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My profession is to share useful resources around technology, web designing, internet marketing and WordPress. Hire me to get some work done.

My Skills

Developed a number of skills over time and my blogging career.


Image editing and graphic designing skills to generate elegant graphics for blogs, banners and ads.


Good experience with Link outreach, backlinks strategy and influencer marketing.


WordPress is what I love. Starting from theme install to bug fixes, ending at coding the PHP files.


Good hands in Google AdWords, Facebook ads and CPA marketing. I love generating revenue through ads.

Content Marketing

Skills to marketing your product at the best cost using the power of content and SEO altogether.

Technical Writing

Love to code and explore and that adds technical writing to my skill set as a blogger.

Latest from my BLOG

I love writing about #wordpress #seo #technology and #webhosting. Read the tips and reviews.

Manage, Share and Backup files like a PRO using IOTransfer3

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Choosing a Good Web Hosting Service For Small Businesses

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6 SEO Techniques that’ll Double your Search Traffic

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Passion/Services I offer

I am a blogger, digital marketer, designer and an affiliate marketer.

Solve your Hosting/WP bugs


+ Solve your theme problems
+ Fix your website speed
+ Customize your WordPress Theme

Design a stunning Landing Page


+ Create a one page website with all elements
+ Add a LeadMagnet/Subscriber form
+ Integrate your Email Marketing with it

Custom site / PSD to WP


+ In this gig PSD to WP is also included
+ Create a website from scratch
+ Write code, design elements & icons

Write Technical Content


+ Write 1000 words  of content
+ Done in 2 days
+ With images, resources and links

I’ve worked with

I am a blogger, digital marketer, designer and an affiliate marketer.

I really admire Vashishtha’s dedication to finding the best WordPress related plugins and solutions. His website is a great resource for WordPress related information.

Ben Pines

CMO, Elementor

I like the way that Vashishtha is always thinking of new ways to use WordPress, for example in the plugins he develops. He’s always looking for ways to help people increase their income from their WordPress website.

Ketie Keith


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I am a blogger, digital marketer, designer and an affiliate marketer.

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