Workstation Setup Ideas for Bloggers and Digital Marketers [Creativity with Marketing]

“If you love your workspace, you’ll love your work a little more”.

Don’t you think what fashion designer Cynthia Rowley said, is so true? And this is true for all of us, especially if you are a blogger or a digital marketer.

Have you ever walked around your office cubicles? Have you ever noticed how different one workstation is from the other?

It almost seems that every workstation has got its inherent traits, almost like the characteristics of the person to whom it belongs. While one workstation is all decked up with colorful bits and pieces of paper, photographs of the loved ones and is organized spick and span, another workstation might be clean and clear with only one computer sitting beside a desk phone – minimalistic to say. Around the corner, there might be another workstation that is disorganized with capital ‘D’! Dishevelled papers, stacked files, a used mug of coffee, pen stands with old unused pens, scribbles of the felt pen all over the desk showing remnants of quickly jotted down ideas and points before they are forgotten.

As you walk past each of them, you know whom it belongs to and that paints different pictures of those persons, which may or may not be similar to what you already know.

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You start wondering about how much a normal workstation decor has to say about its owner. Is it the tech guy who sits there or is it the marketing guru who is the ultimate in thinking out of the box or is it the very fashionable lady who offers the coolest fashion tips in her blogs. A workstation really reflects its owner’s personality, if you think about it. And yes, it does speak volumes too about how a workstation is essentially different from the other, giving off vibes that are distinctly separate.

That brings up the question, how should a blogger’s or a digital marketer’s workstation look like?

Well, there are really no rules for this. However, while setting up a workstation, the two most important things to take care of are:

  • Productivity, and
  • Ergonomics

Since you spend long hours at work, taking care of every little feature to make yourself comfortable as well as productive is absolutely necessary. And making yourself feel comfortable of course doesn’t mean you huddle up in your chair like you would do at home or sit in that typically lazy angle sliding half way down your chair. While that sitting that way might be comfortable for you, your posture is sure to do more harm than good to your health while you are engrossed in work.

It is important to maintain even the slightest details so that both your health as well as productivity remains in full bloom. Things as trivial as the height of your chair, the lighting around you and the angle of your desktop monitor are potent enough to cause an ache here and a pull there, if not attended to. Also, make sure that there is sufficient lighting in the area where you sit since that too can impact your mood and health. A poorly lit zone makes you stressed out fast and get cranky easily, weighing down your productivity considerably.

Taking care of the basics will, sure enough, save you from wearing yourself down with work.

When the basic factors are taken care of, what more do you need?

Ideas. You need ideas which can transform your workspace into a place that you will love to return to every day.

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Setting up your workstation with a touch of your own ideas is the best thing possible. You can be proud of setting up your workspace just the way you want, with all possible customizations possible to make it a comfortable, productive and most importantly enjoyable day at work.

Otherwise, how can you love your work if you don’t love your workspace?

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Here I have got some fascinating workstation setup ideas for bloggers and digital marketers.

If you are a true blogger, then you must ideally have in mind the picture of a color coordinated, well spruced up workstation with a camera and a notebook on top. It oozes nothing but sheer creativity.

You might be a minimalist when it comes to workstation décor with only a few essentials, or a true lover of all things girlie, with perfectly coordinated desktop accessories and stationery. A blogger, you are also the go-to person for everything trendy and smart lifestyle hacks for all.

Incidentally, there are travel bloggers, who call themselves ‘nomads’. Their workstation is only their laptop, which they carry with them wherever they travel to. From mountain tops to deserts, their laptop and an internet connection are all they need to work. Ideally minimal, you may think.

But whatever it takes, do make sure that your workstation décor matches your blog feed on Instagram!

Being a digital marketer, chances are that silence is what brings out the creative best in you. But how do you get total silence in your workstation?

Keep ‘em noise-canceling headphones at your desk.

I am not joking! In fact, I got fascinated by this idea from a highly experienced creative digital marketer and award-winning copywriter, who keeps his air traffic controller headphones to shut out all the noise while at work. And man, he has got the coolest ideas ever!

However, a computer, a notebook and a pen, a quirky clock, an iPhone are other bare essentials that make your time spent at the workstation undoubtedly easier.

There is no dearth of ideas to set up your workstation as per your specific likings and of course convenience. Your workstation is where you spend most of the time in a week, whether you work from your at-home office or otherwise. Ensuring your comfort is of utmost importance; you must be able to enjoy your work so that you are energetic and eager to take pleasure in your life outside work hours too.