Top WordPress Themes for Restaurants of 2023

Why you need the best WordPress Themes for Restaurants in 2021? The digital tornado that came in the last 5 odd years shook the basic fundamental notions of the brick and motor business model.

Many decision-makers in the Food & Beverage business have mentioned the time and again that a major portion of their revenue comes from the last-minute impulsive buyer. When the weekend crops in, majorly people turn to their phones and basis their cuisine preference and location feasibility decide on the venue of their meal. This is one situation among the various permutations and combinations available.

The foundation of this can be laid with efficient planning and management of owned media. We must never forget that Facebook and Instagram can be the medium to attract the user to our brand. The sense of assurance that he is looking for comes from the website only.

A wise man said, “First Impression is the Last Impression”. Indeed we all want that the first scroll of the website ensures that the user is tempted to check it out further.

List of Top WordPress Themes for Restaurants and Cafes

Following are a few of the premium WordPress restaurant themes highly recommended for Restaurants both standalone and luxury dining.



βœ… Performance Grade: C 79
πŸ’Ύ Page Size: 2.9 mb

⏳ Load Time: 1.93 s
πŸ“² Requests: 160

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In Asia, the herb tamarind is used to add that extra zest to dishes so that the perfect aroma and flavor can be attained. I am taking the luxury to draw this comparison here so that we can understand how seamlessly this Tamarind theme can be used for any eatery, big or small, restaurant. No matter it is for a fancy 5-star chain or a standalone. It offers various templates for the main home page and multi-layout options for representing the menu. The main highlight of this theme is the Reservation Widget which is accessible to the user as a modal slide window or a hyperlink being redirected to a dedicated page.

The ease with which we can alter the size of the content to highlight relevant information in the word pool or alter the currency sign further enhances the user experience.


BeTheme bar theme demo

βœ… Performance Grade: D 67
πŸ’Ύ Page Size: 2.6 mb

⏳ Load Time: 2.26 s
πŸ“² Requests: 167

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BeTheme has the largest collection of predesigned demo sites. You can have a look and choose one that suits you to design your dream site with.

A big number of web design agencies use templates to design their client’s websites. Especially because in this way you can save your time and money both.


divi theme Restaurant landing page

βœ… Performance Grade: C 76
πŸ’Ύ Page Size: 2.5mb

⏳ Load Time: 4.13 s
πŸ“² Requests: 53

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I consider this as one of the best WordPress themea for 5-star restaurants. In a standalone restaurant’s website, the most important thing is the presentation of the food and menu. You get it easily with the restaurant layout pack from the Divi layouts library.


Astra theme main

βœ… Performance Grade: B 82
πŸ’Ύ Page Size: 9.8 mb

⏳ Load Time: 1.99 s
πŸ“² Requests: 69

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Ever since the launch, Astra has evolved as the multipurpose WordPress theme. Being a page-builder theme, it can help you create stunning websites with the easiest drag & drop website builder.

You get access to a huge library of predesigned templates for a perfect restaurant website in the Pro version.

You can read the comparison between Astra vs GeneratePress, and figure out the difference between the two.


Cinnamon Restaurant Main Demo

βœ… Performance Grade: B 83
πŸ’Ύ Page Size: 3.2 mb

⏳ Load Time: 2.77 s
πŸ“² Requests: 126

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The ability to use the right and left side of the brain together helps to further enhance the user journey and increase the recall of the brand. The home screen template in the Cinnamon Theme uses display space for both images and content. The pages created are lightweight and easy with a clear depiction of menus in dedicated canvas format views and multiple styles of grids.


Menu in Shrimpy WordPress Theme

βœ… Performance Grade: C 71
πŸ’Ύ Page Size: 8.8 mb

⏳ Load Time: 2.64 s
πŸ“² Requests: 173

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Similar to the delicacies of the saline, this WordPress theme has the ability to deliver multi-layer display in each scroll. The necessity to be able to showcase delicacies from various cuisines being offered by the eatery is a very important aspect. Shrimpy, One of the best restaurant WordPress theme, is compatible with all the major plugins you use. It is a one-page website theme ideal for patisserie’s, ice cream parlors and the likes.


steam in menu theme for restaurants and bars

βœ… Performance Grade: B 84
πŸ’Ύ Page Size: 3.1 mb

⏳ Load Time: 1.98 s
πŸ“² Requests: 120

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This theme needs to be compared while taking a call on the theme as the two though are different but offer points are similar with respect to the same line of business.


RISTORANTE theme demo1

βœ… Performance Grade: C 78
πŸ’Ύ Page Size: 3.1 mb

⏳ Load Time: 1.57 s
πŸ“² Requests: 110

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The theme is vibrant and designed to give that quaint and chic feeling to your website with a dedicated and versatile reservation widget. It has integrations with multiple payment systems. The coolest highlight of this theme is the option to take demos is included in the package itself for Chef & Gutenberg.


SAVORY theme demo 1

βœ… Performance Grade: C 75
πŸ’Ύ Page Size: 7.8 mb

⏳ Load Time: 6.95 s
πŸ“² Requests: 171

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We need those spices and herbs to add that extra and final touch to our food that helps it stand apart. A website as stated above is often the first thing a customer opens or one of the first few assets being accessed for clarity and decision making. The main and most important feature of this theme is the option of 12 homepages to get the site exactly as per your desires and need.


Linguini Restaurant
Linguini Restaurant

βœ… Performance Grade: B 87
πŸ’Ύ Page Size: 2.7 mb

⏳ Load Time: 898 ms
πŸ“² Requests: 36

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The theme has a contemporary feel to it which is blended well with the nuances of modern-day requirements. The theme is most suitable for bars, winery, pubs, bistros.



βœ… Performance Grade: C 78
πŸ’Ύ Page Size: 1.5 mb

⏳ Load Time: 3.3 s
πŸ“² Requests: 52

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The theme is very easy to use and the most viable option for individuals with no coding knowledge. The theme offers three different but unique templates for designing the layout of the menu. The overall skin, color, and fonts can be changed with so much ease.

#12 ROSA

rosa wordpress theme for restaurants

βœ… Performance Grade: C 72
πŸ’Ύ Page Size: 2.6 mb

⏳ Load Time: 765 ms
πŸ“² Requests: 70

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A bold yet tasteful theme to make a unique statement amongst the competition and in the minds of the users. Talking about this theme does not do justice to it, one needs to experience it to be able to judge it.


Resca Restaurant Theme

βœ… Performance Grade: B 82
πŸ’Ύ Page Size: 2.0 mb

⏳ Load Time: 802 ms
πŸ“² Requests: 134

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Themes generally being built on the same principles and similar governing foundations should be discussed on their unique offering points at length. The RESCA theme unlike many discussed above has the feature to choose from two Reservation Booking templates; the conventional method or the Open Table format.

#14 BERG

berg theme demo

βœ… Performance Grade: C 72
πŸ’Ύ Page Size: 5.3 mb

⏳ Load Time: 2.39 s
πŸ“² Requests: 118

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The BERG theme incorporates Visual Composer and Revolution Slider which help it become truly powerful and customizable. It is one of the most advanced and feature-rich themes available at WordPress today.


Madison theme demo

βœ… Performance Grade: B 84
πŸ’Ύ Page Size: 900kb

⏳ Load Time: 1.49 s
πŸ“² Requests: 60

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This is the ideal theme for bars, cafes or pubs. The look and feel of the theme are very young and fresh. The canvas formatting followed further helps in enhancing the user website journey. The most important feature of the theme is the cluster of all premium plugins available. The theme is translation ready and compatible with WPML.

A personal favorite feature of the aesthetic bit of this theme is the intelligent usage of white space across the complete layout. Ample space has been given in the images and the content so that the imagery at any point in time is not crowded due to the same.

Lastly, the number of page options available for creating the design of the menu is over 20.

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If you are planning to start a restaurant website, then these WordPress themes for Restaurants are a big time-saver.

Tamarind, Betheme, and Divi are top favorites, so you can choose anyone.



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