WPBakery vs OxygenBuilder: Which One is The Best?

Website Builder is a must to keep your website trendy and futuristic. When we talk about the best website builders, there are some that lead in the market. WPBakery and OxygenBuilder are two of the best ones.

So, let’s see which one in these two wins: WPBakery vs Oxygen Builder.

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WPBakery vs OxygenBuilder


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WPBakery vs OxygenBuilder


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WPBakery vs OxygenBuilder

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WPBakery vs OxygenBuilder

Features of WPBakery

Add-ons that enhance your page

WPBakery incorporates more than 250 unique add-ons which are capable of enhancing the user’s webpage building capacities.

Grid Builder that assists in creating grid items

WPBakery incorporates a grid builder feature to permits the users to build unique grid templates. Further, they can control animation, elements, and appearance as well.

You can add Shortcodes

WPBakery allows its users to add shortcodes for WordPress plugins by using the shortcode mapper.

You can get access to unlimited Layouts

WPBakery offers its users access to unlimited layouts for their website and excellent features to build websites and webpages in a very easy manner and very fast.

Goes best with any theme

No matter what WordPress theme you are following, you can easily use WPBakery as your page builder.

Features of OxygenBuilder

Easy drag and drop editing

OxygenBuilder offers you some exciting ways of editing your website. Not just for developers but also beginners. Newbies can edit their website using easy drag and drop options. 

Create an eCommerce website that is easy to control

OxygenBuilder has amazing tools and editing processes that allow you to control your WOOCommerce website. So, everything would be all under your control. 

Highly functional and developer-friendly

This tool helps developers build websites with elements that are fundamentally HTML-based and dynamic data repeaters. 

Perfect design with any color of your choice

This tool allows you to choose any color from the globe and use them on your website. This way, you will have your unique website look. 

Perfect for your powerful visuals

OxygenBuilder has awesome website format and designs. You can have amazing headers and footer to make it look ultra-professional. Besides, you can transform your website as per your audience’s requirement.

More about WPBakery

WPBakery and OxygenBuilderWPBakery is another very popular WordPress plugin page builder that provides unique and easy-to-use features. Be it drag and drop which assist the users in building stunning web pages. WPBakery is one of its kind WordPress plugins. This indeed allows you to create layouts. This is something you get with utmost ease. They need not be HTML experts for doing so or waste their precious time on writing Shortcodes.

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More about OxygenBuilder

WPBakery and OxygenBuilderThere is absolutely no doubt that OxygenBuilder is a great tool for the creation of websites and pages for WordPress. In fact, it comes with an enhanced set of visualization functions and its eCommerce functionality. It also has a powerful engine for WordPress sites and Layout control. They also provide 60 days guaranteed refund policy, lifetime support and you can build unlimited websites with it. 

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WPBakery's Pricing

WPBakery vs OxygenBuilderWPBakery essentially provides two price plans that its users can choose from depending on their prerequisites. The two price plans are –

  1. Regular (For use on a single site) – $45 per year
  2. Extended (For use in a single SaaS application) – $245 per year
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OxygenBuilder's Pricing

WPBakery vs OxygenBuilderOxygenBuilder is all about one-time payment when it comes to purchasing a plan. Well! No matter if you are a big agency or a small startup, this one has the plans for you. So, down there are its plans. 

  1. Basic – $129 
  2. WooCommerce – $169 
  3. Agency – $199 
  4. Ultimate- $229
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WPBakery's Support

WPBakery provides its kind premium online support. They provide 24*7 customer support and also provide their users with a knowledge base, video tutorials, and reference manual. They also provide FAQs that come with extensively detailed questions and answers which helps the users to find solutions to their problems easily. They also offer tutorials. So, you will find your queries.

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OxygenBuilder's Support

OxygenBuilder provides a 24*7 + lifetime support team to make sure that they resolve any problems that their users are facing. The other way to connect to the support team is through Facebook groups. OxygenBuilder has support managers on Facebook who are ever ready to help their users. They also provide a detailed FAQ series to help resolve problems.

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WPBakery vs OxygenBuilder. Now that you know all about these two website builders, you know which one would work best for you. So, know your requirements and see which one suits them best.

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