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Howdy Friends!
I just discovered a brand new free website hosting provider company which can host your WordPress, drupal or Magento for free. Your can create website without any worry of getting out of disk space here as the hostinger program will provide you 2GB of disk space which according to me is like a racing track for your WordPress blog as it will take only 400MB of your disk space even after 3000 posts.

What about Hostinger Pricing?

After looking into other Hostinger evaluations I noticed that other users are already loving the Hostinger hosting.

So far as I have experiencing Hostinger service, It is 100% free for me. Hostinger will give you a free subdomain for signing up for hosting.Which is a very good initiation for them who want to try it out first and learn about how a domain and hosting works.
I will suggest you to register a free .tk domain and use hosting for that yourself. This will help you a lot in learning about setting up a website with hosting. The biggest part of the hosting service is that you will get a 2 GB space which is never less for me. WordPress software will take only 40 MB out of that and the rest will be free. You can enjoy the ultimate blogging on free hosting.

Free Script Auto-Installer

Free auto installer option is also very good in this service but what I do not like is an older version of all scripts. You can get many errors and difficulties in updating the version. If you never did it yet before, I am sure your will go irritated to use this.
How to tackle this problem?
To avoid the problem of updating version, try to upload the script manually. If you want to upload WordPress manually, then download WordPress software and go to your file manager and upload the zipped file it there. You have to create a new database in MYSQL and then you have to configure and install WordPress. This will never make you unhappy with this hosting.
In this Case, A full tutorial by Harsh bhai will pass you through. “How to Install WordPress on any Hosting?

If the Features demonstrated on the homepage are fake?

New Generation?

I think it is a quite satisfactory website hosting service which is free for lifetime.


Yes there are both these options available in the free hosting package. It is a very embarrassing thing in other free hosting services that they conceal the fact that they have PHP and SQL support only in Premium package, PHP and SQL support make this service the best WordPress hosting service. Because many others provide a drag and drop site builder in a free package and deprive you with PHP and SQL until you pay for that.

No Ads and No Banners?

So far as I have examined, free hosting package is not subjected to show advertisement on your website. And in this way, this become much better that free blogs. Because if you create your blog on then wordpress(Automatic Inc) does not let you advertise on that. Not only that, WordPress will show their ads on your blog and will not pay you even a penny in consideration. Therefore, I consider this way of blogging far better than hosting it on

Software AutoInstaller?

Yeah, Available but not satisfactory. I appreciate this effort of this company that they are offering auto installer even in the free package but if the version would have been updated, I shall have given five stars to this service.

Easy Site Builder?

Wonderful! You can design your 5-page website by drag and drop zyro website builder which have more than 100 templates in its directory. Drag and drop site builder is a very good way to design splendid websites in a short span of time.

Make Money?

If you’ve big goals with your website, you will definitely go with an extended service. And that will make your upliner some earning out of that. You can refer your friends and earn money on the occasion they buy a premium service there. You can have a treat out of that money.

Hostinger Review

According to me Hostinger is a free packet of chocolates for you which will teach you a lot about website designing and WordPress hosting. Not only WordPress is there to be installed on your website There are so many website development software which can be easily set up on your hosting folder.

Fast Setup

Its very easy to set up and understand how hosting works? On a free subdomain, Jack got his account set up in a blink of an eye. Accounts are approved instantly which means you don’t need to wait for anything to start using this free hosting.

Easy Cpanel

The Cpanel demonstration is a bit different from other service providers. It has been simplified as much as it would have been.

Even a dummy can do everything with his free account with this easy to use Control panel. Zyro Builder and site script installer (WordPress auto installer) is something worth appreciation. No any good WordPress hosting company will allow to use an auto installer in a free plan.

What I like in this Hosting Company?

  • Easy to use and understand
  • You don’t have to be an expert to install WordPress
  • Easy navigation for all customization of your website
  • Elegant and beautiful Cpanel demonstration
  • More than 50 site software in auto installer (including WordPress)

Advantages and Drawbacks of Hostinger Web Hosting

There are so many advantages of using this hosting like:

  • No Payment
  • Free Website Space
  • Free Domain
  • A Best Learning Destination
but besides so many advantages, there are drawbacks also.
  • Not 100% Uptime
  • Uptime Available but not Guaranteed
  • You can not use anything unless your Domain Name-server points to hostinger


My Words about this Hosting Provider

You can skyrocket your WordPress learning dreams with hostinger for free. You can learn all for free because one subdomain is free here which kicks out the stress of buying a domain. This hosting service, according to me, is a perfect destination to practice your webmaster skills.

About the Author: Vashishtha Kapoor

Explorer, Brother, Blogger and Ellie Goulding Fan. Lives in New Delhi, India.

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