Top 10 Best Mobile Affiliate Networks in the world : CPI CPA and CPC

Affiliate marketing involves the advertiser paying the publisher for a completed action (CPA). Of late, numerous mobile-focused CPA networks have allowed advertisers to link up with publishers through apps and the use of mobile devices. CPI mobile affiliate networks are focused on enabling mobile app developers to promote, amplify and increase the downloads of their mobile app or game rapidly.

I met many of the mobile Affiliate networks at India Affiliate Summit 2016 and came closer to the performance marketing industry. These mobile networks are accepting only mobile traffic. To promote APK, dll and download offers, these networks can work like a panacea.

No  Network
1 YeahMobi
2 Matomy
3 TradeTracker
4 Avazu Mobile
5 BrusMedia
6 admitad
7 Unilead
8 KissMyAds
9 OfferMobi
10 AdMobix

The 10 best CPI mobile affiliate networks are:

mobile affiliate networks

1) Yeahmobi

Yeahmobi currently runs over 2000 offers for app developers. Its highly powerful performance marketing tools and offering of top payout terms make it an extremely attractive option.

yeahmobi cpi network

Moreover, Yeahmobi is one of the fastest growing CPI mobile affiliate networks as well.Join YeahMobi

2) Matomy

Matomy offers as many as 5000 active offers across its CPA networks. It offers three key tools, catering to affiliates with varying levels of experience, and ensures weekly payments.

Matomy has a powerful and premium inventory of offers and so it does have in case of publishers. New publishers have to struggle hard to get approved as a Matomy Publisher.Join Matomy

3) TradeTracker

Tradetracker specialises in CPA campaigns as their slogan is a two-word phrase – “Performance marketing”. Its terms enable it to generate specific media that cater to the needs of mobile-using advertisers. Its mobile app also allows advertisers to keep a close watch on their profits.Join Trade Tracker

4) Avazu Mobile

A business unit of Avazu Inc., Avazu Mobile’s global network is impressively large. Its mobile ad campaigns integrate app downloading, form filling and purchasing. Over 100 different ad networks are roped in, and Windows, iOS, Android and BlackBerry networks are all allowed to avail of Avazu’s offers.

Avazu has the largest mobile apps inventory for publishers to start promoting and make some bucks.Join Avazu

5) BrusMedia

With an extensive focus on performance, Brus’s range of 20+ Mobile Advertising Networks are in high demand among mobile-based publishers and advertisers. BrusMedia also ensures monthly payment for publishers.

6) admitad Network

admitad’s network has an extensive global reach and offer risk-free models.


With in-house proprietary tracking system and different ways to monetize your traffic, admitad stands as the best choice to invest your time and traffic. You can always feel free to join admitad network as the payment threshold is just 10 USD while is amazing fact for any affiliate.

  • Weekly Payments
  • 10 USD threshold
  • Monetization: CPA, CPL, CPS, CPI
  • Number of Offers: 800+
  • Payment Method: Paypal, Bank Wire

More than the above features, admitad has advanced publisher tools, regular weekly payments, a regular gathering of top affiliates and account managers to motivate and grow the industry.Join admitad

7) Unilead

Unilead’s mobile advertising campaigns are in high demand and ensure for excellent integration with mobile analytics systems. Their services are also renowned for their free and fraud-proof nature.

8) KissMyAds

Anglo-German KMA has a number of tools which ensure the carrying out of effective campaigns which stress on revenue optimization. Affiliates are also given a great deal of control over the choice of their campaigns.

9) OfferMobi

A part of MOKO group, Offermobi prides itself on ensuring high payouts for publishers. Its affiliate programme is focused exclusively on mobile marketing, and it has an excellent affiliate support system in place.

10) AdMobix

AdMobix has been rated as one of the top 15 global affiliate networks by mTHINK’s Online Advertising Blue Book. Developers who avail of AdMobix’s services find it easy to acquire high-paying new users through attractive, performance-based campaigns.

Wrapping up

The number of affiliate networks in the current internet market scenario is increasing rapidly. And it is getting much harder to identify the best network that pays the highest amount on the cost per acquisition offers. Furthermore, the kind of traffic also affects the amount you’ll earn on any of the affiliate networks.

As an advertiser would be looking for

  • better conversion
  • good quality of install
  • non incentive traffic

So, most of the networks I have listed in the above list delivers you a good quality and quantity of traffic that can actually fulfill your marketing goals.

If you are a publisher aka affiliate, you would be looking for good payout, better EPC, good conversion rate and Availability of modern affiliate tools. More than anything, you want to stay away from any scam or fraud. this is why I have covered the list of best cost per install mobile affiliate networks.

Some networks are exclusively mobile advertising networks and some are promoting campaigns only on non-incent traffic. Non-incent traffic from the HQ countries is paid the highest part of advertising spend.

Do you have any insight about performance marketing? Own a network? Want me to review and have my hands on? Let’s talk.