Interview with Jitendra Vaswani – Giving up is not an Option

Let’s start with a formal question. Please introduce yourself to my blog readers.

jitendra interview

jitendra vaswani Hey Guys I am Jitendra Vaswani from internet marketing blog where I share tips about blogging and how to make money online.

I started my blogging journey 3 yrs back and it changed my life totally now. I live a laptop lifestyle now and if you want to know more about my journey you can check out my latest book: Inside A Hustler’s Brain: In Pursuit of Financial Freedom.

vashishtha Just a quick flashback to your initial blogging days when you used to be a complete newbie, what was your motive to enter into Blogging? Please describe those starting phases of your blogging career.

jitendra vaswani I started following some bloggers like:

  • Zac Johnson
  • John Chow
  • Patt Flynn
  • Darren Rowse
  • Neil Patel

I used to read their blogs and study what kind of stuff they do online to make money. They were doing branding through their blogs and were making a huge chunk of money.

They provide value in content and in return they promote their own products.

My motive to enter into blogging was to learn more about SEO & doing experiments on my own blog to see if I can rank keywords or not. Soon after making my blog successful I realize that I can make money from my blog.

So before starting out your blog always focus on its goals and make a plan to achieve your income levels.

I made many mistakes while starting out my blog like I chose bad hosting, wrong business partner & lot other mistakes I made. But from all these mistakes I learned a lot.

vashishtha What do you think is your biggest strength that helped you getting success in your blogging career? And how you feel to be there in the list of top INDIAN bloggers?

jitendra vaswani I love the internet lifestyle and I keep traveling the world.

To get success in blogging you must follow these industry experts like Neil Patel, Pat Flynn & Darren Rowse. If you learn from their blogs and advice they give you will eventually grow faster.

Remember one crucial point in entrepreneurship surround yourself with people are motivated and self-driven, don’t hang out with losers. If you be with losers then prepare to be a loser in your life.

vashishtha How do you manage time for blogging and balance your life as well?

jitendra vaswani Trust me that time management in blogging is very crucial, most of the bloggers fail here in time managing because there is a lot of work in blogging. It looks easy from outside but inside the core of blogging, it is damn difficult.

If you are into SEO totally then you need to fight with Google every day for your sites.

So have some time-saving tools like

  • Feedly: For reading the latest blog updates from all your favorite blogs in one place.
  • Chrome add-ons: Newsfeed eradicator, Last Pass, Seo Spybar, Awesome Screenshot, Moz Bar, Hola Vpn, SEO Quake.
  • Also, avoid distractions like Facebook whenever you are working close FB. Currently, now I have uninstalled FB app from my blog. I only use messenger to communicate with my team.
  • Don’t waste your time by scrolling useless news feed on social media, follow good people and read-only news which are helpful for your business. Infinite scroll is a wastage of time. Unfollow all useless pages and be productive.

vashishtha What is your BIGGEST achievement in the blogging field and outside of the blogging field?

jitendra vaswani The biggest achievement in the blogging field was Payoneer Ambassador Yes I was their ambassador in 2015 and I totally loved it. Payoneer found my social profile interesting and they hired me a brand ambassador in India.

Outside the blogging field, I try to help to achieve their goals in life. I have so many friends who are clueless in their life I try to guide them in the right direction. I love to help people who really need my help.

Right people who have talent should have proper guidance otherwise their talent would be wasted. I helped a few of my friends in choosing their career and now they are very much happy in their life.

vashishtha The most challenging moment in your Blogging career and How you dealt with it?

jitendra vaswani There are a lot of challenges when you decide to do your own business, recently I faced a huge loss by closing my office in Jaipur. It was due to a lack of communication between partners.

Whenever you are doing business with your partner try to be very clear and have your expectations clear.

I faced huge losses in Jaipur and now I have decided to work online only. Offline business is a bit tough and it takes a lot of time to settle.

So I learn from this big mistake and my friends also helped me here. Also, my recent break up was too hard for me in my blogging life. We, bloggers, dedicate a lot of time for our loved ones but something happens like this in return we get demotivated and feel helpless.

But I am lucky that I have very good friends in blogging who are helping me to get over with this and I am trying my best to recover all losses.

So in business, you need to face a lot of things. Be bold and always believe in yourself.

vashishtha Please tell my readers more about your Ventures and where do you see yourself in the next five years?

jitendra vaswani I have schema rating WordPress plugin SchemaNinja & Digiexe as my digital marketing agency.

I see myself in the next 5 yrs as a better paid marketer.

I am learning paid marketing & will shift to paid marketing slowly. Never depend on a single source of income have different sources and leverage them from time to time.

Check out the portfolio to know more about my venture:

vashishtha Now some Rapid Fire Questions. (A one-word answer)

jitendra vaswani

  • Your Favorite Social Media channel? – Marie Forleo
  • SEO Tool? (SemRush/Ahref/majestic)? – Ahrefs
  • Marketing tool for Social media? – Hootsuite
  • Your Influencer whom you follow? – Neil Patel
  • Affiliate/Adsense?– Affiliate
  • The best technique for Link Building? – Learn from Brian Dean

vashishtha A few words about my website?

jitendra vaswani Brother, you are one of the finest young bloggers I have seen and I am sure we will grow together as bloggers. I see so much of spark in you and you have been my inspiration too because at the age of 20 you are handling your family and giving your best to blogging. I love your efforts and energy.

Never ever give up on your dreams.