Fastest WordPress Themes of 2017 [SEO Optimized]

You must have come across various blogs and different websites, connected to WordPress.

How can such contents, articles, and blog link with a particular website? It is all because of Content Management System (CMS) like WordPress which allow people to spread their voice, throughout the internet, without charging anything in return. A lot of companies and even individual are connected with WordPress to show a new perspective to the world.

Even after being a free and out- sourced content management system, WordPress is full of a variety of features to provide the users what they want to write their point of view. One such feature is its Themes which are in such a variety that will change your content’s looks and functionalities in a way you have always wanted. So, today we are going to talk about some fastest and amazing WordPress themes which are prevalent in 2017.

So, today I am going to talk about some amazing and Fastest WordPress themes which are prevalent in 2017. While a fast WordPress theme is not a guarantee that it is fully SEO optimized and friendly wordpress theme.

1. Authority

authority wordpress theme preview

As the name suggests, authority is the theme that provides the authority to the user to control his/her content page. This is highly optimized and at the same time allows the readers to build trust to your blogs and your brand. This will help your blogs to start having a rank on Google search as soon as you start uploading the content using authority theme of WordPress. The theme offers you the page speed of 346ms.

Speed Screenshot

speed of authority wordpress theme


2. Schema

schema theme preview

Schema has a very special place in the list we are talking about. It is known as the fastest theme on WordPress. To those who are looking for something contemporary and clean, Schema is the theme for you which not only provide you the speed but at the same time provides variations to your web page. With ad management to built-in review system, Schema is there for the users to know what their readers want, through feedback.

Speed Screenshot

speed of schema wordpress theme fastest wordpress theme in 2017

However, I would spill the beans from the myth that only a WordPress theme can make your website or blog load faster. If you do optimize your wordpress smartly (Cache and database) and reduce the load on server, your pages will load in less than a second.

On the other hand, the page must be lighter too. Less requests and code can however help you in ranking higher.

3. Genesis FrameWork and child themes

I am a BIG BIG fan of genesis framework by studiopress. They have developed it with style. All of the Genesis themes have the tendency to load fast and have less number of requests as to CSS and JS.

Genesis Framework by StudioPress

I admit that customizing Genesis themes is hard but worth deploy your site with it.

4. Bimber

bimber demo

To have a fully functional viral site, Bimber is the best option that offers you various features to work with. Coming with powerful buttons such as popular, hot, trending and much more,

Coming with powerful buttons such as popular, hot, trending and much more, Bimber can make you have variations in your content posting. Users can create their page attractive by using various images, gifs and self- hosted videos and much more.


5. Newspaper

newspaper demo

To the users who are looking for the page that will somewhat look like a newspaper, especially for the busy bloggers, magazine editors and news style writers, this is the theme for you. It provides you various demos out of which you can use your own thing, the way you want your web page and content to look like. Using newspaper theme can make your content popular by allowing you to have maximum views and clicks.

newspaper speed

Now that I want to clear, Grid based themes are always a bit faster than the standard blog themes. The reason being large images, standard blog themes tend to load slower than the grid based or list based themes.

Foundation of a fast loading wordpress theme is its code. (loading CSS and JS async and using less HTML tags and class.)

If you design your own theme and want to make it fast, Do the following things-

  1. Load CSS and JS on the footer
  2. load these resources from CDN of cloudflare (if possible)
  3. Async the JS files
  4. Minimize the number of CSS classes and div’s
  5. Never use heavy images
  6. Add the Lazy load option in your theme
  7. Make minimum number of CSS and JS files (You can combine’em all)

Try out the above suggestions or suffer from slow loading reviews.


6. Socially viral

social buttons sociallyviral

When you are more concerned about the popularity and profitability of your content, as the name suggests, sociallyviral is the theme you always wanted to have. Being the best option, socially viral offers you two homepage layout to choose from and will help you to be popular in a matter of minutes. It uses various and perfect tricks and tactics to attract the reader to as much extent as possible. I could also lookup somewhere a similar seo optimized blogger template for best on page seo for your blogspot blog.

Speed Screenshot

speed sociallyviral

7. Writer Theme by MyThemeShop

writer theme main section

I consider Writer wordpress theme to be the fast loading theme because it uses good quality pictures and yet scores 99 out of 100 on google page speed insights.

  • Scores decent on page speed insights
  • Can easily brand your portfolio website or blog
  • If you have worked with some cool brands, show them to your audience
  • Get users to subscribe to the email list

8. Iconic One [FREE theme]

The iconic is yet another fastest loading theme that can skyrocket your website speed without compromising major features of your website. Theme scores 96 on the page speed insights. I never ask you to follow my words at all. What goes in trying it for FREE and using it for lifetime too without paying. Now that if you need more features, purchase the pro version of the same.

iconic one fastest wordpress theme

Now stop wondering for a cool wordpress theme for your blog and download iconic theme now.

Wrapping Up with these fast loading WordPress Themes

After talking so much about WordPress and its themes, we get to know how WordPress is there to help you in every step of your web career. By using such themes, it not only provide you the convenience to handle your contents and blogs but at the same time will make you popular in the market of blog writing. So, use the themes and enjoy your blogging with WordPress.


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