How to make your blogspot blog feel like wordpress

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I am writing this for my non-tech friends who are blogging on blogger platform, wishing to switch to wordpress but are afraid that their SEO juice will be lost because switching to wordpress will change permalink and many other aspects of their blog.

In this post, I will show you how you can keep your blogspot blog professional and give it a feel like WordPress.


This gonna be interesting. So, hold your horses first. I know you’re excited. 😛

First of all,

#1. A fully SEO optimized blogger template

Yeah. How can I forget that? This is for non-tech friends and most of my non-tech friends don’t even know how to change their blog template.

Still Now worries.

Go to your Blogger Dashboard >> Template

Now see on the top right corner along with the cogs icon. Backup/Restore

Did you see it? Ok Now click it and you see something like this.


First one is to download the template which is currently in use for the purpose of keeping it backed up.

Now see ? Chooose the downloaded XML file and click Upload.

Yippeeeee. You did it.

But…. But

Where you will find an awesome SEO optimized and cool looking blogger template?

There are many websites where you can get a good looking template but all of them are not SEO friendly and fast loading. I trust a few websites like ( best in the industry) (recommended)

A perfect responsive and awesome blogger template in my mind is REAL MAG.


The template is available in encrypted FREE version and full licence paid version as well.

One time payment of 30$ will give you access to change the footer designer credits while removing them in FREE version will cause you troubles in getting the blog opened properly.

So, if you are OK with the theme developer credits in footer, download the FREE version, upload and ENJOY.

You would have read about sociallyviral wordpress theme. Its awesome, Its perfect. Same I show you for your blogspot blog.

Cool. right.


Now you have to say me thanks many times. LOL 😛

PS : Everything that glitters is not GOLD…..

You have settled up the template now and it is the time to see some aspects that are crucial.

#2. An awesome Navigation menu for your readers

In Blogger, you can not set the permalink of a page like

It has to be

But blogger has an hidden feature that can redirect root/page-name to root/p/page-name.html

Awesome! Right.

Go to Settings >> Search Preferences

redirect URL

The second option in Errors and Redirections is Custom Redirects.

Now tell the settings to redirect /contact to /p/contact.html


Now Create one redirect for each item that is inside your Main Navigation menu. And change the URL’s in the Edit HTML with professional looking one’s.

In the template documentation file, you will find instructions on how to configure your navigation menu.

#3. Make Sure you use a HD Image in all the Posts

The biggest reason behind a blog looking ugly and unprofessional is “Low Quality images uploaded on it that does not attract the eyes of readers.”

I Hope you got it.

In WordPress, We can set a featured image to show as a preview on the homepage in either way….. while blogger has no option to select a different featured image to show on the archives and homepage.

So, make sure the first image in each post is large in size (Best size 1200x630px) and Awesome in quality.

You can download copyright free high quality photos from


#4. Social Media Tags and SEO Meta

If you blogger template is SEO friendly, you need not worry about. But if it is not, It does not show a good preview of the post when it is shared on facebook or Google+. In many cases, it does not show up the right image on facebook or the title becomes SEO enemy. 😛 it is opposite to the SEO friendly.

If your post shows something like


in the facebook preview when you share your blogpost, It is nothing but the effect of your non SEO friendly blogger template. I would suggest you to check it in the demo.

You can feel FREE to ask about this point via comments because every template has different code and I can not tell you one stop solution.

#5. Ask me to do this for you

Yeah. Now this is getting too much. 😛

You can get your blogspot blog optimized by me for one time fees of $20. Contact me for that.

I will do this for one of my blog reader for FREE. To get it done for FREE,  Subscribe to the feed below in the signup box and comment that you want FREE optimization. I will choose one and follow up by email.


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