WordPress Theme Recommendation by 26 Expert Bloggers

Hello everyone! Webmasters and site owners, assuming that you all know about WordPress CMS, I have gathered some information about WordPress themes from experts and industry leaders. Me and probably you too would have thought about which WordPress theme does your favorite blogger use on his website?

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Here we are with replies from 26 expert bloggers.

Before starting all this, I would like to thank “Naman Kumar” for his hardwork behind this roundup.

The questions were

  1. Which is your favorite WordPress theme? (Include link if possible)
  2. If your blog is on WordPress, which theme are you using?
  3. Have you thought of switching to any other WordPress theme, if yes then why?
  4. What according to you are the most important features of a WordPress themes except speed, SEO and responsiveness?

ali-raza Ali Raza

I won’t be recommending a single one, there are hundreds to chose from but i would like to pass few tips on theme selection. The theme should be focused on engagement audience, if your theme isn’t doing this, select a new one. The theme should have a friendly user experience.

I’m using Digital Marketing Blog theme by Themeforest.

I constantly try to work on improving the user experience and so i keep on finding new themes to see how i can improve things on my blog, the main reason isn’t to change the theme rather to improve the functionality of my current theme.

The most important feature of a wordpress theme are :
How It can help you in branding yourself or your business?
How Friendly the user navigation, site structure and everything is on the theme?
Is it helping you with engaging your audience with your audience/blog?

Anh Nguyen

“My favourite WordPress theme is Breeze from BluThemes. I am currently using it and loving the design, flexibility and awesome support. 🙂

I haven’t switched my theme for over 8 months and don’t plan to anytime soon. The more your site grows, the more effort it takes to make a huge change. So it’s worth taking the time to ponder what kind of look you ultimately want your site to have before posting a bunch of contents.

The most important feature to me is the Custom CSS option that allows you to overwrite your theme’s core design without touching it, this usually comes with every Premium WordPress themes. While it takes some learning curves, I find it awesome to be able to affect my blog’s visual whenever I want.”


Atish Ranjan Atish Ranjan

Selecting one theme is not possible because there are so many WordPress themes available online that are excellent. However, I would like to name a few of them: Schema From MythemeShop, Beginner from ThemeJunkie and Magazine Pro from Genesis

Yes, my blog is on WordPress, and I have used many themes on my blog www.techtricksworld.com over the time, and I have currently Beginner theme installed.

Just three weeks ago, I have switched to Beginner theme because it has the home page structure that I always wanted. The deals feature is what made me switch to this theme. For three weeks, I am using it on my blog, and I didn’t find anything bad in this theme. Everything is fine.
Before this, I have used Daily theme from Theme Junkie and Magazine Pro from Genesis (However, I had changed the whole look of those themes by editing CSS)

Apart from Speed, SEO, and Responsiveness, a WordPress theme must:
1. Have good navigation structure/hierarchy.
2. Offer multiple menus so that you don’t find yourself helpless when you want to add an extra menu.
3. Be easily customizable so that you don’t need to hire an expert to customize it.
4. Not be cluttered with so many different colors and elements. It should be very elegant, and look professional with eye soothing colors.
5. Have wide content area. I have seen many themes that are great, but their content area is narrow which doesn’t look good. I like a wider content area as it gives me a good reading experience.


Jitendra Jitendra Vaswani

Of Course, there cannot be a single favorite Wp theme, many marketers like many WP themes available in the market. I will try to mention my favorites here.

Which is your favorite WordPress theme? (Include a link if possible)
My favorite WordPress theme is X Theme. I love this theme a lot, It has many great features like speed and functionality. Many page templates and layouts included, Impressive front end page builder tool. I did a review of this theme here: https://www.bloggersideas.com/review-x-ultimate-wordpress-theme/

If your blog is on WordPress, which theme are you using?
I have customized my Blog theme: Bloggersideas.com, as I wanted something unique design so my blog theme is designed by my developer, he did a fantastic job, the theme is light and fast. Because I see many WP themes are not fast, speed is the #1 factor for every marketer.

Have you thought of switching to any other WordPress theme, if yes then why?
Yes, I did think of switching my blog WP theme to another theme, as every day I see new WP themes popping in the market. I did change the theme of my niche blogs recently and I bought a Newspaper theme, it is a solid theme that is fast and reliable. They have many designs for every niche.

What according to you are the most important features of a WordPress theme except speed, SEO and responsiveness?
There are many important features of buying WordPress themes, I will list down my favorite. 1) Includes many third-party plugins, 2) Helpful documentation for beginners 3) most important is regular updates.

Jimmy Rodriguez Jimmy Rodriguez

I’m a big fan of the “X Theme” when I’m not building an e-commerce website with our platform.2. If your blog is on WordPress, which theme are you using?

Currently, we’ve switched over to HubSpot for our blog but for WordPress, I recommend the Thrive Themes blog highly. It allows you to customize the design of each of your blog posts uniquely while having universal aspects that stay templatized.

No, I’ve personally thought it is good to be able to easily customize any part of your website without the hassle of having to code. The drag and drop editors make it easy and that is why its a top pick for me.

Customizability, you never want your WordPress site to look like a cookie cutter site. It is important to be able to add your own unique styling to your site without much trouble

Jimmy Rodriguez – 3dcart

Brent Brent Jones

I’ve tried a number of WordPress themes, and my favorite is GeneratePress. In fact, I use the premium version of GP for both my blog and my portfolio website for prospective clients. It’s responsive, lightweight, easy to customize, and clean — all of which are important factors I look for in choosing a WordPress theme. At this time, I have no intention to switch the theme I am using.


Gurunath-Nakka Gurunath Nakka

I don’t have particular theme is my favourite as you know how I change themes on my blog every now and then and becomes fan of new one. But to be specific, I like Divi theme(allround theme) from Elegant themes and although many of them dislike it due to heavy element, Iam a big fan of it. NewsPaper 7 theme is best theme ever for magazine/news sites, Schema from MTS is best simple & clean theme.

I am currently using Schema, Newspaper7, Divi, Authority themes for my blogs.

I always love to play with themes and I have great fun in testing many themes and their uniqueness and features. So as said in the above messages, I use different themes for different needs and niches.

I get stuck with a stunning look of any blogger’s blog, so I prefer the look (first impression to your visitor is the best impression) I am actually confused with this question as you told SEO (most of the features covered there).


Ikechi Awazie Ikechi Awazie

My favorite WordPress theme is The Core by Themefuse.

The WordPress theme I am using for my Blog is Pinboard by One Design.

No I have not considered changing in fact I do hope that the theme developers will provide more pro features for a fee.

In my own opinion, the most important features of theme should include:

  • Customization:  A theme should be so great in customization. A user should be able to customize every element of a blog so easily.
  • User Friendly:. A theme should be user friendly. This is important for WordPress developers who build sites for clients. It is strange to hand over a site to a client with a complex navigation.Unless you are a developer, the theme options should be easy to navigate.
  • Theme Documentation:. If there is one thing that frustrates bloggers, it is a theme that has no documentation or a complex documentation. WordPress developers must put documentation as part of their development plan. Also speaking about documentation, it should have a great presentation. Users should be able to easily read a documentation.
  • Support/Community: I find it surprising that some themes don’t have a Support platform. A theme without a Support or Community is a no go area zone for me. Themes should have a support system is efficient and responsive to user queries.
  • Timely Updates. Theme should be able to update their core regularly. I love theme developers that respond to bug issues on time.

Ikechi Awazie is a thought blogger, motivational writer, and a fan of change. His blog focuses on inspiring change, and provides personal developments tips. Twitter: http://twitter.com/ikechiawazie

Kulwant Negi

My favorite theme is a theme from ThemeForest. It’s named BeThemes  They have added so many templates layouts in the theme that you can make any damn possible layout by playing with this theme.

I am using custom made Genesis child theme  This theme is designed by myself. Recently I launched a WordPress themes website (DashingThemes), so we are going to change the current theme on my blog and going to make one under our own brand.

Yes, once I decided to switch to ThriveThems  but then I dropped the idea. Thrive Themes have awesome features which are most required in blogging industry. With drag and drop functionality, you can make killer content very easily.

A theme must have awesome typography to give better readability. It should have more white space to make it more user friendly and easy to read.

Kulwant Nagi is a professional blogger, affiliate marketer, and a speaker. He is running 3 internet marketing firms where you can find internet marketing servicestechnical tips and premium WordPress themes.

Lesly Federici

Question 1: Which is your favorite WordPress theme? (Include link if possible)

Right now my favorite theme  is Point Pro by MyThemeShop.com

Question 2:  Answered above

Question 3: Have you thought of switching to any other WordPress theme, if yes then why?

I have switched themes several times, the free ones. When I found one I liked enough to purchase so I would get all the features, I selected Point Pro. I switched often because I could not find one that matched my personality – an element of web design that is often overlooked.

Question 4: What according to you are the most important features of a WordPress themes except speed, SEO and responsiveness?

One thing I always look for is – is it easy to work with. I don’t know CSS or HTML, so the more the theme offers in the way of features the better. Flexibility is another feature I look for – being able to change the design or appearance  so it looks like there’s a new theme, or an updated one, when it’s the same theme. I also choose themes with clear and easy to read typography, lots of white space because I’m always thinking of visitors: Is the content easy to read and clear and not many visual distractions. Images are important so the theme must have a slider to showcase images with posts.


Lorraine Reguly

I don’t have one particular favorite, theme, as I like many!

I have used several free themes on my websites. I have also paid for a Thrive Theme. I am currently using Generate Press on The Blind Blogger and on my Author/personal site, Laying It Out There, and The Future Theme on my freelancing business site, Wording Well.

Aside from responsiveness, which is very important to me, I like being able to customize the colors of at theme. Most themes give you only a limited number of options, so having this be a feature on all themes would be great!

Manidipa Bhaumik

Which is your favorite WordPress theme?

There are plenty of beautiful themes in the market place. Which theme one should use depends mainly on the niche of that blog. For example if you are running a news/ tech site where images take the front place, then a News Magazine theme is what you need. Also, the blog is our online home, so individual preference definitely plays a key role.

Personally, I love the design of Newspaper theme by MyThemeShop. It comes with 6 different layouts that blend well with various niches like – technology, travel, health, news, entertainment and sports.

If your blog is on WordPress, which theme are you using?

My major blogs are on WordPress platform and I use the themes as per the blogging niche. For WPBlogging360, I am using Beginner theme from Theme Junkie. It works well with all types of text & multimedia content and comes with a flexible navigation. It is responsive and SEO friendly along with all the features of a fine premium theme. Also, Beginner has got a very subtle design that goes easy on the eyes.

Have you thought of switching to any other WordPress theme, if yes then why?

No, I have not yet thought to change my existing theme. It suits my writing style and the blogging niche. However, I like couple of other themes too that I am using in my other blogs like Point Pro in Techlistz.com and Authority theme in MyDailyLifeTips.com.

What according to you are the most important features of a WordPress theme except speed, SEO and responsiveness?

In case of theme, less can be more. You surely don’t want your website to look messy. Keeping the design minimal will ensure a clean layout and better readability. A minimal layout allows the visitors to find and focus on what they are looking for. So along with being stylish, it is also important that the theme has a simple design.

Also a premium theme should come with a bunch of practical, handy widgets to provide a simple and easy to use structure control. Widgets are crucial to give you an edge over the competitors.

Themes that are not updated regularly can contain potential security threats. So the most important feature any premium theme must have is, regular updates along with powerful support. These are the elements which actually make them premium.

Manidipa Bhaumik is a passionate & dedicated blogger who enjoys to share tips & guides on WordPress Blogging, SEO & Affiliate Marketing through her webpage WPBlogging360

Mi Muba

Personally I am not so specific in my liking and disliking and I mostly like those things which have certain features regardless of their brand and any other tag. Overall I still like most of the latest SEO and speed optimized themes of Genesis Framework.

I have two blogs; my money blog has FrontPage theme of MyThemeShop and green blog has child theme of Genesis Framework.

I noticed a SteadyIncome of MYThemeShop is most fit for me as I have long term objectives of money blogging to build a sales funnel on solid foundation with series of products to sell with it.

Answer lies in your question; the best theme is one that is responsive and fully optimized in terms of SEO and speed in addition to offering flexibility to customize its sales/landing page.


Minuca Elena

Which is your favorite WordPress theme?

My favorite WordPress theme is the one I’m using on my blog, Showcase Pro on Genesis Framework.

The theme allows you to customize it however you want. You can change the colors, the background images, upload your own logo, include different widgets. It gives you many options and it’s mobile responsive. Your blog will look great on every browser, device, no matter the screen size.

If your blog is on WordPress, which theme are you using?

You can see the way my blog’s theme, Showcase Pro, looks on my blog here.

Have you thought of switching to any other WordPress theme, if yes then why?

A couple of months after I bought my theme, a friend showed me a theme he was going to use, Zerif Lite. It’s a free theme that looks like a premium one. If I would have to make a new site now, I would definitely use it

What according to you are the most important features of a WordPress themes except speed, SEO and responsiveness?

I want a theme that I can customize to adapt to my needs and preferences. It’s important to be mobile responsive. In addition to that It should be visually appealing to the audience and easy to use for them. At the end of the day, the audience is the one you are creating the website so the look should be such that they ENJOY being on your site and navigating it.

Minuca creates awesome expert roundups that provide quality content, bring huge traffic, get more leads and helps bloggers connect with influencers. You can find her on her blog, MinucaElena.com

Site www.minucaelena.com

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Nayan Kariya

Which is your favourite WordPress theme?

My favourite WordPress theme is Avada theme from ThemeForest. This theme is my favourite since long time. You can say I am in love with this theme. We can make any type of WordPress website with this theme. This theme offers lots of features. It provides very rich and huge list of features. This theme is most selling theme. This theme is having highest positive reviews. You can see this theme from here http://themeforest.net/item/avada-responsive-multipurpose-theme/2833226.

If your blog is on WordPress, which theme are you using?

Yes, My blog is on WordPress as it is the best blogging platform. As a newbie it is not possible for me to invest in premium themes and I also don’t want to use any nulled theme for my blog. So to fulfil my purpose, I am using Dazzling theme which if FREE theme from WordPress.org. Dazzling is best alternative for any premium theme. If you customize it well then you can create very good blog with it. You can use Dazzling theme to create portfolio, business, blog, travel or personal websites.

Have you thought of switching to any other WordPress theme, if yes then why?

Yes, I am thinking to switch my theme. As I have mentioned in the previous answer, I am using FREE WordPress theme. So now I am thinking to use premium WordPress theme. I like Avada so much. So If I want to change my theme then I would definitely like to go with Avada. The reason for that is Avada is very much customizable and my favourite theme.

What according to you are the most important features of WordPress themes except speed, SEO and responsiveness?

According to me, the most important features of WordPress themes are following:

Simplicity: There are many themes available for WordPress but not all the themes are simple. The theme should be simple yet attractive.
Browser compatibility: Many people use different browser. So if the theme is not compatible with all the browsers then it will create problem. So browser compatibility is also one major factor.
Supported plugins: As we know that, we can achieve any functionality in WordPress website with the use of plugins. So if some plugin is not supported by our theme then we will face the problem. So one should check the plugin support while purchasing new themes.
Multilingual Ready: Websites are not limited to English only. So if someone is thinking to create websites in other language then he/she should go with multilingual theme.
Ratings and review: When we buy some product, at that time we always first see its ratings and reviews. By doing so, we can come to know that what are the experience of other people with the same product. So ratings and reviews are also one major factor.
Support: At last support should be good because if we face some problem in future then we should get support on time.

Nayan Kariya is a passionate blogger. He writes about Blogging, WordPress, SEO, Make Money Online etc. He likes to help newbies to create and earn from their Blog. Do check his work at techiesblogpoint.com.

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P V Ariel

Which is your favorite WordPress theme?

Sahifa is my favorite WordPress Theme, the link: http://tielabs.com/product/sahifa-theme/

If your blog is on WordPress, which theme are you using?

Yes, my blog is on WordPress and presently I am using Sahifa theme.

What according to you are the most important features of a WordPress themes except speed, SEO, and responsiveness?

According to me, the elegant look is the most important feature I look for apart from speed, SEO and other features.

Philip Verghese ‘Ariel’  : Twitter

Robin Khokhar

My Favorite WordPrress is Moesia. I like its Free as well as pro features.

Yes, My Blog is on My WordPress and I am using ColorNews Theme for my Blog.

I have not yet thought about changing my theme but If I have the plan to change theme then I will be going for the Theme of ColorNews only.

SEO, Responsiveness, and Speed are the plus points of any WordPress Theme but the best thing that attracts me towards wordPress and WordPress themes is that we can customize the themes according to our will and secondly the compatibility of plugins with every theme.

Robin khokhar is the founder of Tricky Enough, a blog where you can find all about Blogging and SEO.He is good at the search engine and search marketing issues. You can follow him on twitter @jacoblucky3  And Google+

Sasidhar Kareti

Which is your favorite WordPress theme?

This is a tough question to answer. The favorite theme changes as per the requirement of the blog and the niche. I’ve used genesis child themes in the past and I liked most of them. They serve the purpose well.

If your blog is on WordPress, which theme are you using?

Genesisframework + NewsPro is what i used for one of my halg blogs (half is owned by one of my friends).

Have you thought of switching to any other WordPress theme, if yes then why?

No, the current NewsPro is working fine for us. If I have to switch over, I’d choose something related to magazine style to make the blog look appropriate for the niche.

What according to you are the most important features of a WordPress themes except speed, SEO and responsiveness?

There is another important point to consider even before all these 3 points. That is user experience. A visitor must not feel bombed with the information when he visits the website. The theme should allow the content to be organized neatly and clutterless. The look and feel is what impresses the visitor. Even you and me don’t like the plain HTML site though it had wonderful information. What I mean is that the design of the website will build the trust over the content. A webmaster must build that trust with authentic design.

Another thing is the degree of flexibility to customize. A theme should not be confined to limitations that cannot be custiomized. Trial version themes have such restrcitions at most. If someone is trying to build a authentic wwebsite, I’ll recommend to go with the premium version themes that offer flexibility of customiztaion.

So these would be my 3 cents, user experince, design and degree of customization apart from speed, SEO and responsiveness.


Satya Prakash Joshi

As a multi-niche blogger, I always prefer to use news, magazine style themes on my WordPress blog. My favorite theme was distributed by Themeforest and developed by TagDiv which is named as Newspaper [http://themeforest.net/item/newspaper/5489609?s_rank=1]  which is one of the most popular theme in the world.

Yes, I have WordPress blog that is DigitalAmple.com. It is the online magazine which covers information from each and every field.I have been using Newspaper theme on my blog but due to some customization issues we temporarily switched with VMag. We will soon apply Newspaper theme again.

Yes, the thought came because ThemeForest is one of the largest theme selling directory. If Newspaper doesn’t satisfy my needs I will switch with Woohoo [http://themeforest.net/item/woohoo-modish-news-magazine-and-blog-theme/13570398?s_rank=4] theme because it has really great UI and other features as well.

According to me, the theme must have to include their control panel to make it more manageable and easy to users. They must have to make it more compatible with each and every update. They also have to include, authors bio with social links, related post according to the category as well as, author and tags and popup related post as well.

Satya is an Entrepreneur, Developer, and Founder of DigitalAmple.com and NewTutorialsLab.com. His passion is helping people about technology and blogging and turning them into strategic blogger. In addition, Satya also works as an SEO Expert and Content Writer at some US based companies.

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Saurabh Tiwari

Which is your favorite WordPress theme? (Include link if possible)

My favorite theme is News pro which is developed by studiopress. News pro is an excellent WordPress blog theme for Pro and newbie bloggers for professional blogging experience with amazing functionalities and features.

If your blog is on WordPress, which theme are you using? (Include link if possible)

Yes, I have blog with the name techibhai.com, right now I am using News Pro Theme from studio pro, News pro theme is a quite simple and perfect theme for your personal blog or whatever you want to show on it.T

Have you thought of switching to any other WordPress theme, if yes then why? (Include link if possible)

I am personally a big fan of Genesis themes. In future, if I have to change theme then, I will go with Magazine Pro Theme. Magazine Pro Theme is a must have StudioPress and Responsive personal blog theme for multi-niche and tech blogging with loads of content.

What according to you are the most important features of a WordPress themes except speed, SEO, and responsiveness?

Depends on whatever you are searching for indeed. I didn’t know what to look for in the beginning either so I was looking for an SEO and Responsiveness theme, maintained by developers that really listen to what their end clients needs.


Shiwangi Shrivastava

I am not very sure but I have found several fellow bloggers using “Oshine”. Oshine is extraordinary in performance and its impressive design is indeed contemporary. It is gemstone for those who are already using it. It fits to the today’s need of the blog. It is equipped with high resolution features. You require no skill to handle Oshine as it is quite user-friendly. This is my first recommendation for any publisher or blogger.

I have self hosted WordPress blog. I use Daily theme for my WordPress blog. If you want to add several features in your blog Daily theme is not only reasonable option but is quite easy to use. It is not only good for blog but also for magazine, newspaper and more. Daily WordPress theme is one time investment and you can use domain unlimited. It offers you free themes updates which are good for the backup of your WordPress blog.

No, I am entirely pleased with my current WordPress theme so I do not ever feel like go for other alternative for my blog as of now.

WordPress themes are optimized with multiple features that do wonder to your website if you are going for the premium themes that permit your blog to excel at high level. It builds strong foundation and gives desirable result to your site. It keeps you away from hurdles of upgrading your site. The key features of the WordPress theme are as follows:

  • Responsive social share plugin.
  • Customized with SEO.
  • Several Widgets.
  • Multiple options to style your blog.
  • High quality coding.
  • Various Widgets.


Sonal Talwar

Which is your favorite WordPress theme?

My favorite WordPress theme is Schema. The reason is that this was my first theme when I started blogging. Apart from that it is fast and SEO friendly.


If your blog is on WordPress, which theme are you using?

Presently I am using Beginner WordPress theme. It is a clean and responsive theme. Do check it out!


Have you thought of switching to any other WordPress theme, if yes then why?

I am thinking of switching to ColorMag WordPress theme. It is a great magazine style theme for niche topics. It has all the features I need to promote my blog.

What according to you are the most important features of a WordPress theme except speed, SEO and responsiveness?

According to me the most important features of my theme should be that it should be simple and complement the content on my blog. It should be mobile-friendly and browser compatible. Last but not the least it should make my blog look good and readable.

Hi, I am Sonal, Delhi based content writer and editor. I have done my Masters in Literature. I am an avid reader and I love writing. During my college days I realized that I wanted to feel different about my body. So I started making small changes. To my surprise, these small changes had a BIG effect. Walking was the most important part of my weight loss journey. It gave me a sense of pride. I achieved what I wanted to. Now I want to share this amazing journey and all I have learnt about health and fitness with all of you through this blog.

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Swadhin Agrawal

1) I don’t have a theme as a favorite because I use and recommend custom designed themes that is optimised for your blog. Each blog has a different audience and their are different conversion goals for them. So a custom designed theme is best for more conversions. No doubt it helps your blog in branding and makes it pop out from within 100s of similar looking blogs.

However, I would choose the genesis framework to make most of my themes. Reason being, they are very flexible in terms of coding and are cleanly coded.

2) I am using a modified genesis child theme, however, right now my designer is working behind the scenes to make a completely branded theme for my blog.

3) No I haven’t thought of switching to any other themes. Having said that, I use focus theme from thrive themes for most of my niche sites. They are perfectly coded, light weight and along with the thrive content builder, you can modify each blog posts as a custom design. Link → www.thrivethemes.com

4) For me the best wordpress theme would be the one that converts more. It should have a lot of negative space that allows the readers to breath fresh content.


Toby Nwazor

Which is your favorite WordPress theme? (Include link if possible) 

My favourite theme goes with how I view things. I’m naturally a minimalist – I like things plain, clear and simple. That’s why my favourite WordPress theme is FocusBlog theme by Thrive Themes. It’s simple and highly customizable to a fault.

If your blog is on WordPress, which theme are you using? 

Presently I am using a customized theme called TobyandKC. I visited Jeff Goins blog (http://goinswriter.com/blog/), I loved what I saw so I hired someone to design a template like that for me.

Have you thought of switching to any other WordPress theme, if yes then why? (Include link if possible) 

Yes I have. I have experimented with FocusBlog Theme by Thrive Themes and I love it due to its elegance and simplicity.

What according to you are the most important features of a WordPress themes except speed, SEO and responsiveness?

It should be highly customiziable – I mean, not everyone is a programmer. Some people simply need a framework that’ll help them put their desired designs into a theme without having to edit the coding of the sites. Sadly, I’m one of such persons, haha. I can’t code so I require a theme that’ll help with that.

Toby Nwazor is an entrepreneur, a motivational speaker, and a freelance writer who is using his speaking and writing gifts to help people live the best of their lives everyday. He is the founder of My Startup CEO where he gives tips on building successful businesses. Follow him on Twitter or like his page onFacebook.

Uttoran sen

Which is your favorite WordPress theme? (Include link if possible)

I like custom built themes. One just can’t have everything on an already available theme. However, if I have to choose one – would go for the LifeHack’s theme. Am a big fan of the LifeHack’s ( http://www.lifehack.org/ ) theme. If it was up to me, I would have got rid of their slide-into new posts at the end of the post system – but I guess that is the trend of the day as every major publication is doing that. Must be good for lowering bounce rate perhaps.

Here’s a recent roundup of free wordpress themes that I helped in compiling. The number 9 on the list – Heuman, is one of my favorite free wordpress theme.

If your blog is on WordPress, which theme are you using? (Include link if possible)

My Blog GuestCrew is running on a custom built theme which we got created in 2013. It has gone through several changes and updates, the most recent one was for making it responsiveness.

Have you thought of switching to any other WordPress theme, if yes then why? (Include link if possible)

For GuestCrew, will just stick to the one I have. But with time, will keep changing it and upgrading it so that we can have all the latest features and stuff on it.

What according to you are the most important features of a WordPress themes except speed, SEO and responsiveness?

Speed, SEO and Responsiveness has become a given – it is sort of a basic necessity now. Other than that, here’s some of the features from the top of my mind.

  • Lead Generation – Every theme should have some built-in lead generation options.
  • Plugin packages – I like it when themes comes with plugin packages and upon installation they auto-customize.
  • Easy Configuration – Simple themes are basically easy to configure. There isn’t much to be done – however, magazine themes need to have customized sliders, front page settings etc. All that makes things difficult.
  • Compatibility – Theme and plugin compatibility is pretty important and so is the compatibility with the wordpress version. WordPress throws updates every now and then, and if after every update – one needs tech support for their themes, life becomes unnecessarily difficult.
  • Free themes need to be free – I hate when people limit features and ask for upgrade to pro to unlock certain features. Using features as an upgrade sales pitch is something that I have always hated – especially if those features are basic ones.

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Yogesh Shinde

1 – I am using Hueman, a free and popular theme. It has been downloaded by more than 70,000 people. Many of my blogger friends are using it. It’s my favorite because it’s perfect for a blog. You can tweak it according to your need, you can change number of columns like two column, three column or no column. The theme has been updated recently and it has improved speed and customization ability.

2 – I like minimalistic and clean themes because I don’t want to overwhelm my audience with fancy banners, fonts and widgets. I know lot of themes which are minimilistic but my favorite is Tribe. It’s perfect for bloggers and writers.


3 – I would like to switch my theme to Tribe because it’s perfect for my audience.

4 – Why WordPress themes are so special? WordPress themes are very easy to customize for coders and non-coders. I think anyone can customize themes as they want. I think WordPress is boon for people like me who don’t know coding and want to start a website or blog.

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Zak Mustapha

Which is your favorite WordPress theme

If you’re asking about my favorite theme on a particular store then I don’t really have one. When it comes to blogging all I need is something clean and easy to use. As long as the menu is big and easy to navigate, there’s a sidebar, footer and other places I can put opt-in forms then I’m good.

I like Backlinko.com’s theme. The one I’m using is good too. Truth is, everyone’s theme will need a bit of modification sooner or later.

If your blog is on WordPress, which theme are you using?

I’m using Magazine Pro. It works on the Genesis framework by StudioPress. http://my.studiopress.com/themes/magazine/

Have you thought of switching to any other WordPress theme, if yes then why?

No, I haven’t. However, I do plan to get a designer some day to improve it as I don’t like to have a stock theme that another thousand bloggers must be using. I want it to be unique.

What according to you are the most important features of a WordPress themes except speed, SEO and responsiveness?

Ability to customize the theme is the most important feature for a wordpress theme. The one reason I decided to use the Genesis framework was because their themes gave me the ability to move my sidebar to the left hand side (plus some other things too). Although I heard moving a sidebar is easy, Genesis framework still makes it easier.

Nirmala ShantaKumar

Which is your favorite WordPress theme?


If your blog is on WordPress, which theme are you using?

I use a customized Genesis WordPress theme for my blog mymagicfundas.

For my other blog, I have installed the Sahifa theme that bought in ThemeForest.

Have you thought of switching to any other WordPress theme, if yes then why?

Yes! Many probloggers use Thrive themes and its content builder to make massive conversions. I feel that it is a well-performing theme with amazing features that would not distract the visitors in any way. Thus, I would like to get it for my blogs.

What according to you are the most important features of a WordPress themes except speed, SEO, and responsiveness?

A WordPress theme should be attractive and able to convert the readers into leads. The visitors should feel comfortable with the navigation feature and get the exact information what they actually look for through some featured homepage preferences. The WP themes should also support good social media integration settings to gain more social cues.


Wrapping up

I am not an expert but I love websites that are made on a custom WordPress design because they are unique, eye-catching and a lot of time was spent over their development and testing. However, for a newbie, I recommend Hueman, Iconic, JustWrite and Point WordPress theme.

I am thankful of experts who spent their precious time in answering the questions to make this roundup successful.

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Vashishtha Kapoor

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