Hi I'm Vashishtha

I am a blogger, technical writer, web designer, system administrator and a digital marketing professional. I have also interviewed the top bloggers and marketers around the world. As a part-time system administrator, I have had my hands on more than 30 web hosting platforms and have reviewed 20+ web hosting packages on my blog.


Topics that i cover

Web hosting packages

I reviewed over 20 web hosting companies to find the best one for you to host your website.

Best Ad Networks

Explore information and reviews of the top affiliate networks in the industry to make money online.

Blogger Interviews

I interview marketers and the hidden talent to learn from such like-minded people.

Design and Code

Out of my interest in design, I love sharing knowledge about wordpress themes and plugins.

Search Engine Optimization

SEO is a vast subject to understand. On my blog, I write about my experiments with content and link strategies.