Unlock Additional Revenue with Partners.House – Boost Your Campaign Earnings by 40%

In this comprehensive review article, we delve deep into the innovative solutions offered by Partners.house, empowering affiliate marketers to maximize their earnings in today’s dynamic digital realm. From exploring its cutting-edge technologies to uncovering its array of lucrative revenue streams, this article provides an insightful analysis of how Partners.house is reshaping the advertising industry. Join us on a journey to discover how Partners.house is empowering affiliates with the tools and resources needed to thrive in the competitive world of online marketing.

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Partners.house is a transformative force in the ad network arena, providing pioneering solutions for affiliate marketers seeking to optimize their revenue potential. With a focus on innovation, Partners.house empowers marketers to maximize their earnings through cutting-edge strategies and technologies.

What Is Extra Monetization?

Partners.house unveils a game-changing addition to its platform: the innovative ‘extra-monetization’ feature. This groundbreaking concept offers affiliate marketers a seamless method to augment their income streams. By integrating a straightforward code onto their landing pages, marketers can effortlessly tap into an additional revenue source through the acquisition of push subscribers.

In today’s digital arena, where adaptability is paramount, diversifying income streams is crucial for sustained success. The introduction of ‘extra-monetization’ couldn’t be timelier, providing marketers with a valuable tool to bolster their earnings. Unlike traditional ad placements that can clutter webpages and disrupt user experiences, this feature focuses on astutely leveraging existing audiences to generate supplementary income.

By prioritizing the acquisition of push subscribers, affiliate marketers can establish a steady revenue stream that seamlessly complements their existing ad strategies. This approach not only enhances earnings potential but also ensures a smoother and more enjoyable browsing experience for users. With ‘extra-monetization,’ Partners.house empowers marketers to optimize their revenue while maintaining a user-centric approach to digital advertising.

Benefits of Extra Monetization Through Partners.house

  • Enhanced Earnings: Extra monetization broadens revenue streams, empowering affiliate marketers and media buyers to optimize digital assets for maximum profitability.
  • Simple Integration: Partners.house’s extra-monetization feature seamlessly integrates with ease, requiring minimal technical expertise.
  • Improved User Interaction: Push notifications foster continuous user engagement by delivering timely updates, driving consistent traffic to the website.
  • Tailored Control: Enjoy customizable options for ad display timing and format, ensuring a smooth and personalized user experience.

Mastering Extra Monetization: Step-by-Step Implementation Guide

Steps to Sign Up with Partners.house and Integrate Extra Monetization:

1. Begin by visiting the Partners.house website and locate the sign-up form.


2. Fill in your details in the sign-up form to create your account.


3. Once logged in, navigate to your dashboard and locate the “Sites” section.


4. Click on “+ Create new” to begin setting up your extra monetization feature.


5. Choose “Add Landing page” from the options provided.


6. Provide details about your custom domain and select “Text file in the root of the site.”

7. Download the “partners-house.txt” file and proceed to your website hosting cPanel.

8. Upload the downloaded file to the “public_html” folder on your website hosting.


9. Customize your ads and add macros, postbacks, etc., as desired.

10. Click on “Save platform” to save your extra monetization settings.


11. Return to the list of sites and click on “Get code” to retrieve the integration code.


12. Copy the code provided and paste it above the “</head>” section on your website.


13. Once successfully integrated, your ads will be displayed, including the notification permission box.


14. Monitor your performance directly from the Partners.house dashboard.

Congratulations! By this time, You would have successfully signed up with Partners.house and integrated the extra monetization feature onto your website.


If you’re successfully directing traffic to your prelanders and achieving returns with your offers, Extra-monetization introduces another avenue for income. It can frequently prevent campaigns from slipping into negative ROI. Partners.house offers an ideal platform for affiliate marketers and media buyers to earn supplementary income alongside their landing page earnings. Test it out and experience the benefits firsthand.