How to use Astroid to Design Stunning Joomla Templates?

JoomDev is very proud to introduce you all to the very new and powerful Joomla template framework – Astroid.

Astroid is a free, quick and adaptable framework driving you to the universe of unlimited potential outcomes to play with your imagination and creativity to design Joomla Templates.

Astroid enables you to build up any sort of Joomla site and template which you can consider with no confinements. Created by JoomDev, Astroid is based on the bleeding edge innovations like HTML, CSS, SCSS, Javascript, Bootstrap, and PHP.

Features to look for in Astroid

Powerful Drag and Drop Layout Builder

Astroid Framework comes with powerful drag and drop feature which lets you create and modify the position of each module and customize it even more, without any technical skills.

astroid framework

Layout Builder helps you make your frontend coding easier without needing to be an expert in JavaScript, HTML5 or CSS3. You can also export your layout for further use in your next project or import the layout from your other projects.

Visual Mega Menu Editor

An easily navigable website increases the time a visitor or customer remains on your website and menus are the one that deals with the website navigation.

Visual Mega Menu Editor

The New and Advanced Astroid Visual Mega Menu Builder helps manage categories and menu items on your Joomla websites or template in a more efficient manner and enable you to add customized colors of menu items and add modules inside the drop-down menu.

Fully Responsive and SEO Optimized

We all know that responsive web design increase conversion rate, load within 3 seconds, decrease bounce rate, improve search engine rank, get more traffic, increase page views and grow social media engagements that’s why it’s important to use responsive Joomla templates for your business website.

Website and Developed with Astroid Framework are fully responsive i.e can easily adapt to any screen sizes. The template building tool takes care of your site SEO and gives you a push in your SERPs result.

Bootstrap 4 Compatible

Astroid framework is fully compatible and built on top of the Latest Bootstrap 4 version. Bootstrap offers the feature like grid and row layout – which are of great use for the designers and developers in order to create a responsive and vibrant looking website.

Bootstrap 4 Compatible

Also, all the future update of Astroid framework will also be compatible with the latest version of bootstrap available at that time.

Open Source and Well Documented

The best thing about Astroid framework is that, that this framework is completely Open Source Framework released under released under GNU GPL Version 2. This framework can be used to make any kind of Joomla Website or Template without any restrictions.

Also, Astroid with comes with well documented with screenshots & video references. All Steps to creating templates and websites with Astroid framework are perfectly described in details in the documentation.

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