Fastest WordPress Themes of 2018 [SEO Optimized]

You might have heard that google consider website speed as a ranking signal and thus the website speed very much affects your website’s performance over search engines. The same way Google gives priority to the mobile responsive sites and site that serve their visitors with AMP.

1. PageSpeed Pro ✅
2. Authority
3. Improve
4. Clean
5. Viral
6. Parallax Pro
7. Bridge
8. Schema
9. Generate Pro
10. Bimber

Making your website faster can dramatically improve the conversion rate of your website.

Well, a fast WordPress theme is not a guarantee that it will make your website faster. There are more factors such as scripts, plugins and Content delivery network that affects your site’s loading time.

So, today I am going to talk about some amazing and Fastest WordPress themes which are prevalent in 2018. While a fast WordPress theme is not a guarantee that it is fully SEO optimized and friendly wordpress theme.

The average time span in which your website loads completely must be below 1 second. It is only possible if you have a quick responding web hosting package. The next thing you can do to improve your website loading time is “Reduce the number of scripts and requests on your web page.”

Secret tip: Do not focus the homepage only, there are inner pages too.

PageSpeed Pro

PageSpeed Demo fastest

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✅ Performance Grade: A 97 | ⏳ Load Time: 686ms

PageSpeed Pro ranks on the top of the list because of its 100/100 score on page speed insights. There are tons of features inside the themes and you’ll figure them out one by one when you start developing your website on this theme.

Website speed test of pagespeed pro demo

PageSpeed Insights of pagespeed pro theme

You can also test the speed yourself or visit these tests I did.

Pingdom Test | Google Page Speed Insights Test.

The theme offers you the page speed of 346ms


authority wordpress theme preview

Live DemoGet Hosting

✅ Performance Grade: A 96 | ⏳ Load Time: 668ms

As the name suggests, authority is the theme that provides the authority to the user to control his/her content page. This is highly optimized and at the same time allows the readers to build trust to your blogs and your brand. This will help your blogs to start having a rank in Google search as soon as you start uploading the content using authority theme of WordPress. The theme offers you the page speed of 346ms


Improve Blog Theme With Deals and Coupon system

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✅ Performance Grade: A 82 | ⏳ Load Time: 1.28s

Improve will resemble your blog with a great professional website along with being fast enough to load your website at blazing fast speed. Yes, no more words to say. Just hit it a try. You will get more than 10 themes for just $12.25.

improve theme fastest loading

  1. You can add deals for your readers to increase sales
  2. Not just deals, but also coupons.
  3. A perfect blog theme you will ever need.
  4. This is a theme that used to make someone earn over 10k USD/m


clean theme no clutter demo

Live DemoGet Hosting

✅ Performance Grade: A 100 | ⏳ Load Time: 792ms

Enumerated in the fastest themes on the planet and resembles just like wix blog theme, Clean has compelling and qualifying features. Dazzling performance and superlative design powered by amazing coding skills, there is no better explanation for the theme. You can craft a clean and professional wordpress blog using the awesome creation by MTS.


Viral WordPress theme

Live DemoGet Hosting

✅ Performance Grade: B 77 | ⏳ Load Time: 1.89s

Made to impress and designed exceptionally well keeping in mind that the buyer will be optimizing his website for search engines and social media as well. Ultimate touch of visuals for social sharing and header slider makes it dynamic and easy to handle.

Not everyone likes a professional boring design. Right?

Parallax Pro

Parallax Pro A Mobile Responsive and HTML5 Theme

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✅ Performance Grade: C 73 | ⏳ Load Time: 1.13s

A real parallax theme as every alternate block of content is having a parallax background image. Even after having such large background images, it scores well on all the speed test tools. In comparison with rest of the parallax themes, parallax Pro is one of its kind.

Bridge Best WordPress Theme

Bridge Best WordPress Theme

Live DemoGet Hosting

✅ Performance Grade: A 99 | ⏳ Load Time: 955ms

One of the many wordpress themes on themeforest, Sober is being considered as one of the fastest WP theme of 2018 because of its functions and optimized code. The optimization quality of the theme is quiet outstanding if you look at the features such as eCommerce, Blogging, multiple layouts and theme widgets.

Schema WordPress Theme

schema theme preview

Live DemoGet Hosting

✅ Performance Grade: A 99 | ⏳ Load Time: 900ms

Schema has a very special place in the list we are talking about. It is known as the fastest theme on WordPress. To those who are looking for something contemporary and clean, Schema is the theme for you which not only provide you the speed but at the same time provides variations to your web page. With ad management to built-in review system, Schema is there for the users to know what their readers want, through feedback.

Genesis FrameWork and child themes

Genesis Framework by StudioPress

Live DemoGet Hosting

✅ Performance Grade: A 95 | ⏳ Load Time: 1.75ms

I am a BIG BIG fan of genesis framework by studiopress. They have developed it with style. All of the Genesis themes have the tendency to load fast and have less number of requests as to CSS and JS.

I admit that customizing Genesis themes is hard but worth deploy your site with it.

Bimber Theme for Viral site

bimber demo

Live DemoGet Hosting

✅ Performance Grade: A 96 | ⏳ Load Time: 3.31s

To have a fully functional viral site, Bimber is the best option that offers you various features to work with. Coming with powerful buttons such as popular, hot, trending and much more,

Coming with powerful buttons such as popular, hot, trending and much more, Bimber can make you have variations in your content posting. Users can create their page attractive by using various images, gifs and self- hosted videos and much more.


newspaper demo

Live DemoGet Hosting

✅ Performance Grade: C 77 | ⏳ Load Time: 1.10s

To the users who are looking for the page that will somewhat look like a newspaper, especially for the busy bloggers, magazine editors and news style writers, this is the theme for you. It provides you various demos out of which you can use your own thing, the way you want your web page and content to look like. Using newspaper theme can make your content popular by allowing you to have maximum views and clicks.

#11. Coupon Theme

Coupon WordPress Theme

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Feels really premium where I can easily load a number of coupons and start making money as an affiliate by sharing the coupons. You already know that how huge the business of coupon sites is nowadays. E-commerce is on the seventh heaven.

#12. Socially viral

social buttons sociallyviral

Live DemoGet Hosting

When you are more concerned about the popularity and profitability of your content, as the name suggests, sociallyviral is the theme you always wanted to have.

Being the best option, socially viral offers you two homepage layout to choose from and will help you to be popular in a matter of minutes. It uses various and perfect tricks and tactics to attract the reader to as much extent as possible. I could also lookup somewhere a similar seo optimized blogger templates for the best on page seo for your blogspot blog.

#13. Iconic One [FREE theme]

iconic one fastest wordpress theme

Live DemoGet Hosting

The iconic is yet another fastest loading theme that can skyrocket your website speed without compromising major features of your website. Theme scores 96 on the page speed insights. I never ask you to follow my words at all. What goes in trying it for FREE and using it for lifetime too without paying. Now that if you need more features, purchase the pro version of the same.

Now stop wondering for a cool wordpress theme for your blog and download iconic theme now.

#14. Writer Theme by MyThemeShop

writer theme black and white

Live DemoGet Hosting

I consider Writer wordpress theme to be the fast loading theme because it uses good quality pictures and yet scores 99 out of 100 on google page speed insights.

#15. Enfold

Enfold 2017

Live DemoGet Hosting

Enfold is what I would recommend if you need a business wordpress theme. Such a minimalistic theme but full of features such as boxed or full width layout, blog, ecommrce store, Sliders, paragraphs, buttons and everythign is there in the template.

#16. Braxton

Braxton WordPress Magazine Theme

Live DemoGet Hosting

Braxton has been one of the top best paid wordpress theme in 2013. It has been over 3-4 years and people are still buying the template. Just because of the user experience it has(exactly what modern bloggers like).

#17. Point Pro

Point Pro MyThemeShop Playground site

Live DemoGet Hosting

The easiest, boxed and the thinnest WordPress theme I have ever seen. I have used point pro theme for over 4-5 months consistently. I am a kind of guy who changes the website design very often. But Point Pro was the once which used to be the final choice after enough research for a fast, responsive and SEO optimized blog theme.

#18. Corporate Themify

Corporate Demo

Live DemoGet Hosting

Yes. You’re on a website that is using the Corporate theme by themify. A clean, sleek and sexy wordpress theme I could ever find right after point pro. Powered by the powerful themify builder pro where I have added a number of themify builder addons too. I like it.

#19. Zerif Pro

Zerif Pro

Live Demo/ Download NowGet Hosting

Just in case if I forgot that you might be wondering here for the fastest business WordPress theme, Zerif Pro is the choice.

#20. RokoPhoto


Live DemoGet Hosting

Awesome creation by the team at themeisle, rokophoto is one of the fastest photography themes. The theme makes a blog easily minimal enough that it has no sidebar at all. Just focus the image that is worth a thousand words.

#21. Speirs


Live DemoGet Hosting

Resembles like Genesis framework Generate Pro. I love the homepage header post slider and that blank space to express that the post content and sidebar are separate from each other. Custom theme widgets like ads widget and author widgets are also on the top of the features of the theme.

#22. Jevelin

Jevelin WordPress Theme

Live DemoGet Hosting

All you need right now is a multipurpose wordpress theme because changes is the law of nature.. And if your mind changes at a point of time, you may need something different that just a blog or eCommerce store. With a few flaws, the theme still stands in the row of most popular fast wordpress themes.

#23. Yosemite

Yosemite theme

Live DemoGet Hosting

Are you an Apple lover? If yes, you can make your blog look like an apple website. Not actually an apple website but a blog that is in the same color scheme and icons as that of MacOS. Amazing creativity of the team behind mythemeshop made this miracle.

#24. Feminine

feminine wordpress theme for female fashion bloggers

Live DemoGet Hosting

There is nothing about sex in the theme. It is named Feminine because the theme was launched around the mother’s day. Just because the number of female fashion bloggers is more than that of male fashion bloggers and the theme is designed especially for fashion bloggers. Now that the theme demo scores really good on speed tests, I have rated it here.

Wrapping Up with these fast loading WordPress Themes

After talking so much about WordPress and its themes, we get to know how WordPress is there to help you in every step of your web career. By using such themes, it not only provides you the convenience to handle your contents and blogs but at the same time will make you popular in the market for blog writing. So, use the themes and enjoy your blogging with WordPress.

After talking so much about WordPress and its themes, we get to know how WordPress is there to help you in every step of your web career. By using such themes, it not only provides you the convenience to handle your contents and blogs but at the same time will make you popular in the market for blog writing. So, use the themes and enjoy your blogging with WordPress.

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