Best Crypto Ad Networks for GameFi Apps & ICO – #1 Pick ❤️

Would you like to monetize your GameFi application or simply advertise your ICO? If yes, then, you must join the best crypto ad networks to maximize your revenue and reap maximum benefits. Crypto ad networks are comparable to traditional ad networks such as Google Ads except that they focus exclusively on crypto-related ventures. The networks approve GameFi apps & blockchain-related websites.

The cryptocurrencies market is projected to reach US$64.9bn by 2027 with a 14.40% of CAGR. The source is taken from Statista. This proves that the cryptocurrency market has a huge potential for GameFi apps and bloggers. The best way to monetize GameFi apps or crypto niche blogs is by joining the Crypto ad networks for free.

List Of Best Crypto Ad Networks

1. A-ADS

a ads first crypto advertising network
  • Founder: Aleksandr Zykov, Arsen Gasparyan, Nick Goldberg
  • Year of Establishment: 2011
  • Headquarters: Anguilla, Mississippi, United States.
  • Email: [email protected]
💻 Ad formatsBanner ads
🤑 Minimum payout/ThresholdN/a
💰 Minimum payment/top-up0.00000120
💳 Payment methodsCPD, CPA/Revenue Share, and CPM
📢 Bidding typeRevenue Share, CPD, CPA, and CPM
🌐 Geo-targetingWorldwide
🎰 Top VerticalsCrypto, Adult, Entertainment, Software, Technology, etc.

A-ADS was one of the first crypto advertising networks to enter the market. It is one of the leading ad networks for GameFi applications. The network provides detailed statistics to assist you in determining the effectiveness of the campaigns. Advertisers can reach over 1000+ crypto-related websites and pay only for real traffic.

Advertisers can stay private without fulfilling any KYC documentation. Creating campaigns is easy and you can choose banner sizes and formats such as PG, PNG, GIF, or zero-pic. Also, Advertisers can create campaigns for all traffic or specifically for any supported categories.

2. Adshares

adshares blockchain
  • Founder: Jacek Zemto, Leszek Rychlewski, 
  • Year of Establishment: 2016
  • Headquarters: Warsaw, Poland
  • Email: [email protected]
💻 Ad formatsBanner, Button, Search Top Result, Newsletter, Podcast
🤑 Minimum payout/ThresholdN/a
💰 Minimum payment/top-upN/a
💳 Payment methodsADS Coin and NOWPayments
📢 Bidding typeCPM
🌐 Geo-targetingUS, UK, CN, TR, ES
🎰 Top VerticalsBlockchain, Web3, Crypto, Mainstream

Adshares is another fantastic advertising network for your GameFi application. The network supports blockchain advertising and was built to drive high-quality traffic to the platform’s ad assets. In certain cases, the network permits direct transactions between publishers and advertisers without involving a third party.

Adshares is unusual in that it delivers low-cost, censorship-free advertising. Additionally, it is capable of processing over one million transactions per second, courtesy of the ADS blockchain. The network can successfully target international customers, assisting advertisers in increasing the reach of their advertisements.


bitmedia crypto ad marketplace
  • Founder: Matvey Diadkov
  • Year of Establishment: 2014
  • Headquarters: London, England, United Kingdom
  • Email: [email protected]
💻 Ad formatsRich Media, HTML5, Display Ads
🤑 Minimum payout/Threshold$20
💰 Minimum payment/top-up$100
💳 Payment methodsBTC, $, USDT, and ETH
📢 Bidding typeCPC or CPM
🌐 Geo-targetingIN, ID, BR, TH, US, MY, TR, PL, DE, PH
🎰 Top VerticalsGambling, Betting, Nutra, Antiviruses, Utilities is a blockchain-specific advertising network that connects blockchain businesses with the most qualified crypto audience. The network generates an astounding 1 billion monthly impressions. It offers advertisers a variety of targeting choices including device, geography, time, and frequency.

Bitmedia employs stringent verification procedures to ensure advertisers receive only legitimate impressions. To ensure advertisers only pay for authentic clicks, the network manually verifies each seller.

4. CoinAd 

coinadmedia crypto ad network
💻 Ad formatsHTML5, GIF, PNG, JPEG
🤑 Minimum payout/Threshold$20
💰 Minimum payment/top-up$100
💳 Payment methodsBank Transfers, Invoice, USD, EUR, BTC, ETH, LTC, XRP, BNB, USDT, USDC
📢 Bidding typeCPM, CPC
🌐 Geo-targetingWorldwide
🎰 Top VerticalsCrypto

CoinAd is an incredible advertising network that connects cryptocurrency-related websites to established marketers. Joining gives brand exposure to a 100% crypto audience. The CPC starts at $0.10 per click & CPM is $0.30 per 1000 impressions.

Although the platform is geared toward elite publishers and marketers, it can also be utilized for low-cost advertising campaigns. Advertisers can fine-tune their targeting by using filters that are based on certain times, geographic regions, and device types. CoinAd campaigns offer a high ROI, thus attracting a lot of publishers.

5. Cointraffic

cointraffic crypto and bitcoin advertising network
  • Founder: Sergei Verbitski
  • Year of Establishment: 2014
  • Headquarters: Tallinn, Estonia
  • Email: [email protected]
💻 Ad formatsBanner & Native Ads, Press Releases Distribution
🤑 Minimum payout/Threshold€25
💰 Minimum payment/top-up€20
💳 Payment methodsBank wire, credit cards, and Cryptocurrencies via CoinGate
📢 Bidding typeCPM
🌐 Geo-targetingWorldwide
🎰 Top VerticalsCrypto

Cointraffic is a premium advertising network focused on the cryptocurrency and blockchain advertising markets. It was founded with the purpose of serving marketers and publishers in the cryptocurrency business. It provides a choice of ad types and tools for conversion rate optimization. Dedicated account managers are accountable for the success of advertiser campaigns.

Cointraffic offers cost-per-click campaigns, with advertisers able to choose from a range of advertising formats. The platform is simple to use and enables smooth commission withdrawal. The other advantage is that the advertising network is extremely picky when it comes to advertising partners and extremely cautious when it comes to accepting advertisers.

6.  CoinZilla

coinzilla crypto advertising
  • Founder: Alex Cozma, Alexandru Cozma, Tiberiu Stingaciu
  • Year of Establishment: 2016
  • Headquarters: Iasi, Romania.
  • Email: [email protected]
💻 Ad formatsHTML5 banners
🤑 Minimum payout/Threshold$10
💰 Minimum payment/top-up$100
💳 Payment methodsBTC, ETH, USDT (ERC20), or Bank Wire (SEPA/SWIFT)
📢 Bidding typeCPM
🌐 Geo-targetingWorldwide
🎰 Top VerticalsCrypto

CoinZilla is the most popular crypto ad network which is part of the Adselvo sector and focuses on crypto market promotion through the provision of a comprehensive variety of digital solutions. The platform provides global exposure to nascent cryptocurrency ventures, hence accelerating growth.

The network has promoted over 200 brands and is looking to expand its reach by attracting additional publishers to assist them in monetizing their GameFi apps. The platform offers a variety of unique advertising possibilities not accessible anywhere else and provides professional account managers to assist clients with campaign setup.

7. AdToken

adtoken web3
  • Founder: Ken Brook
  • Year of Establishment: 2017
  • Headquarters: N/a
  • Email: N/a
💻 Ad formatsBanners, Popups, Native
🤑 Minimum payout/Threshold$10
💰 Minimum payment/top-up$100
💳 Payment methodsBank card, Wire transfer, Payoneer, Сapitalist
📢 Bidding typeCPM
🌐 Geo-targetingBR, PL, MX, and UA
🎰 Top VerticalsGambling, Betting, Nutra, Antiviruses, Utilities

Token Ad is one of the greatest ad networks for advertisers because it is powered by RTB (real-time bidding) advertising. This network is devoted to promoting cryptocurrency-related websites and applications. It enables advertisers and publishers to monetize their GameFi applications, websites, blogs, cryptocurrency exchanges, and initial coin offerings (ICO) rankings.

This cryptocurrency advertising network works directly with publishers and advertisers from all around the world but occasionally boosts selected geos.


Crypto ad networks specialize in pushing advertisements for Bitcoin and other fiat currencies on relevant websites. It’s a great alternative option to Google AdSense to monetize your GameFi app or blog.

There are various networks to choose from; some are easier to join than others, while others are more cost-effective or provide superior customer service. You can sign up for any crypto ad network for free.

FAQs (Best Crypto Ad Networks)

What is GameFi?

GameFi is a term that refers to decentralized apps that incorporate economic incentives. They reward users with tokens for completing game-related tasks such as winning battles or mining valuable minerals.

How can I monetize GameFi app?

If you have a GameFi application and want to attract the proper kind of visitors to your project, you should monetize it using crypto ad networks and the appropriate advertising methods.

What payment models are supported by Crypto ad networks?

Crypto ad networks support both CPM and CPC models.

How can publishers withdraw their earnings?

Cryptocurrency ad networks support various payment methods. This includes crypto coins, Bank transfers, PayPal, etc.