AdStyle Review 2024: Best Performing Native Ads Platform

As a marketer, you know that getting your content in front of the right people is essential for success. But it can be tough to break through all the noise online and get your message seen by the right people.

AdStyle is here to help. Their Native Advertising and Content Discovery Platform makes it easy to place your content in front of the right people at the right time. 

My exclusive AdStyle review covers its features, pricing, and more. This is my honest review of AdStyle based on my usage.

Bottom Line UpFront: Quick Overview

As a newbie, you are always searching for the best ad monetization platform. To end your search and let you feel delightful, I took the courage to test AdStyle.

What makes AdStyle different from other ad platforms is focusing on just one ad format. AdStyle supports only native ads with in-house technology to display content based on the user’s intent.

AdStyle provides advanced features such as retargeting to bring back your customers. Advanced reporting comes along with segmentation for in-depth performance optimization.

In my AdStyle review, I have shared the sign-up steps. So that makes it easy for you to start your ad monetization journey with AdStyle.

What is AdStyle?

adstyle native ads platform

AdStyle, founded in 2015, is a native advertising network that collaborates with over 200 websites and offers advertisements in more than 30 languages worldwide. It also collaborates with world-renowned companies, advertisers, and marketers.

The platform’s unique selling proposition is its ability to show high-quality, more effective native display advertisements without slowing down website load times with hefty JavaScript code. 

Its advertising widgets are quick, lightweight, and capable of asynchronous loading. This implies that the widget installation JavaScript code is performed concurrently with the page, resulting in little or no additional processing time for ad script code.

AdStyle provides Cost Per Mile (CPM) pricing ranging from $4 to $11, depending on the nation for which the advertisements are intended. 

This CPM figure is unquestionably on the upper end of the spectrum for native advertisements, with industry norms ranging from $2 to $5. 

Higher CPM rates are factors publishers should consider when selecting a native ad network.

During the campaign review, the platform introduced specific rules that ad material must meet. AdStyle is dedicated to providing the most relevant and brand-safe advertisements to publisher audiences, and these content checks are one of the means through which it achieves this goal.

AdStyle Overview

  • ▶️ Ad types: Native Ads
  • 🌏 Verticals: eCommerce, App Installs, Nutra and Beauty, Finance
  • 🤑 Pricing Model: CPC
  • ⚙️Technology: Anti-Fraud detection, GEO targeting, segmentation, real-time tracking & reporting
  • 💰 Payment Methods: Credit or debit cards (Visa, Mastercard, American Express), PayPal
  • 🚀 Support: Dedicated Manager and Knowledgebase

AdStyle Salient Features

Dedicated Team of Account Managers

adstyle help center

Account managers are assigned to advertisers and affiliates instantly upon sign-up. A dedicated account manager is key to helping you grow your business through native ads.

They help you in choosing the right ad campaign and customize the settings for better ad visibility.

In-Depth Reporting and Tracking: 

adstyle reporting

AdStyle offers a robust dashboard that lets you track your campaign performance in real time. You can view the total number of clicks, conversions, and views by the hour. 

For more comprehensive reporting, you can segment the campaign with available filter options. This includes date/time, device, verticals, and more.

By segmenting the performance, you will learn exactly how your audience behaves with your ad campaign.

Advanced Fraud Detection Program: 

It is no secret that internet advertising may be somewhat hazardous. With widespread click fraud and bot traffic, it is difficult to determine who is seeing your advertising. 

AdStyle built its sophisticated fraud detection algorithm for this reason. By preventing bots and fraudulent clicks, the platform ensures that only genuine people interact with your content. 


adstyle retargeting

Many times, you will feel pissed off because your ads received clicks but no sales. With AdStyle’s Retargeting feature, you can target your potential customers interested in your products.

This helps to enhance conversions, brand recognition, and customer loyalty. Simply click on the retargeting option inside the campaign settings and pick from the list of campaigns in the drop-down menu to retarget in AdStyle.

I especially love this feature because it helps in converting audiences into potential clients.

40B Monthly Impressions:

adstyle monthly impressions

AdStyle provides native advertising services in more than 65 countries. With such a big number, publishers can effectively monetize their websites providing the best user experience.

One of the reasons why publishers choose AdStyle is its lightweight technology. Native ads appear without any delay causing the page to load fast.

Highly Optimized Ad Format

adstyle ad format

While other ad networks support a manifold of ad formats, AdStyle only supports native advertisements. The company’s widget is more of a design element that proposes interesting information to website visitors than an advertisement. 

Based on the user intent, users can discover content seamlessly. AdStyle in-house native ad technology matches content based on user search criteria.

Compared to other ad formats, Native ads content-based ads offer 300% higher CPM. This results in higher ROI and higher profits.

Automatic Optimization:

AdStyle technology enhances site performance with auto-optimization. The self-learning algorithm analyzes and makes suggestions on the content to be published.

For auto-optimization to take place, you need to install the conversion pixel on landing pages. By doing so, AdStyle can better understand user behavior and make useful recommendations.

How To Sign Up For AdStyle?

Step – 1: Go to the official website of AdStyle and click on ‘SIGN UP’.

adstyle sign up step 1

Step – 2: Fill up the details asked for and click on ‘Sign Up’.

adstyle sign up step 2

Step – 3: Open your email and click on your activation link to verify your email. 

adstyle sign up step 3

Step – 4: Enter your email address and password that you signed up with and click on ‘Login’.

adstyle sign up step 4

That is it. You are good to go. You can now explore your AdStyle account dashboard.

Step 5: You can go ahead with the account customization settings like payment method, adding domains, and more.

adstyle dashboard

Step 6: To check your earnings, go to Earnings tab on the left side of the dashboard.

adstyle earnings

Signup on AdStyle Today!


I recommend the AdStyle Native Advertising network and content discovery platform to affiliates. The ads are nonintrusive and well-targeted, making the whole experience much more palatable for users.

Payments are made on time, and the reporting dashboard helps you keep track of your earnings. 

I highly recommend AdStyle to anyone who wants to make money with Native advertising. For advertisers, AdStyle is a boon to reaching a global audience with native advertising.