Adoperator vs Adsterra: The Best Ad Network?

Do you think simple marketing is enough to get you at the top of your competitors? Maybe not. You really need to invest in ad campaigns to get the best out of your products. We need good tools for that. Therefore, we have Adsoperator and Adsterra for all your ad campaign needs.

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Adoperator vs Adsterra


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Adoperator vs Adsterra


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Screenshot of Adoperator

Adoperator vs Adsterra

Screenshot of Adsterra

Adoperator vs Adsterra

Features of Adoperator

Has ad campaign for every product

Its not like Adoperator has a few kinds of ad campaign on which you must launch your products. There is format for every product. In fact, it is open to any kind of product you are looking to promote. Be it gaming, nutrition, or dating.

Not spending too much

Sometimes we just overpay for the stuff we are using, This is not the case with Adoperator. You will make the payment for the things you are going to use. Nothing extra or hidden.

Fast approval is always the key

When you create a campaign, its not like you would have to wait for like hours to get started. The team behind the system make sure to get the fastest service. So, you will see your approval in 5 minutes after you are done.

Find your convenient payment option

Adoperator gives you multiple options to make payments. This options goes from Credit Cards, WebMoney, Paxum, to Bank Transfer, and Paypal.

Works in around 200 countries

Adoperator shows your ad campaign in over 200 countries worldwide. So, no matter where are you from, you can create your ad campaign easily anywhere, anytime.

Features of Adsterra

Get wide range of ad campaigns

There is a wide range of ad campaigns for you to choose from. You can pick popunders, web push, videos, social bars, banners, and whatnot to start your ad campaign right away.

Automatic or independent working

With Adsterra, you will get two options. You can either choose to go for a fully managed system. Or else, you can go for self-services with assistance of the experts.

Create ads in any language

No matter where your ad campaign will be launched or what language does your product support, you can create network in any language. Adsterra supports multiple languages for user’s preference.

Anti-adblock solution for better experience.

Adsterra has its own anti-block solution that makes it more innovative tool for the users. It is not only increases security but also increases revenue by 20%.

Multiple Payment and support model

Adsterra has several payment modes but that is just not it, there are many support models as well. From CPC, CPM, CPI, CPL, to CPA, you will have many options to go for.

More about Adoperator

Adoperator vs AdsterraUnlike Adsterra, Adoperator is quite a new ad network. It started in 2018 and since these 3 years, it has marked its position in the industry. No wonder there are thousands of users who are trusting its working. Get everything right and start your ad campaign journey with Adoperator.

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More about Adsterra

Adoperator vs AdsterraAdsterra has been around for like 8 years. Since 2013, it has changed the whole ad network system with its excellence. There have been more than 100 successful campaigns, 10K+ publishers, 25 billion impressions, 8k+ brands, and much more. if you still don’t believe us, try it out yourself.

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Adoperator's Pricing

Adoperator vs AdsterraAdoperator is what takes money from variety of sources. You can pay via cryptocurrency if you wish. Such as Bitcoin, Eretheum, Ripple and more. Apart from that, you can use credit, debit card, paypal, wire transfer, and more.

Now, obviously there would be a requirement to pay a minimum amount. You must pay a minimum of $20 to start your campaign with Adoperator. Choose your source and get started.

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Adsterra's Pricing

Adoperator vs AdsterraHere comes the money. Obviously, Adsterra charge per campaign charges. But there is some minimum payment requirement to start your network. So, here is an idea:

  • Webmoney & Paxum: $5
  • Paypal and Bitcoin: $100
  • Wire Transfer: $1000

There you go, this is what Adsterra charge as their minimum payment requirements.

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Adoperator's Support

Adoperator has quite remarkable support system. Their team has experts who are always there to help you out with your ad campaign issues. There is FAQ section, help center, social media, and report issues and more. Besides, you receive proper documentation and records for full transparent working.

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Adsterra's Support

Just like the campaign, Adsterra provide support in any language as per your preference. There are around 50-200 employees who work hard to give you the best experience you can ever expect. You will get personalized support with really quick responses. And even if you face any fraud or abuse, you can report a complaint with the people at Adsterra.

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Adoperator vs Adsterra, this is everything you need to know for starting your ad campaign. Different pricing, awesome features, great support, what else do you need? Pick out your favorite one and start your campaign with your most suitable type.

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