Top cPanel Alternatives worth trying – Updated

Hosting Control Panel Software such as Plesk and cPanel revolutionize web hosting with intuitive interfaces and powerful automation tools, catering to both novices and expert. These platforms enable seamless control over website and server administration through a simple admin panel in your web browser.

Despite cPanel’s dominance in website and email management, its price tag prompts many to hunt for free alternatives. Even I use a free alternative of cPanel to host this website.

Navigating the complexity of server configuration tools can be daunting at first place. Hence, let’s explore the top free alternatives to cPanel, where open-source options reign supreme. Dive in, tweak the code if you dare, and harness these tools—all free, though some carry caveats for commercial ventures.

What is cPanel?


We often look for a user-friendly panels that can make the hosting management super easy. CPanel is exactly what makes that happen for you. No matter if you want to manage your files, database, emails ot DNS, having a cPanel for your web hosting account accessibility is everything. For those who are using it, you know what relief it provides to the users.

Top Alternatives and Competitors to cPanel


cyberpanel dashboard

First up we have CyberPanel which is my personal favourite as one of the best web hosting control panels out there. It is a simple yet a strong manager that comes with some exciting features to make things simply for you. Besides, if you think it is just for WordPress, you might be loosing the gest here. This one pretty much works wonders for systems like PrestaShop, Joomla, and Magento where you can host PHP applications more seamlessly.

Here’s a sneak-peak to what happens when you go with CyberPanel. You build swcurity into the panel, it installs FirewallD by default, and all necessary ports are opened. Once it happens, you can easily manage the security and do your needful additions without much effort.

Plesk Web Admin

Plesk Web Admin Edition Thumbnail

It will be a real injustice if I do not mention Plesk as an alternative to cPanel. Whenever someone thinks of cPanel, Plesk is automatically following the thoughts as the closest alternative.

Plesk Web Admin Edition is a powerful control panel designed for web professionals and developers to manage their websites and servers efficiently. With its intuitive interface and comprehensive suite of tools, Plesk Web Admin Edition simplifies the management of web hosting environments. This edition is particularly suited for those managing a small number of websites, offering features like WordPress Toolkit, which provides centralized management, enhanced security, and easy updates for WordPress sites.

This Web Admin Edition of Plesk supports various operating systems, including Windows and multiple Linux distributions, ensuring compatibility with a wide range of server environments. It also includes advanced features such as Docker integration, enabling users to deploy and manage containerized applications seamlessly. Additionally, Plesk Web Admin Edition offers robust security measures, including fail2ban intrusion prevention and SSL certificate management, ensuring that your websites are protected from potential threats. With its emphasis on ease of use and comprehensive functionality, Plesk Web Admin Edition is an ideal solution for streamlined server and website management. 



Here’s the one that fits perfectly as one feature-rich cPanel alternative you can ever find. No matter what your needs are, you can totally rely on this one without any doubt. Webmin follows a very precise and straightforward installation procedure. This works even while you are using Ubuntu, CentOS, or Debian. But, if you want to go the extra mile, you can surely use code source via GitHub.

Now, here is a fabulous thing, Webmin is pretty much known for the same things that you can find on cPanel without any payment. Yes, this is for free. There are configuring Apache web server, configuring fail2ban, administering users, configuration files, built-in modules, and much more. All these work wonderfully and make every function a lot simpler. However, you may find it disappointing in terms of graphics but don’t judge a book by its cover.


Webuzo panel screenshot

Webuzo is a powerful and user-friendly control panel designed to simplify server management, making it an excellent free alternative to cPanel. It features an intuitive interface and supports over 400 web applications for easy deployment, including WordPress, Joomla, and Magento.

Webuzo also offers robust server management tools, multiple PHP version support, and seamless integration with cloud providers like AWS, Google Cloud, and DigitalOcean. With its comprehensive features and ease of use, Webuzo is a versatile and cost-effective solution for managing web hosting environments.


ISPmanager dashboard thumbnail

ISPmanager is a robust web hosting control panel designed to simplify server and website management for both individual users and hosting providers. With its intuitive interface, ISPmanager makes it easy to navigate and manage hosting environments, ensuring that even those with minimal technical knowledge can efficiently operate their servers. It supports comprehensive management tools for web servers, FTP accounts, mail servers, databases, and more, enabling users to perform various administrative tasks with ease.

Security is a top priority for ISPmanager, offering features such as SSL certificate management, two-factor authentication, and automatic updates to protect your websites and data from potential threats. Additionally, the control panel allows for effective resource allocation and monitoring, ensuring optimal performance for hosted websites. With its wide range of functionalities and focus on user experience, ISPmanager stands out as a powerful and reliable solution for web hosting management.


Consider ISPConfig as a robust free alternative to cPanel, renowned for managing multiple servers seamlessly. It supports Apache2/Nginx configuration, DNS, and more, making it ideal for CentOS, Ubuntu, and Debian via GitHub under an open-source BSD license.

ISPConfig facilitates server management across different levels: administrators configure server-wide settings, resellers distribute resources based on packages, and clients utilize allocated resources as permitted. Each level offers distinct advantages and considerations, ensuring flexibility and control in Linux hosting.


Ajenti is a versatile Linux system manager that doubles as a text editor, file manager, terminal, and more. It simplifies tasks like package installation, user management, and resource monitoring effortlessly.

By adding plugins, Ajenti expands its capabilities, enhancing compatibility and functionality. Knowledge of Python can further leverage its potential.

Unlike other panels, Ajenti seamlessly integrates with existing server configurations without overwriting files, ensuring thoughtful, non-destructive changes. Ideal for those with established services on their server.


Froxlor is often hailed as a lightweight alternative to Webmin, featuring a user-friendly interface packed with essential tools like Let’s Encrypt, MySQL management, and PHP configuration.

Available via Debian packages or a .tar.gz file, Froxlor primarily supports Debian but can be adapted for Ubuntu with some effort. Licensed under GPL 2.0 and hosted on GitHub, it offers flexibility for modification and distribution.

Ideal for management roles, Froxlor caters to customers, administrators, and resellers. While lacking a built-in file manager, it supports quick FTP account creation, enhancing usability for server administration.


Why spend money when you can harness powerful tools for free? Meet Sentora, your intuitive and straightforward cPanel alternative designed for effortless web hosting management on cloud VPS servers. Providers like SkySilk even offer one-click Sentora installations, simplifying your setup process.

Sentora empowers you with comprehensive features to oversee web server services such as PHP, caching, and MySQL. It excels in managing multiple accounts and offerings simultaneously, making it a compelling alternative to WHM without any cost.

With Sentora, streamline your server management experience and enjoy robust capabilities tailored for modern web hosting needs—all at no expense.

Wrapping up

Having a perfect control panel for your web hosting setup is a pretty difficult job especially when your needs are specific. Not everyone has to go with the obvious choice. Therefore, these cPanel alternatives are here to give you more options to try.

Most of them are even free ones. So, try them out and find your perfect cPanel.