Adsterra Review: The Best Alternative To Google Adsense

If you are a blogger who is in search of an easy way for making money from the traffic coming on their blog or an advertiser who is looking for a cheap way for getting exposure to the products and brands, then Adsterra might be that perfect platform you are in search of.

Launched in the year 2013, Adsterra is like a fresh breeze of air when it comes to ad networks. It is simple to use, slick, and at the same time probably the best way of reaching out to your audience that can convert well. 

So here, in this comprehensive Adsterra review, we will be taking a look at how this platform is what every advertiser and publisher needs and cover each and every aspect related to it.

To begin with, let us know more about what Adsterra is. 

Getting Into The Depth… 

Adsterra is basically a global advertising network that can help you in making money from the traffic coming on your website. All you need to do is copy and paste the advertising link on the website, and it is that simple.

It was launched in the year 2013 and is a relatively new platform. Despite that, it has managed to cover about 248 GEOs and has over 30K partners. It has more than 18K publishers, 12K advertisers and boasts about 1 Billion impressions every day. But, that is not all; Adsterra has a lot in its store to offer, ranging from 20 filter targeting, 100 percent fill rate to approval in just 10 minutes.

Long story short, if you are in search of a great alternative to Google Adsense, Media.Net, then Adsterra can be the perfect choice for you. It can prove to be remarkable for the people who wish to advertise the ads for making them reach a wide audience base.

After discussing the basics, let us get started with discussing all that you need to start with the process of money-making with Adsterra.

Start Earning with Adsterra Now

Things You Need Before Getting An Approval From The Adsterra

  • Sites under construction are not eligible, and thus you need to have content on the site.
  • The site you are applying for should not have many ads. To put it in numbers, the sites with more than 5 pops and more than 15 banners on a single page do not get approval.
  • You can still make money even if you are someone with a non-English blog.
  • It has 0 restrictions when it comes to traffic volume and also accepts small sites. What matters is traffic quality and not traffic volume.

Keep reading ahead to know about the incredible features of Adsterra. 

Top-Notch Features Of Adsterra

Let’s discuss the top features of Adsterra:

→ The Three-Tier Security

Adsterra effectively uses the blend of both reliable in-house and innovative third-party systems for detecting fraud as well as a complete human check. This way, it offers you the safest and best possible experience.

→ Self-Serve Platform

Adsterra offers an entirely automated experience for the ones who wish to work without any manager, like launching a campaign, black or white listing the placements, tracking the statistics, generating the ad codes, changing the ad settings, and a lot more.

→ Partner Care

From quick replies and personal touch to top-tier skills for solving problems and an access to the design concepts designed in-house, the Adsterra manager has got you covered.

→ Various Ad Formats

Using the various mobile and web ad formats offered by Adsterra, you can make a good and stable revenue from your app or website. These ad formats include Popunder, Social Bar, Push Ads, Video Ads, Native Ads, and Banners.

→ Flexible Payment Options

You can opt from a wide array of payment options that is suitable for you. These options include Paypal, WebMoney, Paxum, Wire Transfer, Bitcoin, and Tether.

→ AdBlock Resistant

Adsterra’s in-house anti-Adblock solution has a potential of adding 20 percent to the revenue. The users of AdBlock are not habitual to ads, and thus its placement can win all their attention, leading to higher CTR.

Let’s get into the types of advertisements that Adsterra offers.

Start Earning with Adsterra Now

Types Of Ads Offered By Adsterra

Adsterra offers six ad formats for its users to choose from. These formats are:

  1. Popunder
  2. Social Bar
  3. Native Ads
  4. Banners
  5. Push Ads
  6. Video Ads


While advertisers can run the CPA and CPM campaigns for the popunders with humongous CTRs as well as ever-rising Returns On Investment, the Publishers can also boost their revenues using this format. These full-screen ads get displayed in a new tab or window of your browser and stay hidden behind the main window of your browser. This format is known for delivering 100 percent responsiveness. The top verticals that are empowered by the popunder ads are Crypto and Binary, Utilities and Software, E-commerce, Gambling, Dating, Sweepstakes, and many others. 

→ Benefits For Advertisers

  1. Impressive Returns On Investment.
  2. Advertising in a cost-effective manner as you can minimize both spendings as well as efforts with the intuitive retargeting pixel, which can help in returning up to about 80 percent of users.
  3. Advertisers can access their offers wishlist tab on the dashboard, which lets them pick the go-to offers which have converted well.
  4. You can get unique and high-density global traffic as well as the GEOs that are highly traffic-saturated with the Adsterra’s Traffic Chart.

→ Benefits For Publishers

  1. Publishers get high and stable revenue.
  2. It’s a UX-Friendly format which means that there is no need for extra space on the web page.
  3. It has an almost 100 percent fill rate along with the offers. 

Social Bar

This ad format is known for breaking down the limitations of a classic ad providing completely customized advertisement formats. It is native and interactive, thus leading to an unprecedented growth in Return On Investment. 

This format does not need opt-in and increases the revenue drastically. The publishers can achieve high CPMs, whereas the advertisers can get up to 30 times higher CTR as compared to the web push ads. 

With Social Bar you can create the creatives in the form of icons, messengers, video teasers, chats, notifications, in-page pushes, interstitials as well as custom banners of the configuration of your choice. 

→ Benefits For Advertisers

  1. 20 to 30 times higher CTR.
  2. No ad blocking issues and 100 percent unique traffic.
  3. Comes with several interactive and completely customizable formats viz. Native Notifications, Multimedia, Data Collection, Social Media Elements, and CAction-boosting tweaks. 
  4. Vast reach and about 15 creatives for the test campaigns.

→ Benefits For Publishers

  1. Greater Revenues
  2. Completely Browser-Friendly.
  3. Takes just a minute to install.
  4. User-Friendly and Convenient Format.
  5. It puts into use the dynamic iFrames which ensures that the web content does not get blocked. The dynamic iFrame inside the Adsterra creatives lets the users on websites to click on the ads, collapse and expand them as they navigate through the websites and absorb its content. 

→ Launching The Social Bar Campaign For Advertisers

  1. Register Or Sign In As An Advertiser
  2. Click on Create Campaign and then Choose a Social Bar.
  3. Set up the targeting and download the creatives.
  4. You are all set to explore the top-quality traffic. 

→ Launching The Social Bar Campaign For Publishers

  1. Register Or Sign In As An Publisher.
  2. Choose the category of your website.
  3. Choose the social bar format of your choice and click on the add button.
  4. Once you get the approval, you will get a code that you need to place on the web page. 

Native Ads

Adsterra lets the advertisers run the cost-effective as well as AdBlock-resistant CPA, CPM, and CPC native ad campaigns. Native banners can blend in well with both mobile as well as the web content and has the potential of driving in about 8 times higher CTR in comparison to the classic display advertisements. 

The basic fundamental of native ads is the relevance to the interest of the users as well as the on-page content. Thus, along with being a crucial part of the content, they also meet the needs of your audience without being intrusive. It has an immunity to AdBlockers as well, and it will thus reach out to customers on just any browser they use. Native banners can prove to be a literal goldmine for the publishers as they are much trusted by the audience as well as prompt humongous amounts of clicks. This ad format is great for verticals like Software, utility, app, e-commerce, crypto, finance, nutra, wellness, health, education, business, and dating.

→ Benefits For Advertisers

  1. Return On Investment gets boosted due to the relevance of advertisements. Both mobile and web-native ads match the interest of the users, and thus the chances of converting get doubled.
  2. High-level ad exposure, 248 GEOs, and more than 1 Billion impressions every week. 
  3. A minimum bid of $0.001 to get started with.
  4. You can lay hands on about 15 creatives in a single campaign.

→ Benefits For Publishers

  1. Incredible clickability as well as viewability.
  2. The relevancy of advertisements makes CPM rise high.
  3. It is both mobile as well as desktop friendly.
  4. Smart and intuitive filters for the unwanted and intrusive ads. 


The online banner ads campaigns are the oldest advertising format, having the potential of delivering incredible performance. While advertisers can access a reliable source of traffic coming from about 18k publishers as well as reach the audience who can buy their products and services, publishers get to enjoy almost 100 percent fill rates as well as higher payouts. Banner ads can do a lot in generating sign-ups and leads as well as boost the downloads of an app which overall helps in enhancing the awareness about a brand or product. It also maximizes the amount of website visits as well as getting better rankings. 

With Banner ads, you can maximize the views on your video streams and also get new subscribers. It helps in refreshing the audience base, gaining new users, and maximizing the revenue that comes from affiliate marketing. The verticals that banner ads work best for are Crypto and Binary, Dating, Ecommerce (sales), Dating, Betting and Gambling, Software and Utilities, Browser Games and Apps, and a lot more. 

→ Benefits For Advertisers

  1. Banner ads are pretty affordable ones on all the tiers and also lets the user reach a wide audience with any and every target parameter. It lets you have a perfect ROI and Cost Balance.
  2. It can return about 80 percent of the visitors with the retargeting pixel for the display banner ads, which leads to a better Return On Investment.
  3. Its AI algorithm makes sure that you can get top-tier traffic that matches the best with your offer.

→ Benefits For Publishers

  1. Its format is pretty easy to use and can be put on any site, including Blogger and WordPress, etc.
  2. It offers high CPMs that come from the proven advertisers, and thus even with the smaller bids, publishers get a great payout when the traffic converts well.
  3. It is compatible on all the OS and is mobile-friendly too.
  4. With more than 20K campaigns that are on-air simultaneously, you get a stable and great fill rate as the placements do not remain blank.

Push Ads

When a user subscribes to a service, they get Push Ads from the advertisers. Push Ads offered by Adsterra can run on all browsers and OS. You can design your customized ad or use animated, in-built templates that can convert well for you.

Video Ads

In the video ads format, you will have a short video appearing before showing the main content. Adsterra uses VAST/VPAID tags, or it hosts the videos. They have the potential of creating the visual impact for a game/movie trailer, a brand video, a gambling video teaser, etc.

The next section talks about the steps you need to follow for signing up.

How To Sign-Up (Publisher)?

Step 1: On the top right corner, click on the Sign Up option.

Step 2: Next, you need to enter your name as well as your email and click on the Continue button.

Step 3: You will be redirected to the next page, where you need to enter details in the sign-up box.

Step 4: Once you complete the registration, you will get an email that you need to confirm.

Step 5: Next, you can log in to the Publisher Dashboard.

Step 6: On the Publisher Dashboard, you can add the website and then fill in the details as well as choose the category. Once you are done, hit on the add button. The approval might take a few minutes.

Step 7: After the approval, you can download as well as apply the advertisement code on the website. Here you will also get to see the ad unit, placement name as well as placement id and status. The HTML script needs to be added to the body tag of the website.

Let us move on to the next section where we will be talking about the payment options offered by Adsterra. 

Start Earning with Adsterra Now

Payment Options

In the following table, you will get a detailed idea about the payment options offered by Adsterra. 

PaymentsMinimum PayoutCurrencyFee
Paypal$100USD2 to 5% of Payout Sum
WebMoney$5USD1% of Payout Sum
Wire Transfer$1000USD/EUR$50 for USD $0 for EUR
Bitcoin$100BitcoinNetwork Fee
Tether$100USD (T)2% of Payout Sum

The Upside Of Using Adsterra

  • One of the best alternatives of Google Adsense.
  • You get both mobile as well as desktop ads.
  • You get a wide array of ad formats to choose from.
  • You also get a wide array of payment options that you can choose one from.
  • There are no restrictions on traffic volume. You just need to focus on traffic quality.
  • Retargeting features that let you connect to more and more customers in the industry.

The Downside Of Using Adsterra

  • The minimum payout is slightly on a higher side, especially on the Wire Transfers.

Wrapping It Up

Adsterra is a leader when it comes to the arena of digital advertising that lets both the advertisers and publishers get into a pool of incredible benefits. Launched back in the year 2013, you will not only get a wide variety of ad formats but also high CPM rates letting you earn a stable income from the visitors coming on your website. If you are in search of an effective and easy-to-use publishing platform that can work well as an Adsense alternative, then Adsterra is the one for you.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q.1. Does Adsterra Offer A Referral Program?

A: Yes, Adsterra offers a pretty easy, transparent, and rewarding referral program. You can invite referrals to the platform through display ads, blogging, social network, and through various channels. With this referral program, you can earn about 5 percent of their revenue for a lifetime.

Q.2. What Ad Formats Does Adsterra Offer?

A: Adsterra offers six ad formats viz: Popunder, Social Bar, Push Ads, Native Ads, Video Ads, and Banners. 

Q.3. Does Adsterra Offer A Personal Manager?

A: You can get a personal manager on Adsterra simply by filling a ticket that can be found on the Support Page. There you need to pick up the ticket type that reads Request Manager.

Start Earning with Adsterra Now
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