WPMU DEV Hosting is a Real Treat for a WP Pro

The experts of WordPress Multisite have come up with a fully-fledged, dedicated and reliable WordPress Hosting. Yes, you heard that right. WPMU DEV hosting has launched its world class hosting services for the members. 

It took them two years of development, 1 year in testing and 6 months of performance to launch this Hosting package. 

This hosting packages comes packed with a WPMU DEV membership. 

Now, you must be thinking, Why do I need a membership if all I want is just Hosting.

Why WPMU DEV Membership?

WPMU DEV’s membership is a one-stop solution to almost all of your WordPress needs. You get access to a huge collection of WordPress themes and plugins to power up your website. And guess what, there is no cost for hosting up to 3 websites for a lifetime if you get a membership package. 

The X factor is that, WPMU DEV has not increased the pricing of the membership after the launch of their hosting. Which means, hosting is FREEMIUM when you get a membership plan.

Step by Step Tutorial to WPMU DEV HOSTING

Let’s just go ahead and signup for a 30 days trial and see what’s inside for us.


Signed up only with a minimal information about me.

Now, in the next screen, I had to fill up my credit card details to make sure that I am serious about it. (I had to do it when I signed up for a Google Cloud also.)

Just filled up my card details and woohoo. I am in. 

Since, All I want right now is to see what is inside, I will skip this. 

Yay. Here’s WPMUDEV Hosting. 

Without any further delay, let’s get started and create a new website, which would be free of course. 

The best part is – I do not need to buy a domain right now. They can give me a URL for free to host my staging/testing site. (This feature is useful when you have not yet decided on your product name but want to develop the technology/website now.)

I am giving my first hosted site a name, how about WP-Kapoor.wpmudev.host?

Step1: A Temporary Website URL

Step2: WP ADMIN Details

Step3: 8 Server locations available. Let me choose the fastest. Ummm. Which one is the fastest server location according to you?

Ok, I choose US – West. There is no personal preference I have at the time of my trial but you may have a specific requirement in terms of server location.

Make sure that you always choose the nearest server to your audience.

Step Done. Being Deployed. 

I figured it out. The process is like 1, 2, 3 and here is your site SIR!

It is done and my blank wordpress install covers 357.2 MB space on the SSD. 

  • The new blank wordpress install looks nothing different from a default WP Instance.
  • It has got 10GB of disk space with 1GB Memory
  • I have access to the file system through SFTP/SSH
  • My website uses the best database manager. You guessed it right. PhpMyAdmin (powered by WPMU DEV). 

Let me tell you why I am mentioning the database manager? 

In most dedicated cloud hosting providers, you won’t get PhpMyAdmin as a database manager. I have tried a lot of them but the database manager they offer is mostly not very user-friendly. 

So, here it is. A custom branded PhpMyAdmin.

Furthermore, I could do a lot of things with my website with advanced tools.

  • Make your website private and accessible only with a username and password. You can use this feature if you don’t want users and search engines see your website while it is in development. 
  • Convert the WordPress install into a powerful multisite. (WPMU DEV is known for this).
  • Change the PHP version and manage your databases. 
  • Migrate an existing website and choose the object caching mode. 

Advanced analytics will show you the breakup of how your server’s storage is used. 

WordPress Admin Dashboard and what comes preinstalled?

Now is the time to check out my WordPress Dashboard and look what’s inside. 

I was delighted to see 4 preinstalled premium plugins in there.

Additionally, here is the huge list of premium WP plugins that I can install with just a single click. 

Demo Content Upload and Speed Test

I have finally installed Hestia theme and imported the demo content to check the speed of my newly WP site. PS: No Caching plugin used vs After using the optimization plugin. 

Result from Pingdom speed test is pretty satisfactory. 

This is from Google Page Speed Insight:

Before Optimization / After Optimization

And another one from GTMetrix.

Interesting Facts about WPMU DEV Hosting Pricing

Now, let’s look at some interesting facts about WPMU DEV hosting. 

You get 30$ hosting credits for FREE with your WPMU DEV membership. You can use these credits to create 3 Bronze websites or use all credits to create 1 website with upgraded specs. 

You can upgrade 1 site  to use 2GB dedicated RAM, 2v CPU, 15GB disk space and 3 TB bandwidth by using 25$ hosting credit in just 1 site. In that case, you won’t be able to create another free site. 

WPMU DEV Hosting Features in a nutshell:

  • – Access to all the premium plugins for your websites
  • – Lets Encrypt SSL certificates are auto-generated when adding a domain
  • – SFTP and SSH support
  • – Optional password protection (basic authentication)
  • – Convert to Multisite from the control panel
  • – Manage database via phpmyadmin
  • – Built-in migration via FTP or SFTP (enter credentials of the source site and we’ll pull it in)
  • – Incremental backups run nightly and held for 30 days
  • – Visitor and pageview stats filterable by period – current billing cycle, 7/30/90,365 days
  • – bandwidth and storage usage
  • – Real-time server stats to monitor resource usage at any time
  • – PHP error logs, access logs, slow logs
  • – Audit log to view all actions done inside the Hosting panel
  • – 1-click Staging environment with push and pull
  • – Analytics (visits, storage usage, real-time stats on server usage)
  • – Email forwarding

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Final Words

Once you activate your FREE Trial, you will get access to all premium plugins and 3 sites on the bronze plan. I am still figuring out why someone won’t like to go for a WPMU DEV hosting trial plan which costs nothing and has enough to show off.

There are ways to upgrade your plan for FREE also.

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