Best eBay Proxies – #1 eBay Proxy Is Fast & Cheap

Are you an eBay shopaholic?

You might get blocked by eBay due to some site restrictions. But don’t worry! My independent proxy testing shows Netnut’s eBay proxies to work best. Look at the top 3 recommended eBay proxy servers and drill down the complete list for more options.

Quick Summary of Top 3 eBay Proxies

Proxy NamePriceRating Link
1. Netnut$15/GB⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐Buy Now
2. Bright Data$15/GB⭐⭐⭐⭐Buy Now
3. Smartproxy $8.5/GB⭐⭐⭐⭐Buy Now

List of Best eBay Proxies Of 2024

1. Netnut

netnut rotating residential proxy

High reliability, speed, support, security, and pricing are why you should choose Netnut proxies for eBay. All the IPs are available 24/7 with a network uptime of 99% guaranteed.

With no effort and one click, you can connect to eBay from anywhere without compromising your privacy. Netnut’s robust infrastructure and secure connection ensure you are in safe hands.

For maximum efficiency and cost-effective requirements, Netnut offers tailor-made proxy solutions. You will experience low latency, and high speeds whether you use datacenter, rotating, or ISP residential proxies.

Netnut offers a simple API for tracking usage statistics in real-time.

🔥 Feature Highlights:

🌐 IP Pool:52M + rotating/1M + static residential proxies
Restrictions:No IP blocks/CAPTCHAS
Success rate:99%
🚀 Speed:One-hop connectivity

2. Bright Data

bright data ebay proxy

This extensive IP pool provides wide coverage of locations across countries and cities worldwide, making it a versatile option for eBay users.

One of the key advantages of Bright Data proxies is their undetectability by most web services, including eBay. This ensures that your online activities on eBay remain anonymous and your identity is protected.

You can confidently use these proxies for various eBay-related tasks without the risk of being detected or blocked.

🔥 Feature Highlights:

🌐 IP Pool:72 million+ real residential IPs
🌎 Locations:195 countries
Rating:4.7/5 by Trustpilot
🎧 Support:24/7 global customer support

3. Smartproxy

smartproxy ebay proxies

Proxies offered by Smartproxy are known for being reliable, fast, and secure. They help users browse the internet smoothly and privately. 

Additionally, the Smartproxy service also offers a proxy list generator tool that many users find appealing. This feature is available at a starting price of $75 and provides 5GB of data usage.

One thing to note is that Smartproxy’s proxies are rotating, which means they change frequently. However, they also have something called “sticky sessions,” which can keep a connection to the same proxy for up to 30 minutes. This helps you scrape eBay without any interruption.

🔥 Feature Highlights:

🌐 IP Pool:50+ million residential, mobile, and datacenter proxy pool
⏲️ Sticky session:Up to 30 minutes
💰 Refund:14-day money-back
🔒 Protocols:HTTP(s) + SOCKS5

4. Soax


This particular proxy service is specifically designed for eBay, making it an ideal choice for eBay sellers or buyers. These proxies are carefully crafted to be undetectable by the eBay platform, ensuring that your online activities remain anonymous and your identity is protected.

One of the notable features of Soax is its commitment to maintaining clean IP pools. The service actively monitors its IP pools to eliminate any bad or inactive IP addresses, ensuring that you have access to only reliable and high-quality IPs. 

With Soax, you can confidently and ethically access data from eBay and other websites while keeping your identity hidden. 

The extensive IP pool size, combined with the proactive monitoring of IP quality, makes Soax a reputable choice for eBay.

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🔥 Feature Highlights:

💡 Trial:3-day trial at $1.99
🚀 Network Uptime:99.9%
🎯 Targeting Options:Country, Region, City, or ISP
🔒 Protocol:HTTP, SOCKS5, and UDP support

5. ProxySeller

proxyseller ebay proxies

The IP addresses offered by ProxySeller have low spam scores, which adds to their reliability & suitable for eBay scraping.

ProxySeller boasts a versatile payment system. It offers the convenience of choosing between weekly, monthly, or annual proxy plans, allowing you to opt for the option that best fits your requirements.

Proxy-seller offers support for over 40 countries, making it one of the top providers in terms of location coverage in the private proxy market. Additionally, ProxySeller provides both IPv6 and IPv4 addresses, offering a comprehensive range of IP options for users to choose from.

🔥 Feature Highlights:

🚀 Speed:Up to 1 GBPS
🤑 Refund:14-days based on the return policy
📧 Support:24/7/365
🔒 Protocol:HTTP, HTTPS, SOCKS5

6. MyPrivateProxy


If there is one eBay proxy provider in my list that uses 100% green technology, then it is none other than MyPrivateProxy. MyPrivateProxy takes pride in being powered by wind energy, making it an eco-friendly choice for eBay proxies.

With the ability to create up to 100 threads concurrently, MyPrivateProxy offers robust performance for various online tasks. Proxy locations range across the US and Europe, providing users with ample options to choose from. 

🔥 Feature Highlights:

🌳 Technology:100% green
🤑 Refund:3-day money-back
📧 Support:Ticketing system, e-mail, and live chat
💲 Payment methods:PayPal & Stripe

7. Shifter


Unlike many other proxy providers that base their pricing on bandwidth usage, Shifter takes a unique approach by using the number of ports as the basis for its pricing.

Shifter’s innovative approach to pricing sets it apart from the competition. Thus, making it a standout choice for those looking for a proxy provider with a different pricing structure.

🔥 Feature Highlights:

🌐 IP Pool:50 Million + IPs
📜 Certification:ISO 50001/27001/14001, TIA 942/B, NST 800/53
📈 Bandwidth:Tier-1
🔄 IP rotation:every 5 minutes

What are the use cases of eBay Proxies?

Use CaseAdvantages
🛡️ Privacy Protection and Security Enhancement:Proxies mask your IP keeping your personal information safe from third-party sites like eBay.
📒 Account Management:Users can assign different IP addresses to each of their accounts, making it difficult for eBay to link accounts based on IP address.
🔎 Market Research:Collect insightful information from geographical locations.

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Factors like anonymity, security, and location flexibility are what are supposed to be looked at when searching for the best eBay proxies. 

Residential proxies for eBay work best as per my independent testing. You can set your budget or go first for a free trial by choosing the best proxies for eBay.

🌟 FAQs (Best eBay Proxies)

What are eBay proxies?

eBay proxies are intermediary servers that act as a bridge between a computer and eBay’s servers. Proxy servers mask or change your real IP address to the proxy server’s IP address when you access eBay. 

Why do I need an eBay proxy?

There is a multitude of reasons why people use eBay proxy servers, some of which are to manage multiple eBay accounts, protect privacy, and conduct market research.

How do eBay proxy work?

When a user utilizes an eBay proxy, the user’s request is sent to the proxy server, which in turn sends the request to the specified server. The response from the server is then sent back to the proxy, which forwards it to the user.

Is it legal to use eBay proxy?

While some regions in Asia have banned the usage of proxies, it’s important to note that using eBay proxies is not inherently illegal. However, it’s crucial to use eBay proxies in compliance with eBay’s guidelines and local laws.