BroPush Review – High-Performance Push Ad Network

Finding the right advertising channels is crucial for success. Push notification ad networks have emerged as a powerful tool for reaching audiences directly on their devices, providing an effective way to engage users and drive conversions.

Among these push ad networks, BroPush has gained attention for its unique offerings and robust platform features. In my BroPush review, we will explore its ad formats, platform features, and payment options.

We will compare it with other leading push notification ad networks. Don’t forget to check out the steps for signing up on the BroPush network.

What Is BroPush?

📅 Founded In2021
💲 Minimum Payout (Publishers):$10
💲 Minimum Deposit (Advertisers):$50
💰 Payment Frequency:Every month on request
🤑 Payment Methods:WebMoney, Capitalist, Paxum, PayPal, Bank Transfer, USDT TRC20
🔔 Ad Formats:Push, Traffic Back, and DirectLink
💸 Pricing Model:CPC starting at $ 0.001
❤️ Verticals:Downloads, adults, cinemas, doorways, and info.

BroPush is a multi-ad network that enables advertisers to reach their audience through targeted push notifications. Founded with the mission to deliver high-quality traffic and maximize ad revenue, BroPush offers a variety of ad formats designed to engage users effectively. 

The platform has become popular among publishers for its user-friendly interface, ad formats, and payment methods. Whether you’re looking to drive traffic to your website, increase app downloads, or boost sales, BroPush provides the tools and resources to achieve your advertising goals.

At BroPush, you can expect quality push traffic from around the world. Publishers with huge traffic can monetize their site for downloads, adults, cinemas, doorways, and news.

Why Choose the BroPush Push Notifications Ad format?

Push notifications are a powerful marketing tool that allows businesses to communicate directly with their audience in real time. Unlike traditional ad formats such as banners or pop-ups, push notifications appear on users’ devices even when they are not actively browsing the internet. This clear and non-annoying visibility makes push notifications highly effective for capturing attention and driving actionable results.


  • High Engagement: Push notifications boast higher engagement rates than other ad formats due to their direct delivery to users’ screens.
  • Cost-Effective: Push notifications often offer a better return on investment (ROI) by reaching a large audience at a lower cost.
  • Personalization: With advanced targeting options, push notifications can be tailored to individual user preferences and behaviors, increasing relevance and effectiveness.
  • Versatility: Push notifications can be used for various purposes, including promotional offers, reminders, and product updates.
  • Device Support: You can send push notifications on both desktop and mobile.

BroPush Ad Formats

BroPush offers a range of ad formats designed to cater to different marketing objectives. Each format provides unique benefits and can be used to engage users in various ways.

Push Notifications

Push notifications are the core offering of BroPush. These are short, clickable messages sent directly to users’ devices, appearing as alerts on their screens. They are ideal for delivering time-sensitive information, promotional offers, or reminders.


The TrafficBack ad format is suitable for arbitrageurs. This is applicable for direct links and increases your profit by up to 20%. 


Download sites can use the DirectLink method to earn more. To get the DirectLink up and running, contact the BroPush support team.

Features At A Glance

BroPush is designed with a range of features that make it a versatile and powerful platform for advertisers and publishers. Let’s take a look at some of the enticing features BroPush has to offer to everyone.

User Interface and Ease of Use

The BroPush platform features an intuitive user interface that makes it easy for advertisers to create, manage, and optimize their campaigns. The dashboard provides a clear overview of campaign performance, allowing users to quickly assess their results and make necessary adjustments.

Targeting Options

BroPush offers extensive targeting options to ensure that ads reach the right audience. Advertisers can target users based on geographic location, demographics, device type, browser, and behavior. This granularity helps increase the relevance of ads and improve overall campaign performance.

Real-Time Analytics and Reporting

Real-time analytics and reporting are critical for monitoring the success of advertising campaigns. BroPush provides detailed insights into key metrics such as impressions, clicks, conversions, and ROI. These insights enable advertisers to make data-driven decisions and optimize their campaigns for better results.

Integration with Other Marketing Tools

BroPush integrates with various marketing tools and platforms, allowing advertisers to streamline their workflows and enhance their marketing strategies. Whether you’re using Google Analytics, CRM systems, or other marketing software, BroPush provides the necessary integration options to sync your data and improve efficiency.

Customer Support and Resources

BroPush offers comprehensive customer support to help advertisers navigate the platform and troubleshoot any issues. You can contact the support team via Telegram, Skype, and WhatsApp. You can check FAQs and blogs to learn about the latest trends in BroPush technology.

Advertiser Advantages

Advertisers get exclusive push traffic which is of high quality. BroPush uses an anti-fraud system to ensure no low-quality traffic is entertained. Whether the vertical is mainstream or dating, BroPush sends over 1000000 real traffic. Account balance top-up can be done via different payment methods including TRC20, Capitalist, Bank, etc.

Payments and Pricing

BroPush offers flexible payment options and competitive pricing models to accommodate advertisers of all sizes.

Overview of Payment Options

Advertisers can fund their BroPush accounts using various payment methods, including credit cards, PayPal, and bank transfers. This flexibility ensures that users can choose the option that best suits their needs.

Pricing Models

BroPush operates on a cost-per-click (CPC) pricing model, allowing advertisers to choose the pricing structure that aligns with their campaign goals. CPC pricing charges advertisers based on the number of clicks their ads receive.

Country CodeCountryCTRCPMCPC
USUnited States0.130.0610.061
GBGreat Britain0.140.0770.073
KRThe Republic of Korea0.080.0130.020
ZASouth Africa0.240.0220.012
LKSri Lanka0.200.0040.003
DODominican Republic0.160.0030.002

Minimum Deposit Requirements

To start using BroPush, advertisers are required to make a minimum deposit of $50. This requirement ensures that the platform can provide high-quality traffic and reduce fraudulent activities.

Withdrawal Process

BroPush offers various withdrawal methods, ensuring that users can access their funds with ease. The minimum payout is $10 which can be withdrawn to your preferred payment method.

How To Join BroPush?

➡️ Step 1: Visit BroPush’s official website. Click on Register and select either Publisher or Advertiser. Here, I am joining BroPush as a publisher.

bropush review registration steps for publishers

➡️ Step 2: Fill the Registration Form

Fill out the publisher registration form with all mandatory details including traffic volume. 

bropush publisher form fill

➡️ Step 3: Explore the dashboard

Choose a preferred payout method from the listed ones in your profile settings. To request a payout, choose from Webmoney, Capitalist, Paxum, PayPal, Tether, or Visa/MasterCard. Enter the amount you want to withdraw to your selected payment method and click on Order.

bropush payouts

➡️ Step 4: Support

You can go through BroPush blogs and the news section to learn more about the platform. For any urgent issues, you can “Create Request” from the support section within your dashboard.

bropush support

➡️ Step 5: Adding a website

To add your website, go to Flows and click on Add Flow. If you are a webmaster, click on Add website. Affiliate marketers who buy traffic from ad networks can click on Add Direct Link.

When you click on Add Website, you need to enter the website URL and select the category. Choose the notification frequency per day ranging from 3-24. Finally, click on Add.

bropush flows

➡️ Step 6: Check statistics

To know how your push notifications are performing for different devices, and countries, go to Stats. Filter the results as you want to get an accurate idea of your campaign performance.

bropush stats

➡️ Step 7: Adding a new campaign for advertisers

To run a campaign, you should first top up your ad balance. The minimum top-up required is $50. Once you have done the recharge, go to Campaigns and click on Create a Campaign.

Enter the name of your campaign, URL, and other required details. Submit the details and your campaign will be live.

bropush ad campaign creation

To check your campaign status, go to Campaigns and you will see your campaign added.

bropush campaigns

Comparing BroPush to Other Push Notification Ad Networks

BroPush is not the only player in the push notification ad network space. Several other platforms offer similar services, each with its pros and cons. Let us compare BroPush with its alternatives: PropellerAds, AdMaven, and RichPush.

1. PropellerAds

  • 1B + global audience reach
  • Integrate via RTB, XML, and API.
  • High-converting verticals.
  • Coverage of 195+ GEOs.
propellerads logo

PropellerAds is a well-known push notification ad network that offers a wide range of ad formats and targeting options. Like BroPush, PropellerAds provides real-time analytics and integration with other marketing tools. 

However, BroPush stands out for its user-friendly interface and extensive customer support resources, making it a more accessible option for beginners.

2. AdMaven

  • Supports multiple ad formats on any device.
  • High-quality Direct traffic.
  • Easy ad integration in under 5 minutes.
  • Admin panel to manage ads and get performance reports.
admaven logo

AdMaven is another popular push notification ad network, known for its high-quality traffic and advanced targeting capabilities. AdMaven offers similar ad formats to BroPush, including push ads.

However, BroPush excels in providing a seamless user experience and comprehensive reporting features.

3. RichPush

  • 450M + subscribers list in 220+ countries
  • CPC starts at $0.003
  • In-house  optimization technology
  • Dedicated expert support
richpush logo

RichPush specializes in rich push notifications, offering a range of interactive and visually appealing ad formats. While RichPush is strong in this area, BroPush provides a broader range of ad formats and more flexible pricing models, making it a versatile choice for advertisers with diverse marketing needs.

Pros and Cons of Using BroPush


  • Intuitive dashboard and user interface.
  • Low-cost entry for advertisers.
  • Enhanced statistics of campaign results.
  • Seamless integrations with tracking platforms.
  • Easy campaign management.
  • Wide range of targeting options.
  • Detailed reporting and analytics.
  • CPC pricing caters to different campaign goals.
  • Excellent customer support via Telegram, Skype, and WhatsApp.
  • Easily add code to your site and complete the verification.


  • Limited verticals.
  • A New name in the industry.


BroPush is a robust push notification ad network that offers a wide range of ad formats, extensive targeting options, and real-time analytics. Its user-friendly interface and comprehensive support resources make it a perfect choice for advertisers and publishers.

For traffic volumes higher than 5K+ daily, your RevShare will increase up to 95%. This is what makes the BroPush ad network stand out in the ad network crowd.

BroPush has exclusive push traffic direct from its publishers for all verticals including iGaming, finance, nutra, sweepstakes, etc.

FAQs | BroPush Review

What is the RevShare percentage?

BroPush pays 80% RevShare to publishers. The remaining, 20% goes to the affiliate program. The RevShare percentage can increase up to 95% if your site receives a huge amount of traffic.

Does BroPush accept crypto payments?

BroPush has multiple payment methods and allows payments via TRC20.

When can publishers withdraw their earnings?

BroPush allows withdrawals after reaching a payout threshold of $10.