Best Shared & Dedicated Datacenter Proxies – #1 Is 50% OFF

Are you in search of cheap datacenter proxies but unsure where to start?

Worry not! You can quickly create your free trial of Smartproxy which offers cheap datacenter proxies solutions.

Quick Summary of Top 3 Datacenter Proxy Providers

Proxy NameDatacenter Proxy PriceTrialLink
πŸ₯‡ 1. SmartproxyWinner$0.7/GBCustom trialBuy Now
πŸ₯ˆ 2. Bright Data$0.110/GBRegistered CompaniesBuy Now
πŸ₯‰ 3. Oxylabs$0.65 / GB7-dayBuy Now

What are Datacenter Proxies?

While regular proxies come in various forms, such as residential or mobile proxies, datacenter proxies for sale have a distinct charm. These proxies operate through servers located in datacenters, which are essentially high-tech hubs buzzing with activity. 

Top Datacenter Proxy Providers Of 2024

1. Smartproxy

smartproxy datacenter proxy

Smartproxy is the real deal when it comes to proxy providers. With unlimited threads across all their packages, supporting both HTTP and HTTPS connections, they’ve got just what you’ve been looking for. 

The company offers 99% uptime and <0.3s averageβ€”speed when scraping data from sites that haven’t implemented anti-bot systems. And guess what? They’ve got over 100 subnets up their sleeve, mastering their versatility. 

πŸ”₯ Feature Highlights:

🌐 IP Pool:100K+ datacenter IPs
🌎 Locations:195 countries
πŸ€‘ Refund:14-day money-back guarantee
πŸ”’ Private proxies:400K + static private datacenter proxies

🏷️ Price:

smartproxy datacenter price

2. Bright Data

bright data datacenter proxy

Bright Data’s datacenter proxies guarantee flawless 99% network uptime, ensuring a smooth and uninterrupted proxy experience.

Plus, with an extensive interface of IPs spread across 3000+ subnets, you’ll have a wide range of options to choose from.

They offer exceptional performance, and their billing model is a breeze to understand and manage. And here’s a nifty feature: they provide a usage limit on specific zones, which can come in handy for reducing your bill on datacenter proxies.

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πŸ”₯ Feature Highlights:

🌐 IP Pool:770,000+ Datacenter IPs
🌎 Locations:195 countries
πŸ€‘ Compliance:CCPA & GDPR Compliant
πŸ”’ Support:24/7 billing live support

🏷️ Price:

bright data datacenter proxy price

3. Oxylabs

oxylabs datacenter proxies

Oxylabs offers both a shared datacenter proxy pool of 29K IPs and a dedicated datacenter proxy pool of 2M + IPs.

That means you’ll have a plethora of options to choose from, ensuring optimal performance and reliability. They support protocols like HTTP and SOCKS5. Say goodbye to compatibility issues and embrace a seamless browsing experience with these top-notch protocols.

Also, it offers unlimited bandwidth. That’s right – no more worrying about hitting data caps or experiencing slow connections.

If you are looking for a cost-effective solution along with a dedicated support manager, Oxylabs is the perfect choice for you.

πŸ”₯ Feature Highlights: 

🌐 IP Pool:29k Shared/2M+ Dedicated datacenter IPs
🌎 Locations:Shared in 15 countries/Dedicated in 188 countries
🎯 Targeting:Geo-location
πŸ“Š User-interface:Dashboard with proxy usage statistics

🏷️ Price for shared datacenter proxy:

oxylabs shared datacenter proxy price

4. ProxyEmpire

proxyempire rotating datacenter proxy

ProxyEmpire’s proxies are a force to be reckoned with when it comes to data scraping. Whether you’re conducting research, gathering information, or extracting insights, these proxies deliver unmatched speed, reliability, and security.

With ProxyEmpire’s cutting-edge proxies, you’ll embark on a virtual adventure like never before. Their proxies possess the power to effortlessly bypass firewalls, granting you access to restricted content with ease.

No more roadblocks, no more limitations – just pure browsing freedom at your fingertips.

πŸ”₯ Feature Highlights: 

🌐 IP Pool:71,500+ datacenter IPs
🌎 Locations:10 countries
🎯 Targeting:Country
πŸ”’ Protocols:HTTP and SOCKS5

🏷️ Price:

proxyempire rotating datacenter proxy price

5. Rayobyte

rayobyte cheap datacenter proxies

Rayobyte is the proxy service you need if you’re seeking both finesse and affordability. Their services are truly unparalleled, which explains why their users keep coming back for more. It has built a solid reputation for its reliability and exceptional performance.

Let’s talk more about Rayobyte’s datacenter proxies. API access gives you more control over your IPs allowing you to add, remove, replace, or download proxy IPs.

IPs get automatically replaced after 30 days and you get fresh new IPs. You can manually replace IPs which should be equal to the number of IPs you purchased in a month.

Curious to see if Rayobyte lives up to your expectations. They’ve got your back with a generous 2-day free trial. It’s the perfect opportunity to test-drive their services before committing.

No need to worry if sites with anti-proxy protections ban one IP or the entire ASN. Rayobyte offers a range of 9 ASNs which rotates your proxies instantly allowing you to work consistently.

πŸ”₯ Feature Highlights: 

🌐 IP Pool:300000+ datacenter IPs
🌎 Locations:26 countries
πŸ“Œ Types:IPv4 and IPv6
πŸ”’ Protocols:HTTP, HTTPS, and SOCKS5

🏷️ Price:

rayobyte datacenter proxy price

6. High Proxies

highproxies premium proxies

Get ready to have your mind blown with the lightning-fast speed of High Proxies! These proxies are the perfect choice for all your SEO, social media, and more. 

They’ve got your back in different corners of the globe, from the United States to Europe. All HighProxies IPs are classified as Elite or high anonymous proxies.

They offer a range of services to suit your needs. Need private or shared proxies? They’ve got ’em.

Although HighProxies does not support SOCKS/SOCKS4/SOCKS5 protocols, it does support HTTP and HTTPS protocols.

Once you have signed up and purchased a proxy, it takes around 2-6 hours to set up your proxy.

πŸ”₯ Feature Highlights: 

🌐 Setup:Free, Zero charges
🌎 Locations:11+ countries
πŸ“Œ Support:24/7 live support
🧰 Resources:Up to 100 threads/proxy

🏷️ Price:

highproxies price

7. Webshare

webshare datacenter proxy

Regarding compatibility and versatility, Webshare proxies are in a league of their own. They believe in putting you in control, allowing you to customize your proxy experience based on your preferences. Now that’s what I call amazing!

Whether you’re browsing securely or need advanced functionality, they’ve got you covered. If you require specific features, enhanced performance, or specialized configurations, they’re ready to go the extra mile to ensure your satisfaction.

πŸ”₯ Feature Highlights: 

🌐 Free trial:10 Proxies for lifetime
🌎 Locations:50+ countries
πŸ”’ Protocols:HTTP and SOCKS5
πŸš€ Speed:1 GBPS +

🏷️ Price:

webshare price

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Conclusion: Cheap Datacenter Proxies

I’ve done the legwork, so you can sit back, relax, and bid farewell to your worries. With my hand-picked selection of the best datacenter proxies, you can rest assured that your browsing experience will be smooth sailing.

From my list of cheap datacenter proxies, I highly recommend the top 3 cheap datacenter proxies.


What types of datacenter proxies are available?

Datacenter proxies are classified as Shared datacenter proxies and Dedicated datacenter proxies.

Should I go for a free datacenter proxy?

Although you won’t find free datacenter proxies, I have shared a list of cheap datacenter proxies that offer a free trial. I recommend you all buy datacenter proxies from trusted suppliers only as these companies offer high security & privacy.