Interview with Kulwant Nagi, Founder at Afflospark

Hey friends! I am glad to have got the chance to talk to Mr. Kulwant Nagi who is a well-known blogger, entrepreneur, SEO Expert and a well-known name in the affiliate marketing domain. Kulwant has been blogging and doing SEO for a number of websites for more than 5 years and is running his own boutique Content writing agency

I met him the first time in BlogX 2016. His career is such an inspiration and the source of motivation for many. In this Interview, I asked him some questions around digital marketing and his career. let’s read on.


vashishtha Before heading further, please let us know a bit more about you.

Kulwant: Hello Everyone, I am Kulwant Nagi. I belong to a very small town in Haryana. I did my schooling in my city Fatehabad and then 3 years diploma in ECE from Ambala City in Haryana. Later I spent the next 3 years doing a B/E degree in Gurgaon.

I am from a middle-class family. Although I was good at studies because my father didn’t have the money to pay the higher fee so I did my schooling in government schools in the Hindi medium. Later I did 11th and 12th standards in Arts with Maths.

vashishtha How did you enter into digital marketing and what do you think is the best thing ever happened in your professional career?

Kulwant: I entered this profession just by chance. I have been very friendly with technology since my school days.

After getting frustrated from a full-time verification Engineer job, I resigned from my job in June 2011. For the next 3 months, I researched a lot about making money online opportunities and somehow found blogging.

I think starting my blogging career was the best thing that ever happened to me.

vashishtha What is your role at Afflospark?

Kulwant: My role at AffloSpark is planning marketing and interacting with the clients. We have a team of 15 content writers (at present) who are producing SEO optimized content for our clients.

So my task is to check the quality of the content and give 100% satisfaction to my clients.

Apart from that, I plan all the blog posts, hiring-firing and almost everything at AffloSpak.

vashishtha What do you do to push yourself out of your comfort zone?

Kulwant: I believe in one fact that nothing in life comes easy. If you want a comfortable life in the future, you’ll have to go out of your comfort zone now.

I put the best efforts so that I can give a comfortable life to my family.

vashishtha Do you think there is something that newbies don’t know about affiliate marketing? If so, what is it?

Kulwant: Newbies want to try each and everything. They are always stuck in so many technical things that they forget the basics.

The biggest obstacle in front of them is a NICHE. They don’t know which niche to pick and how to start their affiliate marketing career. They are always running to find easy to rank highly-profitable keywords where there is no competition.

I want to say one thing to such people – Finding no competition keywords is a myth. Read this guide to find easy to rank keywords at our blog.

Nothing in life comes easy.

You’ll have to put the efforts in the right direction to see the success.

vashishtha How important is SEO not only to be seen but also to build a brand?

Kulwant: SEO is important if you want to establish yourself as a brand in the industry. Because most of your target audience on the internet is using Google to search the keywords. They go to Google and search “Best bloggers in India,” “Best baby strollers for infants” and so on.

They don’t know who you are and how good is your product until they find you in Google search results.

So SEO is the backbone for the success of any business.

You can push the product with paid ads, but in that case, you are pushing it. But when you start getting people with the SEO traffic, you are pulling them towards your business.

And pulling is always better than pushing in the business.

vashishtha Apart from their professional skills, what would you look for in the people you hire?

Kulwant: The most important thing is the ability to do the research and deliver the project on time. It doesn’t matter how good you are, or how awesome your skills are if you cannot deliver the project on time, your skills are of no use.

They must be willing to learn and experiment more and don’t run for spoon-feeding.

vashishtha What is the most important thing that modern digital marketer lacks? What would you like to fix?

Kulwant: They are not able to understand the audience at a core level. Before you start marketing anything, you need to critically understand who your customer is? What are their challenges and how you can solve their challenge with your product or services. That is the core of marketing.

This further helps in planning successful advertising campaigns.

vashishtha How can someone reading this blog post connect with you? (social media links please)

Kulwant: Just search my name Kulwant Nagi on any social media and you’ll find me. 🙂

Below are the links:

  • Facebook –
  • Twitter –

vashishtha What is your feedback on my blog ( What is the scope of improvements?

Kulwant: Keep putting your best efforts to bring experts on your blog. You are filling the gap in the market and your readers are going to get a lot of benefits by reading such interviews.

Best wishes. Thanks for your time. I appreciate it.