Top 10 Best Internet Marketing & Blogging Forums

It is always rewarding to be a part of any community whether online or offline. A Community does not help in making money only but also plays a great role of your marketing coach. Internet marketing forums are the places where marketers engage with each other and help, teach and learn from each other. Forums are generally known as a place where people come for a solution.

No Forum Alexa Rank
1 BlackHatWorld 3565
2 Shoutmeloud 3997
3 WarriorForum 5095
4 DigitalPoint 7257
5 LetsForum 223k
6 MoneyMakerDiscussion 456k
7 24x7Forum 286k
8 StackThatMoney 42k
9 SEOChat 22k
10 WickedFire 84k

Top 10 Internet marketing forums


Letsforum is one of the best Search engine optimization and internet marketing forums and is having large amount of visitors on the site. You can join letsforum to learn all the basics of search engine optimization, blogging, make money and affiliate marketing.

I must say that my journey to learn the basics of search engine optimization was started from letsforum. It is a great place to learn new things about seo, blogging and internet marketing.


BHW was founded with an objective to become the best SEO forum specially covering the Black Hat SEO part. But whether you say fortune or you say popularity, it is now the best free to join internet marketing forum which covers information about everything. From black hat SEO to White hat SEO, Affiliate Marketing to Site Flipping, Freelancing to Social media optimization, all solutions are there.

It has passed more than a year and BHW taught me enough to stand on my own legs and shoutmyself loud from my tablet via my blog. BHW has a Jr VIP membership which can be purchased for $100 which empowers a member to post in the BHW marketplace. There is a criteria to qualify before you buy membership. And there are further financials involved to get your sales thread live on the marketplace. People are making thousand of dollars each month on BHW rendering their services related to internet marketing. Apart from marketplace, you can post your query in the appropriate section and can get an experts advice very quickly.


internet marketing forum warriorforum

Warriorforum is the web property of freelancer Inc now. WarriorForum  is yet another free to join Internet Marketing and Affiliate Marketing forum where warriors(members) discuss on various topics. Alike BHW, it has a section which is called WAR room which is a secret place of the forum and to get access to this area, you will have to subscribe WAR room membership.

Warriorforum has an affiliate program where only WAR room members are allowed to make new posts that cost $20 each. This sales offer is called WSO(Warrior Special Offer). These offers are promoted by warriors and they earn commissions.

WarriorForum has grown over time and is now the quickest alternative to StackThatMoney forum. Stackthatmoney is also known as STM Affiliate marketing forum.


Wickedfire is the younger brother of Warriorforum. Yes, let me say so. WIckedfire is a place where affiliate marketers are found in huge quantity and these affiliates are commonly seen buzzing about affiliate marketing out there on the forum. I won’t say that Affiliate marketing focused on wickedfire because apart from that it is a nice junction where people talk about other important topics like SEO, Blogging, make money online and web design also.


A strict digital marketing forum having variety of topics and good reputation is known as DigitalPoint. Discouraging untouchability, it helps everyone. This forum adapted itself with the swift changing environment of marketing planet and that’s the reason behind it popularity.

You can join Digitalpoint to come closer to the ideologies of exoerts, professionals and of-course newbies. You can make out every heartbeat of internet marketing world on Digitalpoint Internet Marketing Forum.


MMD is a great portal for a newbie to start his journey to a steady income of $10 daily. I do not claim that you can earn only $10 daily but steady and steady which is better than $300 in a month. People here are talking about SEO, SMO, Make money online, Affiliate Marketing and Selling or buying services.


Started by young enthusiastic blogger with a view to help thousand of peoples by having answer to all the questions about making money, wordpress, blogging and SEO. More topics covered are Content Marketing and Domaining.

I must say this gonna be a great place for you to ask the community for anything where you are facing any problem or are in confusion.


STM is an Affiliate Marketing forum which is not free to join from any angle. Membership costs $99 per month here but this amount as a membership fees ensures that this is very profitable place to learn and earn from internet.

I have not a membership there but I’ve heard about StachThatMoney from many of my friends who are in that community and utilizing their membership making hundreds of dollars daily with affiliate marketing. I’ve not yet heard anything bad about STM yet and hence I recommend my serious friends who really want to earn some money out of their internet connection.

SEOChat Forum

SEO chat forum is a best place for a newbie to get some knowledge about what SEO is and how do people exercise that. Forum crew and members are very friendly and never let you feel that you’re alone newbie there. SEOchat has amazing tools which help in practising Search Engine optimization techniques.

The tool which I love the most is Webpage SEO analysis tool where I go each time when I have to audit my SEO efforts I made on a webpage. If jack has to know that whatever he wrote and however he optimized his webpage for a keyword, Whether it is perfect, good or bad according to SEO guidelines. I recommend all the tools of SEOchat.


This one is run by one of the most popular bloggers in India. I would say that this blogging community (forum) is made with love in India which servers information about Blogging, SEO and freelancing all around the world. People from all the countries come here and engage with other shouters. I am also happy to be there as everyone out there is very helping and kind hearted.

Final Words

Access your important SEO and Marketing related software and forums as your travel on any device with a hosted virtual desktop by You can also add many more cloud services to the same from with expert support.
I have added my top 10 forums to learn internet matketing, blogging and seo which are mostly talking about how to make money online and If you think I missed something or have some compliments, please dare to share.

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About the Author: Vashishtha Kapoor

Explorer, Brother, Blogger and Ellie Goulding Fan. Lives in New Delhi, India.


  1. Warrior Forum has changed the layout that looks like it’s on 90s 🙁
    Really bad and I have stopped accessing that forum even I love it before!

  2. Thanks for sharing this useful information. I was looking for a list of top internet marketing forums. I am willing to participate in such forums to learn the experiences of other bloggers and internet marketers.

  3. If you ever plan on adding more forums to your list please consider WebHelpForums.Net – it is an SEO marketing forum that has existed and grown since 2010. It allows signature links for those who like to build brand awareness by posting in forums.

  4. Hi Vashishtha,

    First of all I would like to say that, this is really amazing you are ranking on the top of Google’s first page for the keyword “best blogger forums”.
    I appreciate your hard ward behind this success.
    I’m new at here and it looks like there is so much interesting things to learn. After this message, I will definitely explore your website.
    And, thanks for sharing an informative post with us. Please keep it up great work!

    – Rajinder

  5. Hi Vashishta,

    Most of the forums are new to me. I was only aware of some like Blackhat Words, SEOchat. Thanks for let us know about others, I will check them out and see if I can find anything else.

    Forums are golden nugget for SEO and content ideas if use them right.

  6. Well I must say blackhat forum is my favorite forum among this list and I’ve learned lot of things from there. Haven’t registered on other forums yet. Will surely check them out.

  7. Hi Vashishtha,

    Well there are numerous methods which are useful to increase more traffic as well as creating some quality backlinks, out of which forum posting is also a great way. You have shared an excellent list of forums which are indeed beneficial in this regard.

    Many thanks for sharing such a useful resource 🙂



  8. Hi Vashishta,
    What a joy to be here again after a bit gap. 🙂
    As I mentioned you in my pm and in my latest post i am back in full swing.
    Nice to read this informative piece, you presented it here a good number of platforms, in which i am a member in some of them, but in my opinion there are some more platforms without which this list will not be a complete one!!!
    Hey, hope you know what I am going to say, Since I am involved in some of the other communities wherein i am an active member and the benefits are more so i am happy to mention that here. The forums like ABC Community, IBA community, PAC community,,,, etc.
    I am sure these forums too are wonderful to be included in the list 🙂
    Have a great week and a wonderful and profitable month ahead.

    1. Hi Philip Sir
      Thanks for your time to draft the comment. I would like to note here that I would be writing about blogging and internet marketing communities later which you mentioned here.
      So far as I know, the above listed websites are the most helpful forums for internet marketers and SEO dummies.
      Have a nice day ahead 🙂

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