Adding Font-Awesome Icons to Menu in WordPress

WordPress is an amazing content management system which allows you to create a beautiful blog. It also helps in creating stunning e-commerce websites. Many of the developers love to create a website in the WordPress because it offers a user-friendly environment, easy customization, easy installation and many more.

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Being a blogger, we require managing blog at our end. Most of the bloggers cannot hire developers to maintain their blogs. It’s the actual reason bloggers love to use WordPress for blogging. It’s very easy.

One of the best characteristics of the WordPress is the easy customization. Yes, you can customize your blog’s layout without struggling with the coding part of the theme. Some of the plugins and inbuilt features of WordPress assist in proper customization.

I was surfing through the blogs and got the idea of customizing the Menu bar in my blog- Myquickidea.

You usually see the some simple and customized menu bars on different blogs. Many times, your blog theme comes with a feature to customize the menu bar.

In other cases, you don’t get this option. This situation was with me. There was no option to customize my blog’s menu bar. I just wanted to have an icon to blog’s menu items.

After going through many plugins, I found the solution in the form of Menu Icons Plugin and made the menu bar more appealing.

icons in menu

The plugin made the process easy to add icon the menu and I became able to add an icon to menu items in my blog.

Let’s learn how to add icons to the menu in WordPress.

How to Add Icons to Menu in WordPress

To make navigation bar more attractive, you are required to install and activate the Menu Icon Plugin in your blog.

Once you have done it, now enter in the menu option in your WordPress dashboard.

Here is the path to do so, Appearance>>Menus

In the Menus section, look for the Menu Icon Settings. Just expand it and enable all the Icon types. All the icon types must have a check mark and then click on Save Settings.


Now select any item from the menu bar, like I select Home and expand it.


Click on Select and choose the relevant icon for the Home.

icons list

Here you can also preview the selected icon and customize it before applying on the menu.


You are allowed hiding the label, set the position, vertical alignment, and Font Size.

At the end of this process, don’t forget to hit Save Menu Button. Otherwise, changes won’t reflect in the Menu bar.

Over to You

It’s the best way to add an icon to the menu in WordPress. You don’t need to be a coding geek. Just install a simple plugin and add an icon to the navigation.

If you already know about such plugin that adds an icon to the menu, I would love to hear about that and don’t forget to share this post on your favorite social media networks.

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