25+ Viral WordPress Themes of 2019 [Updated]

The best content sharing wordpress theme aka ads optimized and social media ready theme would the one that

✅ Can bring maximum social shares for the content
✅ Monetize the content smartly with native ads and banner advertisements
✅ Can help you gain more exposure to other content while growing single piece of the content

So I am gonna go through each of the theme below my belt and get you closer to the

viral wordpress themes for entertainment and content focused websites

Best Viral WordPress Theme of 2019 (Tons of New Themes Added)

1. I Love It

I love it » Content Sharing WordPress Theme

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The theme that makes your content appears on the website based on its rates, I Love It allows the users to read and rate the content. Apart from it, expression using facebook allows the users to participate in the conversation and share things they like. Also, the users are given the choice to go for further readings as the next content will appear.

2. EI Toro

El Toro Responsive Portfolio Theme

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For the audience who are interested in similar kinds of content, this is the theme you should go for as it lists similar content on the page. Every post, appearing on the website depends on the voting system. It also contains the facebook commenting system to make it easier for the users to tell what they feel.

3. Uploader

Uploader Media Sharing Theme

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The theme allows its users to upload a variety of content with media such as videos, GIFs, and images to make the site more and more attractive. The power layout of the theme will make you design your own website the way you want it to look like. Also, the option of connecting with the other user will allow the community to create a good environment for the website.

4. Socialchef


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As the name suggests, the theme is most popular among food blogging websites loved by many food lovers. The theme makes the content appear different as well as attractive as compared to what appears on the internet. With a very great option of panels, the theme works according to what the user wants it to look like within a few seconds.

5. VideoBox

VideoBox – Video Theme for WordPress

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Talking about the creativeness of the content to be displayed, VideoBox is one of the best free viral WordPress themes one should go for as it will make your content feel and look more attractive. Two navigation menus are there on the top of the page and can be used to customize along with some other quick widgets.

6. Katla

Katla theme demo

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This theme can be considered perfect for the visitors who come to submit their content on your website. Many users are able to be attached to the website through their social media registrations. The panel option is there to help the users, customize the way they want their content to look like.

7. Snaptube

Snaptube sandbox theme

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Useful for the people who love to upload their content in the form of a variety of videos, Snaptube provides a theme where you can share the collection of your videos. With the use of advanced theme options, the users can start their collection easily as quickly and easily as they can.

8. Cube

Cube wordpress theme for viral site

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If you are looking for something simple and at the same time professional, then this is the site you should post your content with. The cube will let you have the presentation of your single as well as multimedia content in easy options. Enjoy the theme with a different home layout.

9. FacePress

FacePress Community Content Sharing

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Register from the front and end and enjoy the facility the theme provides with simple and user- friendly services. Looking at the profile option for the users, the theme provides wonderful options to make them look up to date with clean design and professional layout.

10. Foot

Foot theme for content sharing sites

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A theme that comes with a stunning presentation of your content, Foot is the one that will provide you a variety of features to your website making is more convenient and easy to access. The theme comes with high-end performance designs and a great look layout for your device.

11. Pin

pin theme

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With the options of so many attractive grids and stylish content sharing things, Pin makes gives the opportunity to share content by creating an amazing experience for the readers by using HTML5 and CSS3 codes. To make it more attractive, the theme allows its users to enjoy content with amazing sidebars, color options, font icons, and live search options.

12. Neat

Homepage Neat

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Neat is been a theme that makes the work easy for the users by providing amazing backend experience. Talking about customer support, the response for any queries is instant to provide the best service. The theme comes with different color options that provide a stunning facility to make the content more and more attractive.

13. Gauge

gauge viral wordpress theme

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With the use of multipurpose WordPress designs, one could have the pleasure of sharing their content with the kind of website they always wanted to have. The theme comes with easy, compatible and significant plugin options making your content more convenient.

14. Bacon

Bacon Easily share your recipes

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Another theme that is loved by those who love to share their world of food and recipes. By sharing their wonderful ways of making food, it provides an option through which people who read the food blogs can as well share their experience and their food recipes. The registration system accepts different social platforms as well to make it easier to visit and share their opinion.

15. Food & Cook

food cook viral wordpress theme demo image

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As the name suggests, the theme is best for the one who loves sharing their food recipes or, mainly, food blogs. An amazing site for a business, the theme creates and environment for flexible designs and panel options to customize the website. The website looks friendly and attractive to users.

16. Newspaper

Newspaper Demo Magazine WordPress Theme

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Like any newspaper, which keeps you aware of what is happening around the world, the theme keeps you engaged with the content you share. With the tabbed option for your content, the website will provide you a page that will show the number of times the content is shared.

17. Socially viral

social buttons sociallyviral

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There is a need to be social these days so why not with your own content? The sociallyviral theme allows you to create content to be socialized. With a great need to make it more and more viral, the theme provides amazing functions to attract as many readers to it as possible.

18. Pinty

Pinty theme

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Being a responsive site, Pinty can be found as the thing that would bring the world closer to your content through its categories, places, users profile and much more. The theme makes itself an amazing thing for the users who found it more pleasing than just calling it a WordPress theme.

19. Pinfinity

Pinfinity Home

Unlike any other website, the theme provides its users unlimited scrolling which can also be noticed in the name itself. Marks the thing you like the most on the website and enjoy what you love in the list of your favorites as and when you need them. The theme makes each and every post being shared in a different format making it look at their own way.

20. 1Page

1page theme

Looking for something simple and clean, the 1Page WordPress theme will provide you a magnificent clean layout for your content. Talking about comfort, the theme can be accessed on any mobile device as well as computers.

21. Ultrahumor- 4 in 1

What if you can have 4 types of themes in just a single content theme? Maybe that is possible through Ultrahumor which gives you the opportunity to engage in a single theme and enjoy the experience of four themes at once. So, have fun using the themes of 9gag, Imgur, Vines, and damnlol in your WordPress content.

22. Social play

SocialPlay Video WordPress Theme

If you are looking for something that can perfectly socialize your content, SocialPlay is the theme you should go with that can make your content viral using stunning videos. All you need to do is upload your audio, upload the video content and enjoy using the site the way you want to.

23. Furious

Viral Buzz Theme

With the option of sharing content through the front end of the website, the theme makes the content that is attractive enough to be viral in an online platform. With the need to have a good look at your website, the theme makes it possible for the users to share videos, images, and other media from different sources that would attract more traffic to it.

24. Serpent

Serpent Social Network Theme

Serpent acts like a theme that is meant for media marketing for your content. It is best known for the socialization of the things your share. With a voting system, commenting and chat with other people, it provides an opportunity for users to interact more with people and find out what they want.

25. BoomBox

Boombox Viral Buzz WordPress Theme

If you want to work in a similar way to that of 9GAGs or Buzzfeed that contains a huge variety of media to it, BoomBox is the website you should go with to attract more traffic to your content. Along with this, the website can provide you flexible features including a voting system to it.

Did we find the best viral wordpress theme for your website?

WordPress has given a lot to the word of content and writing so why not go for the amazing theme it offers. Tell the world what is going on and what you feel with a perfect way to share your blogs and content using different themes only through splendid WordPress themes.