SurferSEO Review : The Best Tool for SEO-Optimized Content

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There’s no need to be discouraged because the fantastic tool SurferSEO will assist you in reaching every section of your website, optimizing it, and guaranteeing that it is visible across the world. Read on this SurferSEO Review to find out more. 

It’s also extremely easy to operate, as this article will demonstrate. Surfer is a method for optimizing the written content, such as blog posts and blogs, for search engines.

It works by comparing a page’s output to “500+ on-page” signals. It has a keywords analysis tool designed. So, know more in detail about this amazing tool and how it will help you gain that top spot in search engines through SurferSeo 2021.

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SurferSEO Review

What Is SurferSEO?

SurferSEO is a cloud-based on-page automation tool that lets you monitor and evaluate your own pages to what’s actually ranking in the search engine results pages. Rather than guessing what Google wants to rate, this tool provides a data-driven overview of what’s lacking from your listing. Instead of guessing what Google wants to rank, this tool provides a data-driven overview of precisely what the page is lacking.

The SurferSEO tool examines over 500 SEO ranking factors to help you develop the keyword rankings and, as anticipated, drive revenues. The following are only a couple of them:

  • Word count is essential in competitive material.
  • Header tags are tags that appear at the top of the page.
  • Use of keywords and real density
  • LSI and partial keywords are two types of keywords.
  • A more accurate TF-IDF keyword review.
  • Titles in the meta section.
  • Comparisons of site loading times
  • Alt tags are a form of alternative text.
  • Page loading time.
  • And there are hundreds of SERP similarity variables to consider!

Surfer is a Content Intelligence platform that helps content teams develop products, organic search, and sales by combining content planning, development, and automation into one seamless process.

Surfer’s goal is to help everyone produce the best, most appropriate content possible and improve the web’s quality. We agree that marketing results and service quality are inextricably linked and that you can never choose one over the other.

Thousands of material, SEO, and management consultants rely on Surfer to boost their digital presence. You can easily identify the best content opportunities, develop a content plan for the coming months, and write persuasive articles based on data-driven guidance using Surfer’s powerful algorithms.

SurferSEO review - the main dashboard image

Features Of  SurferSEO

SERP Analyzer 


This is Surfer SEO’s best feature, and it’ll save you a lot of time when it comes to optimizing your content.

The SERP Scanner is a tool that analyzes (obviously) the highest-ranking sites for a specific keyword.

Content Editor

surferseo content editor

You can use the text editor to build an on-page SEO content strategy and to correct any previous content you’ve published.

The Surfer Material Editor has many distinct benefits, including the ability to use data again from SERP Analyzer for real-time results. It also allows you to optimize your writing as you go.

Keyword Research 

keyword research data in surferseo

Keyword analysis will look for sentences that come up in Google searches with about the same results.

The rationale is that if another high-ranking site was effective in top spots because of their keyword, you should do the same for yours.

SEO Audit

keyword ranking content audit in surferseo

This feature of Surfer SEO is, in my view, one of the most useful.

SEO Audit saves you time and money by automating a lot of the tasks that you really had to do manually with the Evaluation method.

Content Planner

Content planner is something that gives you a huge list of keywords to work on when you do not have a direction. For example, if you just know that you’ve to write about cars, you will type car services in the box.

content cluster keyword surferseo

The tool will then come up with keyword clusters that you can consider to make your website more relevant and fetch traffic from search engines.

keyword cluster from content planner

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SurferSEO Review – Pros & Cons

SurferSEO Pros (The Advantages) ✅

  • Comfortability for the consumer
  • It will check your article for over 500 different ranking factors.
  • Surfer analyzes the top SERP result and generates a template for your post, allowing you to write SEO-friendly material.
  • It’s compatible with Google Docs as well as the WordPress Editor.
  • This tool will help you find long-tail keywords that are simple to rate.
  • The Content Planner tool will assist you in generating a large number of blog post ideas relevant to your main keyword.
  • You’ll get live chat help 24 hours a day, 7 days a week at an affordable price.

SurferSEO Cons (The Drawbacks) 💔

  • Lists of bullets don’t act as well.
  • My Grammarly Chrome extension does not fit with it.
  • The right side of the editor actually has no toggle.
  • The NLP functionality is not included in the Surfer SEO basic plan.
  • There is no free service available.

SurferSEO Pricing

SurferSEO Review

Surfer SEO is an excellent on-page research tool that costs $29 a month. Higher-tiered plans cost $59+ a month, based on how much you’ll need to be using Surfer’s functions.

The monthly pricing choices are as follows:

Basic Plan

The simple package is better for you if you write fewer than 25 articles a month since it includes 25 Content Editor credits.

This package is also really cost-effective for all. It will just set you back $59 a month. However, the main disadvantage of this plan is that it does not include NLP research.

This proposal includes the following items:

  • Analyzer for SERPs (15 queries per day).
  • Editor of Content (25 queries per day).
  • Backlinks and Search Engine Visibility (25 queries per day).
  • Researching Keywords (Unlimited).
  • Analysis of Natural Language Processing (0 queries per day).

Pro Plan

If you write more than 25 and less than 100 articles a month then the Pro package is great for you just because this deal comes with 100 Content Editor Credits.

This package is also really cost-effective for all. It’ll cost you just $99 a month.

This proposal includes the following items:

  • Analyzer for SERPs (50 queries per day).
  • Editor of Content (100 queries per day).
  • Backlinks and Search Engine Visibility (100 queries per day).
  • Researching Keywords (Unlimited).
  • Analysis of Natural Language Processing (50 queries per day).

Business Plan

If you write over 100 articles a month, the Pro package is ideal for you just because it includes 300 Content Editor Credit.

This package is also really cost-effective for all. It will set you back $199 a month.

This proposal includes the following items:

  • Analyzer for SERPs (100 queries per day).
  • Editor of Content (300 queries per day).
  • Backlinks and Search Engine Visibility (300 queries per day).
  • Researching Keywords (Unlimited).
  • Analysis of Natural Language Processing (150 queries per day).
  • White labeling should be recorded.

SurferSEO Review

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How to start using SurferSEO?

Start with SurferSEO is not that complicated. But still here we are with steps you need to follow to come up with your perfect SEO-optimized content. Now, read on and find out how to begin using SurferSEO, the king of SEO content creation:

SurferSEO Review

  • You need to go to the SurferSEO website.
  • Select the login or sign up button.

SurferSEO Review

  • Select a plan and go to the billing information

SurferSEO Review

  • Once you do that, you will go to the dashboard.
  • There you go, you have all your functions right there.

SurferSEO Review

How to use the Content Editor?

Content editor is like one of the most amazing tools you can use via SurferSEO. It helps you produce excellent content for better search results. So, you need to follow these steps.

SurferSEO Review

  • Click on the ‘Content Editor’ on the upper menu of your dashboard.
  • You will see this page.
  • Now, type in your keyword in the search box.
  • Below it, there are settings about your target audience, usability, Native language system, and other settings. Arrange that as per your preference.
  • Now, hit the ‘Create Content editor’ button.

SurferSEO Review

  • It will take some time to create the editor.
  • Once it is ready, click on the box and you will land on your content editor.
  • There you have your keyword heading and below it can write or copy/paste your existing content.

SurferSEO Review

  • On the right side, you will have your content meter that shows your great your content is going to be once you post it.
  • This right side will have everything you need to follow.

SurferSEO Review

  • It will show you how many headings you must have.
  • Like in this one, you can have between 3800 to 4441 words to perform the best on Google.
  • Besides, it shows how many images, paragraphs, and anything you need to make your content the best.

SurferSEO Review

  • Down there, you will have all the ideas of not just your main keyword but your relevant keywords as well.
  • It shows how often you must use each keyword.
  • If you as us, having a score of 70 on your editor meter is outstanding. But obviously, having more is the best. It should not be below 60 that’s for sure.

SurferSEO Review

    • Now, here is the interesting part, if you click on the setting button on the top right corner, you will have more things to explore.
    • You can see what your competitors have on their content on the same keyword. That way, you can take ideas and make your content unique and more accurate.
    • Down there you will see the content structure option that shows how you can probably construct your content using the editor’s advice. You can adjust the no. of words, number of paragraphs, images, and headings. That way you can create your perfect and valuable content.
    • The terms and questions section is what you need to writer reader-ready content. It shows what people are searching for related to your keyword. It helps you create the perfect content for your readers with information that they are looking for.

SurferSEO Review Conclusion

Surfer SEO is the best option for information SEOs looking for an on-page tool that is both easy to use and accessible, with pricing starts at $29 per month. It took a bit of time to recognize the potential of their web audit as well as other features.

Surfer SEO is an excellent tool for bloggers and SEOs who are searching for an information tool that can assist them in writing completely SEO optimized posts and allows them to tweak their material by contrasting it to top SERP performance in order to improve their rating.

SurferSEO Review $29


SurferSEO is a cloud-based on-page automation tool that lets you monitor and evaluate your own pages to what’s actually ranking in the search engine results pages.

  • Content Planner
  • Content Editor
  • SEO Audit
  • Keyword Research

It has a very user-friendly interface and will check your report for over 500 ranking factors. I’ve always used Surfer SEO for the past 3 to 4 months and am very pleased with the results.

This is particularly true for on-page SEO tools, which are by their very nature difficult, but Surfer managed to build an item with that kind of a great design that previous on-page tools are now trying to compete on user satisfaction.


What is Surfer SEO, and how does it work?

Surfer SEO is a cloud-based on-page automation tool that can help you rate your post on Google’s first page by contrasting it to the top-ranked blogs for over 500 rating variables.

What is the price of Surfer SEO?

Surfer SEO pricing starts at $29 per month, making it accessible and affordable for everybody.

Is Grammarly supported in the Content Editor?

Grammarly and Text Editing can also be used at the same time. If you have the Grammarly extension installed, it will begin working in the content editor, as well as in Surfer whenever a Google Doc is made.

Is it possible to purchase credits rather than updating my subscription?

Surfer does not currently offer the ability to buy additional points. However, in order to obtain feedback from our customers, we are considering allowing subscribers to purchase points without updating to a higher plan.

Will I still be able to access my questions if my subscription expires?

Irrespective of the type of membership you currently have, you have full access to all previous drafts and SERP analysis while your membership is working. After your subscription expires, you’ll have read-only access to your profile and won’t even be able to do anything about your previous SERP analyses or Material Draft.

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Wrapping Up

There is no end to the tools and possibilities in SEO. There is more content that you should be checking out after reading this SurferSEO review.

Do share your thoughts about the SurferSEO review in the comments.

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