Top 11+ Best Adult Ad Networks (CPM, PPC & CPA) – For Publishers & Advertisers

Knowing reliable adult ad networks is essential for your adult business to expand it with media buying. The po*n industry is a fast-growing industry in the world and gets 98.4B pageviews which is more than 10-20% of overall market share. Currently, it has a net worth of about $97 billion.

Adult industry traffic statistics
Adult industry traffic statistics from

Serious advertisers may not want their ads to appear on explicit content website. To protect these advertisers, popular online advertising networks like AdSense and won’t accept pornographic content on their platforms.

If your product/campaign requires traffic from the website that host explicit content, you can get advertising from a network that has publishers with adult content sites only. I have listed the best adult ad networks for your new advertising campaigns.

Top 11 Adult Networks

Out of many ad networks in the market, all of them won’t allow adult campaigns from advertisers and adult traffic from the publisher. Below networks

AdsEmpire logo


AdsEmpire offers big potential for businesses and affiliates looking to maximize their income. It’s a great opportunity for both sides, giving them control to create designs and reach their desired markets as effortlessly as possible. You know that you can always rely on Adsempire. It’s simple, they have already earned the badge of being the Best Adult Affiliate Network.

You’re sure to hit the jackpot when you leverage AdsEmpire’s knowledge of key markets and its ability to curate custom solutions rapidly. Whatever your needs may be, be it providing ad exposure or monetizing traffic, there’s an AdsEmpire solution ready to take you up in the advertising game.

Program Details:

  • Affiliate Network / Software: Proprietary system
  • Cookie Duration: 30 Days
  • Commission Rate: Up to $3.5
CrakRevenue logo


Grabbing the 5th position as the best CPA adult network in the world is CrakRevenue. It is one of the best CPA Networks if you want to make money online. They have exclusive deals in the Cam vertical, and their support is great. If you’re looking for CPA Network traffic, check out CrakRevenue. It has great offers in multiple verticals, especially for webcam sites.

CrakRevenue is known for its self-service, in which you can create, post, and track more trackers. It offers flexible payment options. They were awarded the best network for business with thousands of publishers. In the last 10 years, they have been awarded almost 20 international awards and now serve many advertisers from around the world.

EvoLeads logo


Evoleads is a company in Montreal. They have been around for more than 10 years. They give you money when people buy things they showed them on their website.

It can be hard to get the money at first, but Evoleads has helped many people promote their businesses and make sales with their site.

TrafficJunky logo


TrafficJunky Inc. has an established history of performance from Montreal, Canada to worldwide. Their mission is to improve your campaign’s performance with each ad campaign. If you join TrafficJunky, your site will become part of its network. That allows advertisers who want to reach a wide audience to put their ads on your site.

The TrafficJunky Ad network has a wide variety of ad formats, and its inventory is identical to other premium ad networks. Their analytics and tracking tools will help you track progress toward revenue goals. They have a minimum payment of $50 and pay.

Push House logo


push-house- top adult networks

Push.House is a push notification advertising platform that has huge traffic, including 14B impressions and 31M clicks daily in 180 countries. The platform allows you to bid in real-time and get live updates for your campaign from the reporting tab. You can create your campaign in a pain-free manner and the professional support team will help you find the targeted audience and will assist you with finding the right strategy for your goals.

JuicyAds logo


JuicyAds has been honored with the award for the company of the year for traffic services by YNOT. JuicyAds has more than 105000 active accounts and 222,000+ websites. JuicyAds is a self-service and full-service advertising network. They were ranked as one of the Top 10 Advertising Networks globally by W3 Techs.

JuicyAds offers you a broad range of advertising tools and services: banners for all devices, exclusive marketplace, POP, CPC, Adult and CPM payment models, standard banner sizes, and much more. JuicyAds is a fully optimized ad network with a wide variety of payment models. Besides, JuicyAds is an ad network that features many payment models that are ideal for both publishers and advertisers.

PopAds Tech logo



PopAds is a powerful and smart ad network. Its creator is a prizewinner of the Google Adsense contest. All you have to do is to pick the content, set your budget, choose your target audience, and control the rates.

PopAds – is an advertising network that works with websites in more than 40 countries and pays you on a monthly basis using PayPal or AlertPay accounts.

Slimspots logo


slimspots homepage

Slimspots is an innovative CPA network founded in June 2013. It is an ad network with long-term experience in online marketing and is worked by online marketers.

SlimSpotz is located in Germany. They are seeking publishers to work on CPM, CPI, Popunder, CPA basis. Slimspots is a global ad-serving network that allows advertisers to place their advertising materials on participating websites. Slimspots accept all types of payments and pay a minimum of 50 USD.

TrafficStars logo


TrafficStars has a variety of ad formats. There are six types in total: Native, In-Page Push Notifications, Video, Banner, and Push.

TrafficStars is a self-serving ad network with exclusive Native, high-performing Push and In-Page Push Notifications, and Video placements. Their premium Traffic Sources go perfectly with your offers for Dating, Gaming, Gambling, and Nutra sites.

Adsterra logo


Adsterra is a more targeted adult Ad network that delivers 25 billion-plus geo-targeted ad impressions monthly. It links product and service companies to their audience through their astute advertising platform. It does everything to accelerate brand recognition throughout the world and increase ROI.

Adsterra is an ad network that has a 100% fill rate (i.e. all ads are displayed), mobile and web ad formats, pays their publishers NET15 (i.e. getting paid 15 days after earnings), and 5% referral.

ExoClick com logo


ExoClick has been established as the 4th biggest ad network. The CEO Benjamin Fonzé has been operating the business with his brother Adrien who is the COO of the company. Their ExoClick advertising platform offers 20+ different ad formats that suit your targeting and re-targeting behaviors with easy data stats accessibility and investigation tools.

The most interesting element of ExoClick is the NeverBlock server-side ad-blocking solution. To prevent spam from misleading bots, ExoClick uses a combination of captcha and other systems.

ExoClick com logo


PlugRush has a self-serve platform for implementing the main ad code quickly, and that works on popups, banners, display ads, and push ads. The minimum payment is $25, and CPM and CPC payment models are offered.

Advertisers receive high-quality traffic through massive targeting and automated optimization from numerous websites. The publishers get a high ROI by tapping into safe, high-paying campaigns across a network.


These adult affiliate networks are an opportunity to increase your website’s ROI. If you are a publisher, consider using ad mediation services to connect yourself to all the adult ad networks given above.

I think it’s appropriate to utilize these top adult ad networks to boost your ROI. Are you all set to use these top adult ad networks?