What Are Backconnect Proxies? List Of 6 Best Cheap Backconnect Proxies 2023

In order to understand what proxies are, let me first give you a brief introduction to them. According to its name, a proxy server is a server acting on behalf of another computer. proxy servers serve as gateways between you and the internet, providing anonymity to users by separating them from the websites that they browse.

Compared to other proxies, Backconnect Proxies are not that different. Instead of acting as a middleman, they act as a buffer. Several proxy providers call Backconnect proxies Rotating Proxies due to the fact that Backconnect proxies also provide IP rotation capabilities.

Why Backconnect Proxies?

Originally, Backconnect proxies were designed to provide you with access to search engines that temporarily or permanently blocked your account and IP address. Using a backconnect proxy server virtually eliminates the chance of your IP address being blocked.

Backconnect proxies ensure that IP addresses rotate automatically every time a request is made or at a predetermined time each day. It is through the rotation of IP addresses that your original IP address is masked and your geographic location is spoofed, which makes it difficult for web administrators to track and block your IP address. You can also scrape data in an anonymous way with it.

Typically, these proxies are configured to handle client requests under local administrator control. As a result, the server will forward these requests to resources beyond the control of the administrator.

Top 6 Backconnect Proxies Providers

#1. Bright Data (Formerly Luminati)

The global leader in proxy servers is Luminati. By rotating the IPs and becoming anonymous, the BackConnect proxies allow companies to harvest data from vast amounts without being blacklisted by the internet.

Luminati’s best feature is that IP addresses generally contain over 30 million real IP addresses associated with real people.

Price-wise, Luminati offers four different packages that change according to how much data you need. For $500 a month, you’ll get 40GB of usage ($12.5 a GB).

The costs can go up to $30,000 per month for 10,000 GB ($3 per GB) depending on how much data you need. Price-wise, these are pretty high and might only be suitable for large-scale brands and businesses. Apart from that, Luminati is a fantastic proxy provider in general.

#2. Scraper API

Now you can easily build scalable Web scrapers with Scraper API. With Scraper API, you can easily and securely pull the HTML right from any web page with just a few API calls since it handles proxy, browser, and CAPTCHA for you.

The best thing about the Scraper API is that you can just get started for free, given that you will have access to 1000 free API calls, and there will be no requirement for a credit card. If you cancel, it is not a problem.

We constantly have to deal with IP bans and CAPTCHAs while scraping. The Scrapers API, however, rotates IP addresses with every request from the vast majority of thousands of proxies right across 8 Internet Service Providers.

Basically, it is not easy to get started with ScarperAPI, but this platform is fully customizable as you can easily customize request headers and header types. ScraperAPI is fast and reliable. You can create speedy web crawlers using Scraper API’s unlimited bandwidth and 100mbps speed.

#3. GeoSurf

GeoSurf is one of the leading providers of backconnect proxies. You will be getting more than 100K IP addresses if you really want to rotate right between them – this is what is known as IP rotation or backconnect proxy.

There are actually millions of clean and residential IP addresses available through GeoSurf. You will be amazed that your IP address never gets detected because their IPs never get detected. GeoSurf typically uses a combination of proxy masking and residential IPs in order to gain full anonymity.

Copy-paste examples are available in many common programming languages in GeoSurf’s API. In this case, the best part is that you are able to access all the IP addresses easily without any limitations or restrictions. For example, every connection, country, and thread are unlimited.

#4. StormProxies

When it comes to back-connecting residential proxy servers, StormProxies is a popular proxy network that allows you to use data harvesting tools safely. Using this network you will not be blocked or banned from searching the internet. No matter if you are an amateur who doesn’t want to spend too much money or if you are an expert who needs hundreds of proxies, they are incredibly easy to understand, use, and control.

When it comes to residential proxy servers, especially back connecting, StormProxies is one of the most popular and largest proxy networks. In general, it provides the most reliable Residential Backconnect Rotating & Private Dedicated Proxy that will truly conceal your identity.

#5. IPRoyal

A proxy is a great way to circumvent online blocks or bans due to the fact that most are based on IP address or location. Regardless of whether you’re banned from anywhere, certain types of online activities require proxies to mask your original IP address with a new one, so you won’t be blocked.

IPRoyal offers a highly customizable backconnect proxy solution that can be used with most proxy management applications. With automatic rotation, every request you make gets a different IP address, or you can choose to keep the same IP for up to 24 hours with sticky sessions. You also have no need to worry about geo-restrictions since we offer genuine residential IPs worldwide. While maintaining the safety and security of your IP address, IPRoyal grants you complete access to the Internet.

#6. ProxyRack

The ProxyRack Rotating Anonymous HTTP Proxy Server is one of the best and most reliable options. Each day, ProxyRack rotates 10 IP addresses among 15 rotating proxy servers. The request will be anonymously routed through the 10 different proxy IP servers when you simply make the request through one of these 15 anonymous proxy servers.

Each location changes the IP address twice a day, allowing you to avoid IP bans and simply avoid rate limits by avoiding the IP addresses. There’s no software to download either. ProxyRack has servers across the world: the United States, the United Kingdom, France, the Netherlands, Germany, Switzerland, Japan, Singapore, and Australia. Furthermore, ProxyRack offers fast access to North America, Europe, and Asia.


Choosing the right proxy server starts with understanding what your needs are while surfing the internet and why you need a proxy server. If the information through the proxy is not encrypted, it is recommended that you refrain from providing any sensitive information.

Make sure the proxy server is trustworthy and has an honorable privacy policy. Backconnect proxies are the best options if you are interested in bulk data scraping and data harvesting.

With a reliable proxy server, you can always remain anonymous online no matter where and whenever you browse. Furthermore, you will be protected from unauthorized intrusions and attacks. In comparison to a regular standard proxy, a backconnect proxy has much higher rates.

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