Best Hostgator Alternatives to Host your Business Website in 2020

Hostgator is one of the world’s forefronts in providing shared, reseller, and exclusive web hosting services. It uses about 14 different technologies for its website, among which include iPhone/Mobile compatibility, Default SSL, and also Viewport Meta.

Hostgator can be useful in setting up a blog, selling online, providing virtual private server(VPS), domain registration, and many more. Its primary focus is to make available easy as well as secure website hosting services.

Hostgator allows free domain transfer with technical support and enables the installation of hundreds of open applications with a control panel that is simple to use and also regularly updated. There are, however, some disadvantages of using Hostgator.

shared web hosting by hostgator

  • Even when you don’t plan on renewing your domain name, they assume you plan to.
  • Very costly upgrade prices.
  • It takes so long(days) to let your website work, and sites also fall off frequently.
  • Low and erratic performance.

Top Hostgator Alternatives 2020

hostgator alternatives

Though we have seen Hostgator and the features it offers, yet there are many Hostgator alternatives available in the market. These web hosting providers come with a variety of hosting plans and the features are also equivalent to that Hostgator offers.

Let us start our list of Hostgator alternatives and see what other web hosting platforms are offering us.



Bigrock is India’s top web presence provider and hosting company for any scale of business. They offer shared hosting for Linux and Windows, and their low cost of web hosting make them suitable for small businesses and personal sites.

bigrock hosting pricing

The plans include a website builder, VPS plans, cPanel & Plesk control panel, and a 30-day money-back guarantee. There are five main types of hosting on Bigrock, including Shared, Specialized, VPS, Cloud, and Reseller hosting. Unlimited space and email are available in all shared hosting plans, excluding the starter plan, but unlimited bandwidth is available.

Inmotion Hosting

inmotion hosting

Inmotion hosting is a reliable web hosting service that deals with virtually all web hosting service types a business can use. It can be used for small and, in some cases, medium-sized companies. The types of hosting on Inmotion Hosting are shared, specialized, VPS, Reseller, WordPress, and managed host.

inmotion hosting plans

Its great features come with robust security. Unlike other web hosting companies, it offers a 90-day money-back guarantee on Business class plans. It provides a one-year free domain name, unlimited emails, storage, and bandwidth. It also gives you access to almost 500 preinstalled applications and nearly 100% uptime.



Interserver is another Hostgator alternatives that provide a web hosting platform with a wide range of clients. Everything relating to their web hosting is done personally from server building, developing their fiber-optic network, and configuring their Linux kernels.

Interserver provides top-quality hardware and ensures top-quality performance and uptime (almost 100%) no matter the plan chosen. Their facilities also have top security, including biometric entry points, HVAC units, extreme power, and elevated floors to shield servers from water damage. However, there is a daily limit of 100 for a signup, but this ensures top-notch customer service. The amount agreed to on signup is the amount paid forever except if alterations made to the plan.

The pricing plans on Interserver are very straight-forward. Especially for shared hosting, you have only a single pricing plan that makes it easier for you to understand it.



As the name goes, Namecheap offers domain names at low prices that are incredibly reliable. Namecheap has an above-average load time as well, and a 30-day money-back guarantee was also providing unlimited bandwidth.

Signup to Namecheap is straightforward. With a single account on namecheap, you get access to buy domains, web hosting, VPN, cloud servers, website security addons and much more.

shared hosting plans on namecheap

Going with the name, the plans are already in the cheapest state. However, you may want to explore a few Namecheap coupon codes. These coupon will help you pay very less for a value-packed product on Namecheap.


A2 Hosting Hostgator alternatives

A2Hosting is also a hosting web service with breakneck speed and excellent uptime. They offer the following types of hosting: Shared, VPS, Dedicated, Cloud, and Resellers hosting, which go at different price ranges.

The prices are all affordable, with the most expensive being the dedicated server hosting. A2hosting is very user-friendly with unlimited bandwidth and storage also and a friendly support team.

a2hosting shared hosting plans

A2Hosting is the only hosting company that claims to offer 10x faster premium shared web hosting plans. These plans are offered on a server that implements 2 layers of caching to facilitate 10x speed.



Hostinger is a hosting web service mostly for beginners and also deals with registering internet domain with excellent features such as a unique custom dashboard. The three plans available are for shared hosting, VPS hosting, and cloud hosting. It is swift and has almost 100% uptime as well. The support team is also very active, and their plan prices are all very affordable.

Hostinger is one stop solution for a newbie who wants to keep his domain and web hosting on the same panel and does not want to mess up with setting up DNS records. If you do not know what is a DNS record, better go with Hostinger and buy both web hosting and a domain from there. Trust me, you will not have to mess with the technical setup.


host-stage Hostgator alternatives

Host-Stage provides top services in Windows, Linux, and Dedicated VPS. A strict SLA backing assures Their uptime. The SSD (Solid State Disk) assists in the safekeeping of data even when it is switched off.

Host-stage is one-such company that is known to a fewer people only. Since the servers are less loaded, you get the top-notch quality performance in the shared hosting plans too. Read my review of Host-Stage hosting for more.

It has been more than 4 years and I am still hosting more than 10 websites with them just because of amazing uptime and quality hosting.

Host-stage has five types of plans with all plans having unmetered bandwidth and data transfer. It also offers a 30-day money-back, and the support response is in less than an hour.

10web - Hostgator alternatives is a particularly unique hosting platform for WordPress websites, making available all the necessary features and aesthetics for fast, beautiful websites with good security. WordPress is usually not easy to use in building sites, but makes it very easy to use and user-friendly. It generally has quick loading and easy installation with a backup feature and image optimizer.


We have done the hard part of researching, and have come up with the best Hostgator alternatives in 2020. You can go ahead and try any one of them after you must have done further research.