WPX Hosting Vs WPEngine- Better WordPress Hosting in 2023?

Do you want to start your blog that describes your experiences? Or do you have a unique product that you want to sell online? Whatever you do, you are going to need a WordPress install to make yourself visible online. Today, we will look at the two most famous WordPress hosts and compare them – WPX Hosting vs WPEngine.

wpx hosting vs wpengine

WPX Introduction

wpx hosting-homepage

WPX is based in Sofia, Bulgaria and was established in the year 2013 by Terry Kyle. Since then, it has become the world’s fastest hosting site.


WPEngine Introduction


WPEngine was founded in the year 2010 in Austin, Texas. It is the first and only platform to give WordPress Digital Experience to its users. Let us now compare and contrast both the platforms on the basis of their features and prices.

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Feature Comparison Between WPX Hosting vs WPEngine


Speed is perhaps the single most important feature of any WordPress host. The speed at which the website loads makes a whole lot of difference in the success of the website. It is proved that when a website takes one second longer in loading, the revenue generated from the website will drop substantially. Hence, when you want to choose a WordPress hosting platform, you should check the speed provided by that platform before you check anything else.

WPX Hosting can be called the fastest platform in the world. If you look at the website of WPX Hosting they have included numerous testimonials as well as the results of the review conducted by independent reviewers Matthew Woodward and Kevin Ohashi. They conducted the speed test using Pingdom and GTMetrix across all their testing locations in 2019.

When they used Pingdom, the results were as follows:

  • WPX Hosting Page load time – 357 ms
  • WPEngine Page load time – 1820 ms
  • When GTMetrix was used to compare the speed, the results were as follows:
  • WPX Hosting Page load time – 0.80 seconds
  • WPEngine Page load time – 2.27 seconds

These tests clearly show that WPX hosting is way faster than WPEngine. In 2018, they had conducted similar tests and came to the same conclusion. WPX Hosting has been the fastest platform since 2018.

The high speed of WPX Hosting is as a result of the technical innovations put into use by the company. WPX has CDNs customized for the company.

There are 26 WPX CDN clouds worldwide to store and retrieve the data. They also own the SSD servers while many companies like WPEngine rent them. WPX Hosting employs the latest version of PHP for better speed.


Security is the second important feature of WordPress Hosting. Hacking, brute force attacks, malware, and viruses have become everyday problems.

In this scenario, it is critical to manage your website against such negative forces. However, it is impossible to detect and remove such threats at a personal level.

You will need professional services for this reason. Again, even if you have a personal software consultant at your disposal, it is not certain that he would be able to prevent such attacks. Hence, you absolutely need the help from your host.

WPX Hosting:

WPX Hosting has high security measures taken in order to protect your website. Regular scanning, detection and removal of malware are provided to all its clients. Secondly, WPX Hosting gives its users DDoS protection along with regular automated backups.

WPX Hosting is also named the most trusted web hosting company on Trustpilot.com. It also gives free SSL certificates to all its users. In addition to this, if your site is down for any reason, WPX provides free and fast services to bring it back online.

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WPEngine also takes security of the clients’ data very seriously. It has a dedicated engineering team that is responsible for the review and audits of the internal environment and processes of the company for any security breaches.

Whenever the company suggests an upgrade, they have the code beforehand and program any security patches that are needed.

WPEngine also scans the systems regularly for hackers and malicious attackers. They are stopped before they can reach the user data.

However, in case they do reach the website and takes it down, WPEngine has a team that will help to put it back online. The MFA (Multi-factor Authentication) technology adds a layer of protection. It also provides free SSL certificates for its clients.

Hence, we can say that both the companies have all the necessary weapons to defend the security of the clients’ data.

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Customer Support

When you face trouble in management of your WordPress website, you will need professional help to get rid of the trouble faster and in an easier way.

The customer support of your host will help you to recover from your troubles. Most of the host platforms offer help through live chats and emails to get to you faster.

WPX Hosting:

WPX Hosting is known for their customer support. It guarantees you to respond to live chat within 30 seconds. The customer support team of WPX hosting is very knowledgeable.

They are all trained to deal with the problems of the customers with a down-to-earth attitude and a language to match. They solve the problems by raising tickets and addressing within 5 minutes. The team is available 24/7 to solve any problems faced by their clients.


WPEngine also offers 24/7 customer support to its users. You can chat live or email them for your issues. High-end clients are also offered help on phone lines.

Although the customer support of WPEngine is very good it is not as thorough as the customer support of WPX Hosting. Hence, in WPX hosting vs WPEngine, the winner is WPX Hosting.


When you want to transfer your account from one service provider to other, you will need to migrate your data, your website, everything you have.

WPX Hosting:

WPX Hosting offers to migrate your unlimited data for free within 24 hours of you buying a plan. This helps you to save a lot of money.


On the other hand, WPEngine does not offer you any such deal. You have to pay for everything you want to migrate to their platform.

Thus, WPX saves you transferring costs.

Domains and Plugins

WPX allows its clients to have their own domains while WPEngine does not offer domain registration to its clients. If the clients want to register a domain, they will have to do with other company.

As far as plugins are concerned, WPX Hosting allows all the plugins you want for your website. However, WPEngine puts a bar on many plugins due to the increased server load.

On both the fronts WPX Hosting emerges as a clear winner.


Downtime in the network causes negative effects on the business of the website. You should always go for a platform that offers highest uptime to its users.

WPX Hosting assures you 99.95% uptime while WPEngine assures 99.99% uptime to its clients.

None of the companies has any major downtime. Hence choosing any of them will not be a mistake.

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Plans and Pricing Comparison Between WPX Hosting vs WPEngine

Both WPX Hosting as well as WPEngine gives a bouquet of free features to its clients. Along with these secondary features, you can select a plan with the resources you need for your business. In addition to the predefined plans, WPEngine also gives you a choice to customize your plan if you need more resources.

wpengine pricing

One thing we should mention at the end of the pricing is that WPX Hosting is currently offering 90% discount on all of its monthly pricing or anyone who want to subscribe to their 2-year hosting, will be able to get a 6-months hosting for free. You can read further about this at grabhosts.net.

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wpx hosting pricing

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WPX Hosting WPEngine
Business Plan:


No. of websites: 5

Disk Storage: 10 GB

Bandwidth: 100 GB

Price: $20.83/month

Start-up Plan:


No. of Websites: 1

Disk storage: 10 GB

Bandwidth: 50 GB

Price: $25/month

Professional Plan:


No. of websites: 15

Disk Storage: 20 GB

Bandwidth: 200 GB

Price: $41.58/month

Growth Plan:


No. of Websites: 10

Disk storage: 20 GB

Bandwidth: 200 GB

Price: $95.83/month

Elite Plan:


No. of Websites: 35

Disk storage: 40 GB

Bandwidth: Unlimited

Price: $83.25/month

Scale Plan:


No. of Websites: 30

Disk storage: 50 GB

Bandwidth: 500 GB

Price: $241.67/month

Custom Plan:


No. of Websites: 30

Disk storage: 100 GB – 1TB

Bandwidth: 400+ GB

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WPX Hosting and WPEngine both are A-listed platforms. Both the companies offer many facilities to its clients. Choosing one platform over other can be a tedious task.

Based on the facts and the reviews, I recommend you to go for WPX Hosting if you do not want to spend too much on features you might not even use.

In case you want all the features not provided to you by WPX Hosting, WPEngine is also a good choice. It offers more for more money and is not a waste.

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