responsiveness.
  • You can customize it as per your requirement and can change the handling as well as animations.
  • The good thing about Slideshow is that it is available in all the major languages present in the world.
  1. Social Media Feather

WordPress Customization Plugins

A free plugin to add the link to your social media accounts. The visitors that come across your WordPress website can easily follow you across platforms with the help of this plugin.

You can add or remove the social media buttons of the platform you prefer.

  • Social media buttons can be added to each post automatically, though you can add them to particular posts as you like.
  • Apple device support provided because the plugin works well on Retina displays.
  • Social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Reddit, Google+, and many more included.
  • This social media plugin also offers widgets for sharing.
  1. Embed Plus for YouTube

WordPress Customization Plugins

This WordPress plugin will make YouTube videos of your choice to appear on your website. This WordPress YouTube plugin helps you by managing live streams and playlists.

This plugin also has YouTube gallery capability and makes a grid view of the videos’ thumbnails.

  • This plugin is also compatible with the Gutenberg block editor and Gutenberg classic block.
  • Additional features like volume level initialization for autoplay, iOS playback preferences are also available.
  • Features regarding privacy include improved privacy, YouTube API restrictions, and GDPR compliance options.
  • You can also enable or disable the control for visitors to have separate videos running at the same time on the same page.
  1. Simple Lightbox

A very useful yet easy to use plugin, Simple Lightbox helps automatically activate links without any manual coding.

To get into more options, you need to open Appearance > Lightbox, or you can just go into Settings under the plugin’s name when in the lists of installed plugins.

  • Simple Lightbox can automatically resize to fit in the window.
  • Mobile optimizations, as well as customizable themes, are also present.
  • It supports both the WordPress image attachments links and links in widgets.
  • You can also display the image metadata like a description, caption, and more in Lightbox.
  1. ARVE Advanced Responsive Video Embedder

WordPress Customization Plugins

If ever there was a single solution to all video-related queries, this plugin is that. Advanced Responsive Video Embedder not only supports almost everything video related but does all this and more by keeping things simple.

  • It comes with WYSIWYG support, so problems with shortcodes are a thing of the past.
  • No ‘lock-in’ if you don’t use shortcodes and also makes the URL embedded videos responsive.
  • Additional features like autostart, video alignment, optional maximal width, and more are present.
  • You can also make your website load faster with the help of lazy-load mode.
  1. Imsanity

WordPress Customization Plugins

Imsanity is the plugin that automatically resizes images so that the optimum size for the browser can be achieved. The quality of the pictures is still better than what it should be, as the width, height, and quality are adjusted very well.

  • Imsanity provides you with a bulk resize option so that you can resize previously uploaded images.
  • Even when a user uploads a large image, Imsanity will tone it down as per standards.
  • The plugin is perfect for websites that don’t require high-quality images, like images used as display pictures or profile pictures.
  • Imsanity is available in many different languages, which makes it all round plugin to use.
  1. Smush

WordPress Customization Plugins

Smush is one of the best WordPress customization plugins to optimize your images. This plugin will let you resize, compress, lazy load, and improve your Google Page Speed. Smush will optimize the images without altering the quality.

  • It is full of features like lazy load, Bulk Smush, image resizing, etc. for optimizing the images.
  • Smush also has automated optimization so that the attachments get compressed quickly.
  • There is no monthly limit for optimizing the images up to 5MB.
  • Smush can also optimize images out of the media library.

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With this in-depth article, we conclude our list of top WordPress customization plugins to create stunning visual elements on your website.

These plugins will not only help in optimizing and customizing your WordPress website but will also make your website professional looking.

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