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For VPS users, it is an extra load on the pocket to purchase, install and use the cPanel web hosting control panel on their server. I will have to spend a handsome amount of bucks for a cPanel license (well, that’s a great purchase too.). But If I don’t need it very often (only at the time of initial setup of my website), I won’t like to spend 20$ per month just for a cPanel license where the cost of my VPS is just $10 or less. That’s why we are going to talk about some free cPanel alternatives today.

free cpanel alternatives

In this quest, I came to know a bunch of FREE cPanel alternatives that you can easily install on your VPS server through SSH access and flawlessly install WordPress or anything on it to make your website live. If you aren’t aware of the functions of SSH and Linux commands, you will hate a VPS server that does not have a cPanel

Starting a website on a VPS server is easy but when it comes to managing things behind a blog/website, it is very necessary that you’ve installed a competent control panel software so that you don’t have to use command line every time.

Using a cPanel or a FREE cPanel alternative you can gain access to

  • the file storage directory using the web file manager module
  • the email inbox using an email client like roundcube
  • the SQL databases and tables meta using the phpmyadmin
  • add/remove SQL databases, add/assign users to those databases
  • park a domain on your server
  • manage DNS server records by using DNS zone editor
  • a free software installer like softaculous or zentastico to install WordPress, phpBB or anything else

Well, the basic needs to successfully manage a web server are

1. FileManager and FTP accounts (both are different)
2. Email client
3. PhpMyAdmin
4. DNS manager
5. AutoInstaller (WordPress)
6. Multiple Users

You can easily get access to these features with a FREE cPanel alternative. And for the same, we are going to compare the features of all the FREE cPanel alternatives.

Comparison of Different cPanels
Email ServerYesYesYesYes
DNS ServerYesYesYesYes

List of Best free CPanel alternatives

#1 Zpanel

Zpanel is a full featured free cPanel alternative to manage your web host server. Its interface also resembles the cPanel.


If you successfully install zpanel once on a VPS server, You would have learned everything already. And you can easily a WordPress auto installer module and make your zpanel fully featured web host control panel.


Everything inside the panel you need for managing your VPS server.


Zpanel is fully featured but you may not find it easy to install it on your VPS. I finally could install zPanel on my VPS in my 6th try. Till then I was just trying, destroying and deploying droplets.

I would recommend to try it before going with any other cPanel.

#2 vestaCP

vestacp free cpanel alternative

Vesta CP also does almost all the necessary tasks of a web hosting control panel. I found it as an economical web hosting panel for your server resources too. It is lightweight and also consumes fewer server resources than in comparison with other Free cPanel alternatives.


It is a just few commands away. Period.

install vestacp

even you will be given a command line to run in the Putty.

install vesta command generator


You may find it a bit complicated because the user interface is difficult. You need proper knowledge of each and everything.

#3 Kloxo

kloxo panel

It is a mini control panel package which does almost everything. I could create a reseller account under the admin, and then multiple users under a reseller.

Now I have control over panel’s modules for each user role. I could enable and disable a feature for any user role.

More than that, You’ll get a fully featured web FTP file manager that works gracefully and WordPress install is a few steps away using the kloxo panel.


The installation easier than that of zPanel. You get almost all the necessary features of managing a cPanel.


Consumes handsome system resources and not recommended for less resource VPS server.

Want to know about Webuzo Panel. Actually, it is a Free cPanel that I got preinstalled on a VPS slice in Interserver VPS hosting. It is powered by Softaculous which is a guarantee that you’ll be getting access to the softaculous installer to install any web software with a single click.

Read my Interserver VPS Hosting Review for more and details.

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