Get Your Virtual UK Address with MyUkMailBox : Review

It’s the era of digitalization. You just can’t not have experience buying stuff from the comfort of your beds, right? You dream of a nice dress in your sleep> Get up search for it on Fashion sites> buy it, right?

Well I personally love shopping online, I mean who has time these days to browse through shopping malls? And the worst part? You’ve got to dress up, put on some shitty makeup, sunscreen and what not before heading out. But well, not if you can just shop from the comfort of your homes, right?

One thing this digital age has really made super easy is, gifting! Well yeah doesn’t matter which part of the globe your Girlfriend or parents might live in, you can always gift them the most fabulous of things just from your laptop!

But now here’s the Duh part! Specially for those of you living in the UK! There are moments when you find something super awesome and you just have to gift it to your friends or families, you choose it, add it to cart and proceed to making payment, just then, right about then the luck demon screws you up.

And a message flashes on the screen that says “This product can be shipped only inside UK!” DUH! Right? Yeah I know! I mean how can  they not ship outside of the UK? That’s just mean!

But hey you just have to get that product shipped no matter what, and well that’s where this article comes in.

Ever heard of MyUkMailBox? If you did, it’s great. If not, it’s time you should.

MyUkMailBox– Your Virtual UK Address!

Well, now this thing comes in handy when you want to ship something either To UK, or from UK. If your native shipment company isn’t allowing you shipments to and fro UK, this one’s your solution.

I mean if the site says that this item can’t be sent outside UK. Well who cares? You’ve got MyUkMailbox! Or maybe you live in a random part of the world where items don’t get shipped from UK? Guess what, MUKMB solves that too!

How Things Get Done?

Well yeah I’m promising hell lot of things here, right? Do I have a logic behind my ranting? Ofcourse I do.


So see? In simple words I can lay this out to you as, You’ve got to Signup at My Uk Mail Box, after that you’ll get your “virtual” (actually, physical) address of a warehouse. Meaning, it’s a real-physical building address in UK that you get.

So now you’ve your own address in UK, right? Now buy a spaceship or a needle, whatever the heck you wish from any damn shop on this planet! (Even if they say they don’t ship outside UK, buy it. We won’t be needing them much longer anyway!)

So once you’ve bought the items, just set the address to the My Uk Mail Box address which you got after signing up. That’s where the items should be delivered.

Once the items get delivered to your virtual Uk address, you get notified from the team! Hey guess what, they even send you a sweet little picture of how your parcel looks like! Well yeah.

And then, just give them your real address! I mean it might be on Pluto if you wish to! (That’s just a pun, but yeah that’s pretty much the range of their service, “anywhere inside of Earth”!)

So it’s like, the website ships to your MyUkMailBox address, MyUkMailBox receives the items>They ship it to you!
Sign up for UK Parcel Forwarding –

How to Send Someone Something Somewhere In UK!

Okay so now you know that you can export stuff out of UK to your own location, right? What if you wanted to Import?

Guess what, just buy anything from any website across the globe. Give them your My UK Mail Box address, and well that gets sent to UK simple as that.

From there, you can have the parcel forwarded to just about any place in UK, well yeah even your Girlfriend! (Nope their team’s pretty work-dedicated, they don’t hit on her, I promise!)

So yeah that’s how you get stuff inside of the country! (As long as it’s “legal” stuff ofcourse)


For all of those services, they must be charging a fortune, right?

Well, nope they don’t! They start from as low as €2.99/month! Yup there are other higher plans! But this is how low they start !

And guess what, that’s not even all of it! They’ve one hell of a “service” package for you!

services myukmailbox

Final Words:-

So yeah that was it folks. Want something sent to or from UK? Next time, use MyUkMailBox!

That list of services, at that price? I bet you, find me a better option if you can! (Although I’d say don’t try, you’d just end up loosing your time!).

So hey, go on and Signup right now!



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