Author: Vashishtha Kapoor

Online Tutoring Service You Can Trust

trusted online tutor service

If you want to catch up with different studies, you should pay your attention to online educational services. This is a popular way to improve your grades or pieces of knowledge if you need some additional lessons or…

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Best WordPress Hosting Companies for Perfect Newbies

best wp hosting partners for newbies

Choosing the best hosting for WordPress is tricky as there are hundreds of WordPress hosting providers available, making all sorts of promises to sell their services. Well, finding a reliable WordPress host becomes more tricky when you are…

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Everything You Wanted To Know About a Good Internet Service

internet connector

The Internet is the worldwide communication grid which consists of hundreds and millions of networks connected with each other. It contains numerous types of information resources inter-linked with each other in the shape of hypertext documents, file sharing,…

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Top 5 Cloud & Managed Hosting for High-Traffic Websites

managed wp hosting on cloud

When it comes to create your website and run an online business, the thing that matters the most is the reliable web hosting for your website. Of course, the design and SEO of your website are equally important,…

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Best 10 WordPress Themes for Hotel and Resorts Website

hotel site themes

What is the most significant step when you are planning a trip? Of course, it will the place to stay, the hotel. Therefore, for all the people who are running a hotel website, you deserve all the stuff…

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How to Launch Successful Advertising Campaigns using AnsTrex?

anstrex review

Whether you are a content creator, brand marketer, digital expert, affiliate marketer or a blogger, you are always in search of targeted viewers who genuinely read, appreciate, react and make use of what you have done for them…

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How to use Astroid to Design Stunning Joomla Templates?

astroid framework

JoomDev is very proud to introduce you all to the very new and powerful Joomla template framework – Astroid. Astroid is a free, quick and adaptable framework driving you to the universe of unlimited potential outcomes to play…

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3 Major Differences between Scrum & Kanban You Need To Know

scrum vs kanban boards

Scrum and Kanban are the two distinctive brands for a similar service that is ‘development management’. There is always a discussion about the comparison between the two. Their similarities and differences are also much talked about topics. So,…

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