How to get high authority backlinks in 2016?

Getting high authority backlinks is a long lasting and vital way for higher search engine rankings. According to recent research by Moz, the backlinks and Google search rankings possess a direct relationship. For higher search rankings, the quality of backlinks matters a lot.

It’s no secret that everyone shouts about the importance of backlinks. But nobody tells you that link building strategies and techniques have changed drastically. In the past, one could use spun articles to generate backlinks from irrelevant directories; and would get rewarded. Today, such strategies have no place!

People should understand that all links do not hold equal importance. High-quality links will escalate your search ranking. But wrong and poor links will get you penalized by search engines.

There is simple mantra for successful link building campaign based on following:

  • Relevant backlinks
  • Backlinks from website with high DA score
  • Natural backlinks

Cut to the chase, Domain Authority, and Page Authority are the most crucial factors; that should be checked before picking a domain for a backlink.

search engine ranking factors

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By now, you must be convinced of the importance of backlinking. But here’s the issue. How to earn quality backlinks? Content is the King; we always hear this phrase. Yes, that’s true for already popular blogs. When you are new to market, creation of quality content is not enough. You have to spread the word with backlinks.

Hustle without direction is useless. And that’s why I came up with this guide on how to get authority backlinks for your website.

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Important Note: The tactics mentioned below are not time sensitive or short term strategies. These techniques will keep you ahead in 2016, 2017 and beyond! Regardless of your niche!

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Without wasting time, let’s dive in!

Infographics – Best way to get authority contextual backlinks

Infographics have the capacity to attract maximum backlinks. As per a recent study by WordStream, an infographic is ranked as top linked content type. Infographics stay dominant on social media too.


Image Source: WordStream

The major reason is the human psyche. The human brain scans the text before reading it. A perfectly designed picture says a thousand words.

Infographics alone can earn a bunch of backlinks. But when you combine infographic with guest posting strategy, there will be a bombardment of quality backlinks. Of course, you need to put a lot of effort, energy and time. Time taking but possible!

Now, let me share the exact way to do this:

  • Visit the BuzzSumo site, and research the most shared or popular content related to your niche or keyword.
  • Now pick the most popular topic and do the maximum research possible. For instance, your niche designs. Then you must go for an infographic on the designing logo in 10-12 steps. You may hire a designer or do it yourself. But remember one thing, design is crucial, so does the data!
  • Next is the publishing of infographic. Use the embed code generator so that another website can link to your site via code.
  • In the end, reach out to blogs with similar content, and ask for the backlink in return to your infographics.

You must come up with a short guest post about your infographic. You will earn the link via that short post. Isn’t cool method? Read this article by Felix Tarcomnicu to know more about Infographic linkbuilding.

Data heavy content is the king

Most webmasters are pretty much aware of guest posting, but still, they fail to do it. The major reason is the lack of data-heavy content. In simple word, you will never earn a backlink from an authority site, directed towards your homepage. Don’t expect it ever!

The simple formula of guest posting is a creation of content worth linking. So, you can later refer it in relevant guest posts. For instance, your blog is about curling irons. You have set an awesome blog post about best professional curling irons, including infographics, images or guides, etc. Now, come up with the blog post titled how to curl your hair using the curling iron? In that blog post, you can make the reference to your best content. This is the right way to do it!


Every business loves getting honest testimonials! This technique can never die!

If you have liked using a marketing tool, plugin, service, hosting service or anything useful; you can earn a backlink by offering testimonials.

google result web hosting testimonial

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Most websites link to your website to validate that you are a real person.

If the domain authority is high, you may even buy the service to get a backlink, as they are showing it in their testimonials.

Use HARO or MyBlogU

HARO for backlinks

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Well, this is completely new and unique strategy to gain links. You just need to spend a significant amount of time on both sites. Basically, on these sites journalists or reporters come for finding answers, as research for their content. If the question is relevant to your niche and you know the solution, you may explain it. This is an awesome opportunity to have coverage on Entrepreneur or Huffingtonpost.

Claim backlink for unlinked mentions

Well, this is a rare case. Sometimes, people will talk about your content or infographic, without mentioning the link. You can reach out and ask for the backlink. Trust me; chances are pretty high to get it!

Now you must be thinking how to find unclaimed mentions. You can utilize tools like Mention, BuzzSumo or Ahrefs. Why don’t you use Google alerts? This will ring a bell when your blog or name gets mentioned.

Time to start!

Honestly, there are tons of other strategies to earn backlinks, but everyone is doing that. The above-cited list contains unique and solid strategies to gain quality backlinks. Of course, it will take time, but they come up with big rewards!