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Best Schema Plugins that get Rich snippet very fast on SERPs




Here we can explore the best rich snippets plugins available on, premium or free….

It is very important to always stand out of the box to attract the attention of a person. And this rule comes in practice in a circumstance where you have to compete 9 more search results on the google search results page.

Having the article star rating display on Google SERPs benefits a lot to stand out of the box and get the reader click on your listing there. This is what these schema plugins do.

Best Schema Plugins for WordPress To Get Best SERP’s

No Plugin Rating
1A-I-O Rich Snippets4
3WP Rich Snippets4
4Review Plugin by CodeCanyon3.5
5Rich Review4
6SchemaApp Structured Data3.5
7Creator HReview4.5
8WP Review by MTS4.5


1- All in One Rich Snippets

All in one rich snippets is the first plugin in our list for websites and blogs. It is exceptionally popular and prestigious module that is accessible for review markup.

It is the free plugin that has essential elements. All in one rich snippets is a solid and stable module/plugin. It is intuitively amazing to give you a chance to emerge from the rivalry.

The Rich Snippets Plugin’s Features:

  1. Enables support for common schema including recipes, ratings, events, products, people, and recipes.
  2. It is very easy to setup and configuring

2- SchemaNinja

SchemaNinja is the latest WordPress plugin (that I am using on this blog) that gets reviews markup schema data very fast on Google SERPs. Not just the review markup, but also helping to make more money from the CTA buttons after each review box.

Features of SchemaNinja

  1. Rich Reviews
  2. Good Appearance of reviews
  3. Responsive
  4. Quick Review Stars in Google search

3- WP Rich Snippets

WP Rich Snippets plugin offers rich snippets particularly for surveys/reviews and others related site pages. It is an extremely known and easy to use module that empower you to choose from a substantial variety of alternatives to fabricate rich bits.

By using WP Rich Snippets you can create own attractive stylish reviews for the appraisal posts on your page.You have full control over what pattern information is added to each post and page.

Rich Snippets for review pages include:

  1. Pricing
  2. Rating
  3. Summaries
  4. Review Stars
  5. And Much more

Features of WP Rich Snippets:

  1. Offers a multitude of accessible schema types to add to your posts, prices, and hours opens, percentages, star ratings, votes, and addresses.
  2. Easy to access, and helpful support.
  3. Offers Multilanguage translation.
  4. Easy to setup and configure.
  5. Add-ons accessible to participate with WooCommerce.
  6. Enables visitors to add reviews through WordPress comments.

4- Rich Snippets WordPress Plugin by CodeCanyon

It is another flexible plugin that can be the best plugin for generating the rich snippets and also a schema shortcode generator. You can use it to create shortcodes, which apparatus schema markup and you can also set your data to be either visible or inconspicuous.

When distinguished with other free plugins it doesn’t create schema directly. besides this, it gives you full command to reconstruct each post or page and select what to show.

Features of Rich Snippets WordPress Plugin:

  1. Create shortcodes to contrivance schema markup
  2. Select the place to display your schema data on your post or page for the audience to see.

5- Rich Reviews

Rich Reviews is a most adaptable free plugin that you can get from With Rich Reviews WordPress module you can star surveys on your posts or blog rapidly and with simple process.

Features of Rich Reviews:

  1. Easy to install and easily you add 5-star ratings on your blog or website, anywhere.
  2. Demonstration multiple ratings on any page
  3. Adds rich schema markup with all your ratings.
  4. Doesn’t harmful for website speed
  5. Available for translation and gives you support for all quires.

6- Schema App Structured Data

Schema app structured data is an exceptionally straightforward and propelled device that is intended for WordPress users to alter their composition specifically and effectively and you can do this with no coding.

Features of Schema App Structured Data:

  1. Automatically adds schema to all your pages and posts
  2. You can easily edit scheme for each page or post without any coding information.
  3. Integrate with WooCommerce
  4. Available premium version with advanced features and full support.

7-Author hreview

Author hReview, available for $69, is a WP rich bits plugin that on a very basic level reduce the unconventionality of the graph markup. The snippets are definitely not hard to use and can help you in embeddings studies/comments as rich snippets for your blog sections.

Features of Creator hreview:

  1. Smooth Functionality.
  2. Compatible for WooCommerece.
  3. It’s Cheaper Than Others.
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