Pia S5 Proxy Review – Affordable Proxies in 2024

Online privacy and security have become increasingly important, especially for businesses and individuals who rely on the internet for their daily activities. One effective way to protect your online identity is by using a proxy server, which can hide your IP address and location, and provide an extra layer of security when browsing the web.

PIA S5 Proxy is one of the most powerful and reliable proxy services available on the market today. In this article, we’ll take a closer look at its features, benefits, and performance, and explore why it is a great choice for anyone looking for a secure and anonymous online experience.

What is Pia S5 Proxy?

pia s5 proxy review

PIA S5 Proxy is a residential proxy service that provides users with access to a pool of over 150 million ethically sourced residential IP addresses worldwide. It uses the SOCKS5 protocol, which offers higher security and faster speed compared to other protocols. With PIA S5 Proxy, users can hide their real IP address and location, and browse the web anonymously without being detected or blocked.

PIA S5 Proxy also offers advanced filtering and up to 24 hours of sticky sessions, which means that users can keep the same IP address for an extended period of time, making it ideal for web scraping and other online activities that require consistent and reliable connections.

When compared to other proxy services, how does PIA S5 Proxy work?

PIA S5 Proxy is a residential proxy service, which means that it provides access to a pool of real IP addresses that belong to real people. This is in contrast to datacenter proxies, which use IP addresses from a server farm rather than from actual devices. Residential proxies like PIA S5 Proxy are generally considered to be more reliable and trustworthy since they are less likely to be detected and blocked by websites and services.

One of the unique features of PIA S5 Proxy is its use of the SOCKS5 protocol. SOCKS5 is a type of proxy protocol that offers more advanced features than traditional HTTP proxies, such as authentication, and encryption. This makes PIA S5 Proxy a more secure and reliable choice for online anonymity and privacy.

PIA S5 Proxy features 

Pia s5 proxy features

Unlimited IP Pool and Locations 

The unlimited residential IP feature of PIA S5 offers users a vast and continuously updated IP pool, eliminating extra bandwidth charges, and enabling unlimited requests. This feature enhances reliability, expands the range of possible use cases, and ensures a seamless and efficient online experience. Users can employ PIA S5 for activities such as market research, ad verification, web crawling, social media management, and much more. The ability to access different IPs allows for targeted actions and diverse online engagement.


Some users have no problem with proxies coming from everywhere, while others can only use IPs from certain countries or regions. Pia S5 Proxy comes in handy here since it provides a fantastic geo-targeting option. Pia S5 Proxy has a sophisticated geo-targeting functionality, which is useful in specific scenarios. Depending on your requirements, you may choose an IP address based on the location of your provider’s servers. However, proxies from most major cities throughout the world should be freely accessible.

Unlimited Bandwidth

Many users, depending on their needs, choose unlimited-bandwidth proxies. Just because you have access to tens of terabytes of traffic capacity doesn’t imply you’ll really utilize that much. As far as I’m concerned, the only thing that matters is that you’re able to get the job done, and that’s all that matters.

Flexible Payment Options 

When compared to other proxy providers, such as Pia S5 Proxy, who may only provide a handful of payment methods, this is a welcome change. Most customers will likely choose the company’s choice to pay using one of many accepted credit cards. The inclusion of cryptocurrency payment options reflects the growing acceptance of such methods. Bitcoin, Tether, Tron, and many more are just some of the 12 supported cryptocurrencies. You may utilize local payment options like Mint Prepaid, as well as major options like Google Pay and Apple Pay.

Dedicated App

Installable services that come standard with a tool are convenient since they may be used whenever they are handy. The issue with the majority of them is that they only support Windows and ignore all the other operating systems. Pia S5 Proxy is cross-platform, meaning that both Windows and Mac computers may utilize it. Unfortunately, it does not work with Linux, which would be convenient for me.


Most individuals just buy proxies and start using them, but sometimes assistance is necessary. Pia S5 Proxy does this with mixed results. Most of the information a new visitor to the site would require is available in the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) and video tutorial areas. I think Pia S5 Proxy has done an excellent job getting us off to this good of a start. When it comes to reaching out for help, things aren’t looking so well. Your only options for getting in touch are email and Telegram. Phone support is not offered, however, a few competitors do.

PIA S5 Proxy pricing and plans


PIA S5 Proxy provides a range of pricing options to accommodate a diversity of requirements and budgets. The plans are based on the number of proxy IPs you require and include unlimited bandwidth and concurrent sessions, allowing you to send as many requests as necessary without incurring additional fees.

A key advantage of the pricing structure of PIA S5 Proxy is that there are no concealed costs or fees. You only pay for the number of proxy IPs you require, and there are no additional per-gigabyte or bandwidth fees. The proxy balances you purchase are also valid for life, so you do not need to stress about them expiring or depreciating over time.

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Tips for Using PIA S5 Proxy

Use PIA S5 Proxy with applications and software that support SOCKS5 protocol to ensure the highest level of anonymity and privacy protection.

Consider using PIA S5 Proxy’s advanced filtering options to target specific countries, states, cities, IP ranges, ISPs, and more.

Take advantage of PIA S5 Proxy’s sticky sessions feature, which provides up to 24 hours of continuous use of the same IP address. This feature is particularly useful for web scraping and other tasks that require multiple requests.

Always check the validity of your proxies before using them. PIA S5 Proxy offers an API that allows you to check the status of your proxies in real time.

Use PIA S5 Proxy for legitimate purposes only. Illegal activities, such as hacking or accessing unauthorized content, are strictly prohibited and can result in the termination of your account.

What is a proxy server and why do you need it?

Before we dive into the specifics of PIA S5 Proxy, it’s important to understand what a proxy server is and why it’s useful. A proxy server acts as an intermediary between your device and the internet, intercepting your internet traffic and routing it through a different IP address. This allows you to mask your real IP address and location, making it much harder for websites and services to track your online activity. Proxies are especially useful for accessing geographically restricted content, managing multiple social media accounts, and protecting sensitive data from prying eyes.


PIA S5 Proxy is a top-performing residential proxy service that offers users a wide range of benefits. Its large pool of ethically sourced residential IPs, advanced filtering options, sticky sessions feature, and compatibility with any software, tools, games, and third-party applications make it a top choice for individuals and businesses in need of a reliable and stable residential proxy service.

PIA S5 Proxy’s commitment to privacy protection and anonymity, coupled with its lifetime validity and unlimited bandwidth and requests, make it an affordable and cost-effective option for those in need of a residential proxy service. With 24/7 tech support and developer-friendly documentation, PIA S5 Proxy is a hassle-free option for those looking to incorporate a proxy service into their online business.