Best German Proxies: My Pick #1 (Tested German Proxy)

🏃 Rushing somewhere?

Try Netnut German proxies with a 7-day free trial and no credit card information is required.

Are you also finding the best German Proxies to scrape data from websites that are only accessible to audiences in Germany? I’ve prepared a list of the top German Proxy providers that you might be interested in.

Quick Summary of Top 3 German Proxies

Proxy NameFree TrialReview Link
🥇 1. Netnut – Winner7-day⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐Buy Now
🥈 2. Smartproxy14-day⭐⭐⭐⭐Buy Now
🥉 3. OxylabsYes⭐⭐⭐⭐Buy Now

Best Buy German Proxies of 2024

1. Netnut

netnut german proxies

By utilizing Netnut’s proxies, you can break the barriers and connect to any site anonymously & securely. If you are looking for fast, stable, and secure France residential proxies, Netnut is the best choice.

Whether you want a German proxy for data mining or data scraping, Netnut has a perfect solution for you. All proxies are legit and based on real devices, so you will get blocked by any website.

With its robust infrastructure and 24/7 tech team availability, you are in the right hands without compromising your identity.

🔥 Feature Highlights:

🆓 Free Trial:7-day
🚀 Speed:One-hop connectivity
🌐 IP Pool:52 M + rotating/ 1M + static residential IPs

Pros and Cons:


  • Highly anonymous proxies
  • Both rotating & static residential proxies are available
  • 24/7 tech team available
  • All IPs are available 24/7


  • No money-back guarantee

2. Smartproxy

smartproxy german proxies

If you’re on the hunt for a lightning-fast proxy service with an almost perfect uptime of 99.99%, look no further than Smartproxy – your one-stop shop for all things proxy-related!

We’re confident in our recommendation – Smartproxy is the top choice for anyone seeking uninterrupted workflow, whether you’re web scraping or simply browsing. 

With 24/7 technical support, you can rest easy knowing that any issues will be resolved promptly and efficiently, ensuring smooth sailing every day.

Smartproxy doesn’t just offer unbeatable prices – their back-connect proxies are top-of-the-line, making them the perfect fit for small businesses, data analysts, and marketers alike. 

With Smartproxy, seamlessly integrating their proxies with external programs is a breeze. 

🔥 Feature Highlights:

🎯 Targeting:City-level
🚀 Success Rate:99.47%
💰 Refund:14-day money-back
🌐 IP Pool:2,332,378 German IPs

Pros and Cons:


  • A diverse selection of proxy servers
  • Protects privacy & security
  • Bypass specific country/region restrictions


  • Not a favorable choice for low-budget users

3. Oxylabs

oxylabs german proxies

Get ready to dive into an ocean of ever-refreshing residential proxies! With Oxylabs, you can swim in the pool of residential IPs that are always being updated.

And the best part? There are no restrictions on bandwidth or targets, meaning you can enjoy unlimited concurrent sessions.

What’s more, Oxylab’s German IPs are top-notch with genuine IP addresses. These proxies are a breeze to set up and can be rotated in case any proxy decides to take a nap on the job.

With a count of over 3 million German IP addresses, the sheer magnitude of Oxylabs’ inventory is enough to make your head spin. That’s right, you read that correctly – 3 million!

🔥 Feature Highlights:

🔒 Protocols:HTTP/SOCKS5
🚀 Success Rate:99.95%
🏵️ Certifications:ISP 27001, 50001, 14001, NST & TIA
🌐 IP Pool:3,579,899 German IPs

Pros and Cons:


  • 99.9% uptime guaranteed
  • A huge proxy pool of 3M + IPs
  • All proxies are ethically sourced
  • Free trial for companies


  • Sky-rocketing prices

4. Bright Data

brightdata german proxies

If you aim to collect data or focus your targeting efforts on a city-specific level, then look no further – Bright Data is the perfect service for you.

And that’s not all – their average response time is less than 10 minutes! Pretty impressive, right? Plus, with 24/7 availability, you can breathe easy knowing they’re always on hand to help you out should any issues arise.

Their level of customization is truly exceptional compared to other providers, making them a rare gem in the world of proxies.

It’s worth noting that some users may find this provider to be on the expensive side, so it’s important to keep your budget in mind when considering their services.

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🔥 Feature Highlights:

🎯 Targeting:City and zip code level
🚀 Speed:99.99% Network Uptime
🏵️ Certifications:ISP 27001, 50001, 14001, NST & TIA
🌐 IP Pool:1,221,438 German IPs

Pros and Cons:


  • All IPs are compliant & patented
  • Round-the-clock professional support
  • 7-day free trial
  • Real-time dashboard to track proxy health & performance


  • Not easy to set up

5. Soax

soax german proxies

Soax takes great care to regularly maintain and eliminate any problematic IP addresses, setting it apart from other pools that may contain fake IP addresses. 

While it cannot be guaranteed that the pool is completely free of problematic IP addresses, it is relatively cleaner than what other providers typically offer.

With Soax, you can party with legit and whitelisted residential IP addresses without any pesky issues popping up while using them. 

It’s smooth sailing all the way. Soax offers city-level locations, in-house rotation support, low failure rates, and 24/7 technical support, making it an easy-to-integrate proxy provider that guarantees uptime and speed.

🔥 Feature Highlights:

🎯 Targeting:country, region, city, ISP
👉 Trial:$1.99 all features
Sessions:up to 20k concurrent
🌐 IP Pool:147,735 German IPs

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Pros and Cons:


  • Simple monthly plans
  • Easy-to-use dashboard
  • Great speed test results
  • A large proxy pool of 8M+ IPs


  • KYC system keeps track of its customers

6. Shifter

shifter german proxies

With Shifter, accessing data has never been easier! Whether you need cloud hosting, residential proxies, or data scraping, this provider has got you covered. 

And the cherry on top? They tailor their prices to meet your individual needs, putting the customer at the heart of everything they do.

Unlike other providers who price their proxies based on bandwidth, Shifter prices based on the number of ports. Thus, offering a unique feature that sets them apart – unlimited bandwidth!

It’s important to mention that this provider is vigilant in monitoring for any banned proxies. Thus, swiftly remove them from their system to ensure that you don’t lose any data while working.

🔥 Feature Highlights:

📈 Bandwidth:Tier – 1
🔒 Protocols:HTTP/S & Socks 4/5.
🛡️ Authorization:IP and User: Pass authentication
🌐 IP Pool:1933754 German IPs

Pros and Cons:


  • 99.99% SLA uptime
  • Unlimited bandwidth
  • Money-back guaranteed
  • Min. 5 min IP rotation time


  • Limited session control

7. IPRoyal

iproyal german proxies

Let me introduce you to the superstar of German proxies – IPRoyal! If you’re in the market for a reliable and secure proxy, then IPRoyal is the one for you. 

When it comes to privacy, IPRoyal has got you covered with their residential and private proxies. However, keep in mind that residential proxies may have some issues. 

For those who need maximum uptime and super-fast uploads and downloads, datacenter proxies are the way to go. But wait, there’s more! IPRoyal also offers 4G German mobile proxies, perfect for accessing German websites with restrictions. 

🔥 Feature Highlights:

🌎 Locations:195+ countries
🔒 Protocols:SOCKS5
🎯 Targeting:City/State Targeting
🌐 IP Pool:316,824 German IPs

Pros and Cons:


  • Affordable proxy plans
  • Multiple proxy locations
  • Varied use cases
  • Completely transparent


  • No support via phone

8. ProxySeller

proxyseller german proxies

When it comes to accessing secure German proxies, Proxy Seller is one of the best options available. 

With an impressive speed of 1GBPS, Proxy Seller leaves users amazed. And if that’s not enough to convince you, their budget-friendly prices will surely catch your attention.

And with a user-friendly interface, they’re a reliable and trustworthy option in the proxy community.

🔥 Feature Highlights:

💰 Refund:14-days
🔒 Protocols:Socks5 and HTTP(s)
🚀 Uptime:99.9%
🌐 IP Pool:400 proxies

Pros and Cons:


  • Worldwide Geo-location
  • Transparent pricing
  • Good speed and response time
  • Dashboard is intuitive
  • Live chat support


  • Not compatible with many websites

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In conclusion, looking for the perfect German dedicated proxies can be a daunting task! With so many options out there, it’s important to consider your budget and needs carefully.

Sure, any German proxies can get you a German IP address, but it’s the features they offer that count. And don’t forget about the rules and laws that come with using a proxy – you don’t want to end up behind bars!

My top 3 recommendations for German proxies are worth trying as they have been tested by me.

FAQs (Best German Proxies)

Is it legal to use German proxies?

To put it simply, using proxies is not illegal in Germany but certain rules and regulations need to be followed. It’s important to note that the German government takes data privacy very seriously, so using a proxy to commit any illegal activities is strictly prohibited.

Is it safe to use proxies while surfing German content?

Using proxies can be safe but it depends on the source you acquire them from. It is advisable to avoid free proxies and newly established proxy providers.  Additionally, it’s crucial to assess their dependability to ensure that your content remains secure.